Oxbow Animal Health Critical Care Apple & Banana

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Oxbow Animal Health Critical Care Apple & Banana

Our Verdict

When the vet recommended keeping our cutie on a syringe diet, it was a cause of concern. We had no idea what to feed our little bun in acute pain.

Before choosing rabbit recovery food, I consulted the veterinarian and my friend (also a bunny owner). Both of them gave me a few names including Oxbow Critical Care Apple/Banana Pet Supplement.

My bun is a picky guy and became even more reluctant to syringe feeding. The natural fruit extracts in this item luckily worked for me. He likes the smell of easing the feeding process.

The blend of taste and high nutritional value makes it one of the best food choices for ailing bunnies.

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  • High fiber diet
  • Buns cherish the natural flavors
  • No synthetic additives
  • Recommended by veterinarians


  • Granular texture, not fine powder

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Wondering, what to feed a sick rabbit?

We have got you covered.

Bunnies may stop eating suddenly due to several reasons- overgrown teeth, sickness, injuries, etc. Acute pain, weakness, or other forms of discomfort are often unbearable for the little creature.

During emergencies, you need to take extra care besides veterinary treatment. Diet can be a challenging issue for new pet owners under such circumstances.

When your bun is unable to consume hay or pellets, powder-based rabbit food formula is the only available lifesaver feeding option.

It can be distressful to do research on critical care recovery formulas when your bunny needs urgent help.

We have gone through this situation and understand your problem. Herein is an in-depth review of Oxbow Critical Care Herbivore Recovery Food for Small Pets.

This is one of the most recommended recovery nutrition developed by a team of eminent veterinarians.

Read this entire review to find if this is the best critical care supplement for your rabbit.

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About Oxbow Animal Health Company

With more than 4 decades of success in the small pet foods industry, Oxbow is one of the most trusted brands among pet owners worldwide.

Their Critical Care Apple/Banana Pet Supplement was formulated by certified veterinarians. The formula is a unique comprehensive nutrition solution for sick bunnies and other small animals.

The granules in the formula dissolve in water easily. But the coarse fiber regulates gut functionality to keep the digestive system healthy.

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Key Features

Natural Plant-Based Ingredients

A sick rabbit is reluctant to chew the food. So it is impossible to feed the daily dose of unlimited hay, fresh fruits, veggies, and pellets.

This natural food formula has all of it- plenty of hay granules, powdered fruits, soybean extracts, and other items.

Just feed the formula in adequate quantities during the recovery period. That’s all!

Ready-to-Use Formula

This is a powder-based food, so you don’t have to do any extra preparations. Just add water to the formula. It may take some time to dissolve the granules.

Once you are done, you can use a tube or a syringe to feed your bunny. No need to add anything else or do the tough chore.

Planned Nutritious Diet

Oxbow critical care is made of a combination of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for bunnies. These components ensure healthy life and development during the entire period of sickness.

Syringe feeding the critical care supplement ensures your bun never has malnutrition issues.

Digestion Supportive Food

The main ingredient in this rabbit food formula is timothy hay. Even if your bun is unable to chew the coarse fiber, this planned nutrition will keep its gut healthy and functional.

Ingredients and Nutrition Information

The key components in this recovery nutrition formula include:

  • Timothy grass meal

  • Soybean meal and hulls

  • Wheat germ and middling

  • Xanthan gum

  • Cane molasses

  • Fruit extracts (papaya, banana, apple & pineapple)

This item is loaded with essential micronutrients like- calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C (ascorbic acid), D3, & E.

The formula provides 24kcal/tbsp. metabolizable energy comprising of:

  • Crude fiber (21%-26%)

  • Crude protein (17%)

  • Crude fat (5%)

Product Dimensions

This recovery nutrition formula is available in three different packages:

  • 3.5 Ounces
  • 4.97 Ounces
  • 1 Pound

Best For

Rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, iguanas, tortoises, and other herbivore pets

Safety Instructions

Read the instructions on the packaging before using it. Mix the formula as per the directions on the label. Take the exact amount as mentioned depending on the weight and age of your rabbit.

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Product Benefits

Miraculously Effective in Feeding Rabbits during GI Stasis

Bunnies are prone to GI stasis if they do not eat a fiber-rich diet. This may happen at any time. Mine was a picky one and refused to eat Timothy hay.

The end result was acute suffering. Luckily I followed the vet’s advice to keep a packet of Oxbow critical care ready for such emergencies.

This formula when fed with a combination of Pedialyte or similar electrolyte solution works wonders.

It helped my bun recover within 7 days. It was pooping as before so, I am satisfied.

Picky Bunnies Love the Taste

My bun has a sweet tooth. It can savor plenty of juicy fruits (I avoid giving them too much). Buying recovery food for rabbits had given me nightmares. I got stuff without any smell. It would not consume it.

I needed something without artificial flavors or synthetic additives.

Oxbow critical care contains banana, pineapple, apple, and papaya in dried form. It liberates a fruity smell that mesmerizes my furry friend.

Product FAQ

How long can I use this supplement?

This is not a regular rabbit food item. Use this formula when your small pet is sick and unable to chew solid foods.
I always purchase a 4.97-ounce packet. Not sure when my bun needs it. The item offers 1-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.
But if you open the packet, do not use it for more than 30 days. The contents will expire after this period.

Is it right to keep critical care powder in the refrigerator for longer shelf life?

Store the powder in an airtight container. Keep it in a cool dark place.
Keeping the packet in the refrigerator does not guarantee extended shelf life. It will still contact air and moisture. The micronutrients in the formula may lose their nutritional value if the open packet is stored beyond 30 days.

What is critical care and when do I use it?

Critical Care is to be used in animals that are not eating voluntarily and are under a veterinarian’s care. It is a complete feed that is prepared by adding water. Critical Care can also be used as a complete feed for those animals with advanced dental disease and require a soft food diet. When syringe feeding, we recommend using a catheter-tipped syringe.

What is critical care?

Critical Care is primarily composed of timothy hay and supplemented with oat groats, soybeans and wheat germ for added energy that is needed by nutritionally stressed animals that are ill, recovering from surgery, or need additional food supplementation. Electrolytes and stabilized vitamin C are also added.


If you ever notice a rabbit not eating or lying down, it can be a symptom of sickness. The little four-legged pet may be in severe agony. A thorough diagnosis at the pet clinic can only help diagnose the exact reason for behavior change.

Recovery food can be life-saving when rabbits can’t chew solid foods. Oxbow Critical Care Apple/Banana Pet Supplement is formulated and highly-recommended recovery nutrition product by veterinarians.

This item has worked for my bunny during the period of illness. The prime ingredient in this formula is timothy hay. It helps to regulate the digestive system to keep rabbits healthy.

The exact dose prescribed by the vet should be sufficient to meet the daily nutrition requirement of your rabbit.

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