Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food - All Natural Rabbit Pellets Review

Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food - All Natural Rabbit Pellets

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From the very first day, pellets have proved the best source of complete nutrition for my bunny.

Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food – All Natural Rabbit Pellets are the favorite pick for my Holland Lop bun. It’s impressive that these pellets are available for both young and adult bunnies.

The makers are very particular about the ingredients. As per the dietary needs, the version for babies is made of alfalfa hay.

Timothy pellets were an obvious choice when my pet grew a year old. Luckily, I did not have to search too much as the makers have prepared the adult bunny pellets with Timothy’s hay meal.

The only point of attention should be to choose the right pack based on the age of your bunny.



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Introduction - Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food - All Natural Rabbit Pellets

Want to buy the best rabbit pellets?

Before we recommend one of the most trusted products, there are a few things to know.

Pellets are not the main food item for bunnies. Hence, you can’t feed a small pet unlimited pellets throughout the day. Moreover, buying ready-to-serve rabbit food can be overwhelming.

Just checking all the ingredients is not enough. You must evaluate if the components are added as per the diet needs of a rabbit.

Hence buying pellets prepared with the recommendations of nutritionists and vets is beneficial. If you are a new bunny owner, follow the diet chart provided by the veterinarian.

At best rabbit products, we have curated a list of the best rabbit supplies including a series of rabbit pellet food items.

For your help, we have provided a detailed review of each item. Our review guides will give you the product information in detail. Read the Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food – All Natural Rabbit Pellets review to find everything about this item. This may help you choose healthy, nutrition-packed pellets for your indoor bunny.

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About Oxbow

When it comes to choosing small pet foods, Oxbow needs no introduction to the pet owners. The farmers take great care to prepare and process the foods with high-quality handpicked ingredients.

As the name suggests, Oxbow Essential Rabbit Food pellets are made of all-natural ingredients. The makers have done an excellent job by preparing separate formulations for young and adult bunnies. Rabbit parents must be careful to pick the required item.

Key Features

Formulated by Veterinarians and Pet Nutritionists

Pellets can make up 14% of the daily diet for babies and up to 10% of adult bunny food. Only the experts know the right proportion of ingredients that goes well in a rabbit pellet.

Ever since the brand launch in 1980, all Oxbow products are made under the supervision of a team of eminent vets and nutritionists.

Balanced Food for Bone and Muscle Development

These pellets are enriched with soy ingredients to suffice the daily requirement of protein. It is also rich in calcium that provides strong bones and teeth.

Curbs Picky Eating

Do you feel overwhelmed about feeding a picky bunny?

It happens with almost every rabbit. These creatures possess a sweet tooth for sugary food. Unfortunately, this is not good for their gut health.

Feeding seeds and fruit mixes from a young age can make them picky. Giving a serving of pellets every day from an early age can be helpful to develop good eating habits in buns.

The components are finely grounded and blended to prevent your bun from picking the favorite ones.

Fortified with Essential Nutrients

Apart from the goodness of hay, these pellets have several vitamin and mineral supplements for overall healthy growth and development.

These bunny food pellets are made of soybean and wheat extracts that give the perfect blend of taste and health.

Daily servings in recommended portions provide protein, fat, fiber, and vital micronutrients for healthy growth.

Ingredients and Nutrition Information

Oxbow Young Rabbit Food (Main Components)

  • Alfalfa meal

  • Wheat middlings

  • Soybean hulls

  • Soybean oil

  • Salt

  • Cane molasses

Young Rabbit Food contains about 22%-25% crude fiber, 15% crude protein, and 2.5% fat. These fortified bunny pellets contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, D3, and E.

Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food (Main Components)

  • Timothy grass meal

  • Soybean hulls

  • Soybean meal

  • Soybean oil

  • Salt

  • Cane molasses

  • Wheat middlings

Adult rabbit food contains 25%-29% crude fiber, 14% crude protein, and 2% crude fat. The formula is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, D3, and E.

Package Content

Both Young and Adult Rabbit pellets are available in three packet sizes – 5lbs, 10lbs, and 25lbs.

Best For

Rabbits and other small pets

Safety Instructions

After opening the packet, keep the pellets in an airtight container to retain freshness and food value. Keep the container in a dry and cool place.

Pellets are only a part of the rabbit’s daily diet. Combine a mix of unlimited timothy hay with the recommended dose of pellets every day.

Product Benefits

Separate Preparations for Young and Adult Rabbits

Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food pellets are available in different formulations for babies and adult buns. Just look for the word ‘Adult’ for adult bunnies and ‘Young’ to get the alfalfa pellets for growing rabbits. That’s easy to notice once you take a glance at the packet.

No More Selective Eating

Oxbow produces the best quality high-fiber rabbit food pellets. This product does not contain refined sugars or synthetic ingredients. The hay is blended with other nutritious components in required quantities to prepare a healthy diet.

Healthy Food for Pregnant and Nursing Rabbits (Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food Only)

Essentials Young Rabbit Food is an excellent feeding option for pregnant and nursing bunnies. Enriched with Alfalfa hay, these pellets also contain nutritious, wholesome ingredients for special caring needs.

Note: Do not give Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food to young, pregnant, and nursing buns.

Product FAQ

My vet recommended serving ¼ cup of pellets per day for our bun based on the weight. One packet lasts for about 2 months.

These pellets expire in 2 years from the date of manufacturing mentioned on the label.

No. The pellets contain wheat middlings, which adds a small portion of gluten to the bunny diet. If your rabbit is allergic to gluten, avoid serving these pellets.

There is a limit to the amount of pellets you may give per day. Ideally, a 12 months old rabbit can eat ¼ cup of pellets in a day. You may serve this once a day or serve in 2 portions for morning and evening snacks.


I am quite like-minded as many bunny parents worldwide when choosing rabbit food for my cutie. There are certain basic considerations. The prime ingredient should be hay. It should be safe for rabbits. Contain nutritious, plant-based components. Make sure there is no refined sugar or additives in the product.

After shortlisting various rabbit pellets online on the above parameters, I choose Oxbow Essentials. Since there are no seeds, or addicting sweet flavors, it has helped me prevent selective eating for my cutie. The best part, these pellets fulfill the daily dietary needs of bunnies.

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