Rabbit Bedding And Litter

Rabbit Bedding and Litter

Pet rabbits are very particular about pees and poops. They choose a specific location to excrete stool or urinate. It is best to place a litter box for your bunny for this job.

Your rabbit is growing every day, so we recommend using a giant litter box from the beginning. This means buy once and use for a long. To prepare your rabbit for excretion at home, you will need:

  • Litter Box
  • Rabbit-safe Pet Bedding
  • Hay

Read our FAQ articles to know how to prepare and clean a litter box.  

Want to buy a cute rabbit litter box?

We have a range of bunny care items on our website alongside the rabbit home set up essentials. You can shop from different types of litter boxes and bedding items available in various sizes, attractive colors, shapes, etc.

Please read our best litter box reviews for product details, features, size guide, and benefits.

Best Rabbit Bedding and Litter Products

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Prepare Litter Bedding for Your Rabbit

Creating the perfect litter box environment is an integral part of a bunny’s potty training. All you need to do is- prepare rabbit-safe pet bedding.

Don’t know what materials to use to prepare a bed for your bunny?

We will let you know everything about it. You may also browse through our rabbit bedding product reviews to choose the best material.

Rabbit Bedding and Litter Material

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing the bedding material. Your bunny tends to nibble on these materials, so make sure they are safe for small animals. Herein are the recommended pet rabbit products in the bedding material category:

  • Paper-based Bedding
  • Paper Pellets
  • Hardwood Stove Pellets

Note: Aspen, pine, and cedar shavings are largely available bedding material on several online stores. Pine and cedar are harmful to your rabbit’s health. All of these materials are cheap and readily available in retail and online stores. However, we do not recommend these products. Your bunny may have severe ailments in the liver and the respiratory system.

For dos and don’ts while preparing litter box and bedding for your pet rabbit, read our FAQ articles.

Rabbit Bedding and Litter

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