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Keeping a pet rabbit might appear like a very basic and simple task but once you take the plunge and get your own rabbit, things can get more challenging and complex rather quickly. Considerations about what to feed your pet, where to keep it and how much time you need to set aside for its care will all become apparent once you have your own rabbit as a pet. But if you’re serious about keeping one as a pet, then let us help you! From here on out, we will be focusing specifically on everything related to keeping a rabbit as a pet in your home, covering topics such as the benefits of having one at home and adopting one from an animal shelter. We will also review some of the best rabbit toys and other rabbit products that can help you when choosing the right things for your pet rabbit.

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Difference between Male and Female Rabbits

Difference between Male and Female Rabbits

Rabbits make wonderful pets, and they’re a great addition to any home. Being able to identify the gender of a rabbit is beneficial in a number of ways. If you’re adopting a rabbit, you should know what gender a specific rabbit is. A male bunny actually has very different personality traits than a female bunny…

Ultimate Guide to Rabbit Diet


Intro: Ultimate Guide to Rabbit Diet The rabbit is a small mammal that can make a great addition to most homes. Rabbits are herbivores and their diet should consist of hay, fresh vegetables, and limited fruits. This article will provide you with an Ultimate guide to rabbit diet about what food is safe and which…

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Can Rabbits Eat Spinach

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach – Complete Guide Feeding Spinach To Your Bunny

Is Spinach Safe For Rabbits? Yes, spinach is safe for rabbits. This leafy green vegetable is packed with nutrients that are essential for a healthy rabbit diet, including vitamins A, C, and iron. While rabbits can eat spinach raw, it’s important to introduce this new food slowly into their diet to avoid digestive upset. Start…

Traveling with Pet Rabbits by Airplane

Traveling with Pet Rabbits by Airplane – In-depth Guide

In-depth Guide to Traveling with Pet Rabbits by Airplane Rabbits don’t love traveling, whether you want to take a bun to a vet clinic by car or fly overseas for a vacation. Long-distance travel can be too overwhelming for your fuzzy friend. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your cutie comfortable during a flight. If…

Ear Mites in Rabbits

Ear Mites in Rabbits – Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

Introduction: Ear Mites in Rabbits Psoroptes cuniculi commonly termed ear mites in rabbits can infest your pet rabbit. Overlooking its symptoms at the early stage can lead to diseases like a canker sore and irritate your cutie dramatically. But the relieving fact is that diagnosing and treating this parasitic problem is uncomplicated. Here is everything you…

My Rabbit Nudges Me – What does it Mean

My Rabbit Nudges Me – What does it Mean?

Introduction: My Rabbit Nudges Me If you recently welcomed a cute little bunny to your family, you are probably unaware of its different behaviors. Actions in rabbits implicate their temperament. A few of such are really adorable, and it is fun to see them act in those ways…binkying, flopping, circling, etc. However, you may have…

What to give newborn and young rabbits to eat

What to give newborn and young rabbits to eat?

Introduction: What to give newborn and young rabbits to eat? It is important to establish good eating habits in young rabbits. This can lead to obesity in later life if you overfeed them. When their growth spurts subside, your rabbit requires less protein and more fiber. We will discuss what an optimal diet plan for…

Tips to Choose the Best Carrier for Your Rabbit​

Tips to Choose the Best Carrier for Your Rabbit​

Introduction: Tips to Choose the Best Carrier for Your Rabbit Rabbits can get scared, stressed, and angry when traveling to a vet clinic or an unknown destination. They take time to get accustomed to new surroundings. Bunnies are quite sensitive about their living environs, temperature, etc. Sensing strangers all around, unfamiliar odor, and sounds can…