Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay Review

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Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay Review

Are you looking to buy the best rabbit food?

It all starts with buying fiber-rich hay. All rabbit owners know the eminence of feeding bunnies with timothy hay every day.

Yes, the rabbit diet must comprise unlimited hay throughout the day. Loaded with fiber, hay aids in gut movement keeping them fit, active, and happy. It promotes teeth grinding and keeps the digestive system healthy.

Not all hay products are the same. Most of them are not made from high-quality grass, are well-sorted, and are packed safely. Some cheap hays are low in nutrition value. Further, you may find debris and impurities inside the packet as well.

Hence, it is not wise to pick a bunny hay packet from the local store in a rush.

Read our in-depth Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay review below so that you are absolutely sure about choosing nothing less than the best rabbit hay.

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  • Highly nutritious
  • Rich in fiber
  • 100% Natural
  • No additives
  • Made from farm-fresh grass


  • Some packets contain rocks and bugs

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About Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay is made from grass hay grown and dried in the US. Oxbow brand is a family owned business with over 30 years of excellence in producing small pet foods including hay, fortified foods, supplements, etc.

Established in 1980, Oxbow is the first-ever pet food brand to sell Timothy hay as the diet staple for small animals. The family of farmers grows only selected grass species in their own farmland. From sowing to packaging, the team takes intense care to ensure selling only high-quality products.

Additionally, it holds an impressive 110 pounds, and can easily handle between three and five snowboards, making it a wonderful choice for going snowboarding. Since the mounting is designed to create an audible click when it is in place, you don’t ever have to worry about whether or not the box is attached properly to your roof. 

The integrated light ensures that you can easily access your contents during the night without trying to hold a flashlight to find what you are looking for.

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Key Features

Delicious Bunny Meal

The main concern when serving fiber-loaded food to rabbits is the taste factor. Your bun has a sweet tooth possessing an intense desire for sugary treats. Some bunnies are too reluctant to eat hay.

Oxbow’s hay is moderately sweet, crunchy, soft, and healthy. With the right moisture balance, your rabbit will actually enjoy the healthy meal for a long.

All-Natural Hay

This rabbit food staple is made of 100% timothy grass hay.

There are no preservatives, artificial colors, additives, or flavor enhancers that can be harmful to the bunny’s health.

Fiber-rich Hay

This grass hay is extremely high in fiber (32% crude fiber). Since 18%-22% fiber is good for bunny’s health, you may mix other varieties such as orchard hay or meadow hay to prepare a delicious meal for your bunny every day.

Quality Assurance

John Miller, the owner of Oxbow brand ensures that the team takes intense care to grow and harvest the grass to the required maturity.

The family of farmers uses the permissible method to cut and handpick the grass at the right time.

The dried grass is later packed with great care to retain the perfect balance of nutrients and moisture.

Recommended by Veterinarians Worldwide

Veterinarians from various countries have used this hay and suggest small pet owners serve this meal every day.



Timothy hay (100%)

Nutrition Information

  • Crude Protein- 7%
  • Crude Fat- 1.5%
  • Crude Fiber- 32%
  • Moisture- 15%

Net Weight

Oxbow’s Timothy hay is available in packets of 9lb, 15oz, 40oz, and 90oz.

Age Range

Suitable for small animals of all age groups.

Best For

This ready-to-serve bunny food is beneficial for feeding small pets like rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, and hamsters.

Feeding Instructions

Recommended unlimited serving for young, pregnant, and nursing bunnies. Serve only a handful at a time for adults. Mix different types of hays- oat, wheat, meadow grass, and timothy hay to prepare a tasty and nutritious bunny diet.

Note: Don’t give too much hay at once. Always serve small portions allowing your bunny to eat the full contents in the feeder. If it is left open for too long, air contact causes moisture loss. It will make the hay dry and hard, which is not suitable for feeding your rabbit anymore.

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How to Store Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

It is best to store this product in the original packet from the manufacturer. If you have a storage container, make sure it allows sufficient ventilation to keep the contents safe. Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Final Thoughts…

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay is undoubtedly one of the best timothy hay brands in the US market. It has the right balance of nutrition and essential crude fiber for small pets. This product does not have artificial flavor enhancers, colors, or additives. Hence, it is safe for bunnies.

The only issue is that some customers recently found impurities inside the packet. We recommend checking this rabbit food properly before serving.

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