Rabbit Pens and Habitats

Rabbit Pens and Habitats

Housing Pet Rabbit Indoors: 101 Tips, Product Recommendations, and Buyer’s Guides

After years of living with pet rabbits, we recommend you keep a bunny as an indoor family pet. Keeping your rabbit indoors will help to domesticate it in the homely surroundings as well as keep it protected from predators and adverse climatic conditions.

Looking to build a rabbit home indoors?

Rabbit care indoors is not too difficult if you provide them with a homely environment they are quite familiar with. When your bunny stays home in your room, it makes your life full of happiness. You will get to watch your joyous pet playing in its cute little home.

At best rabbit products, we have listed everything you will need to set up an enclosure and habitat for your bunny. While choosing the rabbit bedding, litter boxes, and habitat items, we have tested many products and also checked customer reviews.

On our website, we suggest only the top-rated products so that you get only the best items to set up a lovely home for your bunny.

Things You Need to Build a Rabbit Home Indoors

To know more about accommodating rabbits indoors, please read our Rabbit Guide Section.

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Types of Rabbit Homes/Enclosures

There are several options to house your rabbit indoors:

  1. Pet Rabbit-proofed Room

This may not be possible for everyone if there is too much shortage of space in your house. Those who allow the rabbit to roam about freely inside the house need to do bunny-proofing* first.

But if you are lucky enough to dedicate an entire room for your adorable bunny, it will take a few items to make a suitable home for them to live healthy and happy.

*Make sure there are no sharp objects, open wires, or any toxic substances that can be hazardous or injurious to the rabbit.

  1. Puppy Pen/X-Pen

A puppy pen is one of the most convenient to make a rabbit habitat. It is spacious enough to accommodate all rabbit essentials. Additionally, there is enough room inside for your house pet to roam around.

They are portable enough so you can move your rabbit house anywhere for cleaning.

To protect your floor from any possible damage or discoloration due to pee or poops, place a chair mat or rugs under the pen. Rabbits have the habit of nibbling things around. Never allow them to ingest the chair mat, rugs, or linoleum that are placed below the rabbit pens. It can cause tummy blockage in bunnies.

Tip: Buy puppy pens that are 36 inches or higher. You can also install a top cover so that your bunny cannot jump outside the pen. Don’t build a rabbit home floor with wires. Standing or lying on the wires can cause discomfort. Place a plank of wood or plywood at the bottom so your indoor family pet can live comfortably.  

  1. Bunny Condos

If you live high on the DIY spirit, building a customized rabbit condo can be fun. Just make sure to choose the right materials that are safe for the bunny. For instance, it is not preferable to use chicken wires to build rabbit enclosures. Bunnies tend to chew these wires which can cause severe injuries. You can use wire storage cubes to build a bunny house. They are available in plenty at Amazon.

  1. Rabbit Cage

We REALLY do not recommend keeping your rabbit confined in a cage. But if you have no choice and want to keep a bunny inside the cage, we highly recommend letting your rabbit out a couple of times per day for some hours. Rabbits like to roam freely and socialize too.

Want the complete guide on building a rabbit home?

Please read our articles to know about the best practices to build a rabbit home indoors.

Rabbit Habitat

Rabbits generally live in the natural environment and burrow. Domestic bunnies are quite comfortable with human beings around. They can thrive well indoors too. But they are descendants of burrowing animals and are very curious about exploring new things.

This does not pose any hindrance to keeping them indoors. You can set up the whole natural environment for it in a small space right in your living room. Allow your bunny to move through the tunnels, explore, and find a few objects- treats, toys, etc.

Buy artificial rabbit tunnels on our rabbit habitat product page. You can also install tunnels inside the rabbit enclosure.

Want to build the best rabbit habitat in your living room?

We have got everything covered. You don’t have to research a lot to find the best suit. Browse through our product pages to buy things that you may need to build a sweet home for your bunny.

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