Tespo Rabbit Playpen Review

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Tespo Rabbit Playpen Review

Do you want to build a DIY bunny home indoors?
The rabbit habitat is the place where your bun is gonna live throughout the day.

This urges the need to make a safe and spacious rabbit cage where your cuddly bunny can play, sleep, and roam about freely.

Choosing the rabbit enclosure design is never the same for all small pet owners. The purchase decision depends on several aspects- availability of space in the room, number of pets, size of the animal, budget, etc.

Tespo DIY Pet Playpen is a popular choice for many bunny parents. The package offers the flexibility to build a custom private place for your small pet to live in comfort.

If you want to know all about this product, read our in-depth Tespo review – Rabbit Playpen below.

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  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Expandable
  • Flexibility to build custom DIY playpen structures
  • Configure the playpen to any preferred design or size
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Superb stability
  • Anti-slip mats to protect the floors
  • Cable ties included building a swinging door
  • See-through panels to keep a watch on your pets inside


  • Lower panel height*
  • Some panels may have sharp edges**

*The height of the panels is too low. It is sufficient to keep young rabbits (less than 1 year) safely inside. However, adult rabbits can jump outside the playpen. It is recommended to buy 2-3 sets of panels. It is easy to assemble one panel on top of the other. You may adjust the height depending on your needs.

**Some buyers have found a few panels with sharp/pointed edges. This can injure buns when they get too close to the fences. We recommend a deep inspection before you assemble the playpen.

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About Tespo Rabbit Playpen

Tespo pet playpen is available in a set of 12/28 metal wire grid panels (all setup accessories and instructions included in the package).

You can choose to purchase 2-3 sets to build a double/triple-storey rabbit indoor playpen to prevent your furry friend from jumping over the fence.

This playpen has an open roof and allows visibility from all sides. You can see your pets playing inside throughout the day from anywhere.

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Features – Tespo Review

Metal Wire Panels

The metal wires have an intensive layout. Your pets are at the least risk of getting stuck into the panels. 


You can join panels to create a larger or smaller playpen depending on the number of small pets. When your bun grows bigger, you may buy another set to raise the height or width of the enclosure. 

DIY Compatible 

You can choose to create any type of design by joining these panels. Depending on the structure and space available in the living room, you can choose the layout of the rabbit playpen. 


It is convenient to detach the panels from the accessories. In case you need to move the enclosure to any other part of the house, it should not take much time and effort to do the task. 

Designed for Ventilation 

There is no roof on this playpen. The wired frames on all sides also allow plenty of fresh air inside the bunny enclosure. This ensures your pets can breathe freely and stay healthy in their habitat.

What is Included in the Package

  • 12”x15” metal panels
  • Cable ties
  • ABS connectors
  • Anti-slip mats
  • 1 Wooden hammer
  • User manual (set up guide included)

The number of panels and other accessories depends on the package purchased (12/28 panels).

Best for

Tespo Pet Playpen panels are suitable for building a home for small pets, including- rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, cats, etc.

Fixtures and Accessories

Cable Ties

The cable ties included in the package keep the entire structure stable. You can also use these fixtures to set up a door for your bunny to move out and in.
These ties keep the panels lightly attached to each other. Hence, there is no risk when the pets jump on the walls or try to push the panels.

ABS Connectors

These wear-resistant and non-toxic connectors are used to attach the panels together to keep the entire structure standing firmly.

Anti-slip Mats

The anti-slip mats are attached to the connectors at the base with strong glue. They prevent the entire structure from slipping on the floor.

This small pet playpen will never slip or produce scratches on the floor during shifting.

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Final Verdict,

The Tespo panels are excellent for pet owners who want to build a customized spacious bunny playpen. This is also a choice if you want to keep 2-3 rabbits together. A pack of 28 panels is sufficient to provide enough room for buns to move freely inside. Watching them play inside the enclosure through the translucent fences is a rewarding experience.

Despite the benefits, there are some considerable downsides to choosing this product. However, these are minor issues that you may eliminate as per our recommendations above.
All-in-all, this product is a suitable option for every small pet owner to build a custom home as per the design and size of their choice.

I hope that our Tespo Rabbit Playpen review has given every bit of information about the product.
If you are looking to build a rabbit enclosure, please read our Rabbit Guide Articles for more details on the best materials, design, and other aspects.

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