Best Rabbit Food Basics - Vital Facts You Need to Know about Rabbit Diet​

Have you recently adopted a rabbit?

If it is your first pet bunny, it is quite obvious that there may be certain misconceptions and myths about the rabbit diet.

Don’t panic. We have herein compiled an in-depth guide on rabbit food.

There is a common myth that rabbits eat mainly carrots and lettuce leaves. Some might also prefer feeding a bowl full of pellets.

Now that the furry pet is home, it’s time for a reality check. Opt for the best rabbit food to ensure it thrives well and stays healthy.

What do Bunnies Eat?

The digestive system of a rabbit unlike other pets is quite sensitive. Unlike cats and dogs, your bunny needs a balanced diet to stay in good health.

You can buy food for your bunny online. From Timothy Hay (the top-recommended product for rabbit health) to pellets and treats, it is easy to choose the best picks on our website.

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To be absolutely sure, you may also read our reviews on rabbit food items online.

If you need more details on what to feed a pet bunny, please read our Rabbit Guide Section on the rabbit diet. And you can also check our Ultimate Guide to Rabbit Diet article. 

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Best Food For Your Pet Rabbit

The primary diet consists of grass or hay that your bunny will need in large quantities. However, veterinarians recommend a balanced diet during the entire day. For proper growth and development, the daily intake for a rabbit comprises of:

Grass-based Hay (80%)

Among the descendants of foraging animals, rabbits possess an extended digestive tract.

They are prone to GI stasis resulting in retarded or non-functioning of the digestive system. They require a lot of natural long fiber strands in their diet every day to aid in a smooth bowel movement to keep their intestines and colon in proper functioning.  

The grass hay is, therefore, the chief food for rabbits. You need to serve a lot of hay to your bunny throughout the day.

Fresh Green Leafy Vegetables (10%)

To strengthen your bunny’s immune system, you can give 2 cups of fresh green veggies daily when they are 4 pounds in weight. It will give a daily dose of vitamins and minerals essential for their body.

For a list of veggies good for your bunny’s health, please read our articles on rabbit food.

Pellets (5%)

Bunnies love munching on the pellets. But they should always be given to them in small portions to encourage them to eat more hay. A daily serving of ¼-½ cups is sufficient to keep them in good mood.

The pellets contain grounded fiber, so they are healthy for the rabbit’s tummy. However, it is not sufficient for their daily fiber requirement. When buying pellets, ensure choosing products containing more than 18% fiber, about 12-14% protein, and less than 3% fat.

We have provided more information on pellets in our rabbit food reviews.

Treats (0-5%)

Munching on the hay all day can be boring. Bunnies possess a desire for consuming sweet fruits and veggies. To satiate their sweet tooth, you can serve 1-2 tbsp of treats comprising of fresh fruits, sweet veggies, or pellets. This will give you rabbit a small snack break.

When buying rabbit treats online, make sure to avoid processed foods, items with artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or refined sugars.


Bunnies need to drink a lot of water to dissolve the fiber to aid digestion and easy bowel movement. Feed them a lot of water every day.

For your help, we have included a list of curated products at the rabbit accessories that you can use to serve food and water.

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