Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Rabbit Litter Box

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Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Rabbit Litter Box

Our Verdict

From the very first day, I wanted to get a covered litter box. This is where buns find it comfortable to do their business.

My search was a long one since I don’t want odor in the room. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Rabbit Litter Box offers a secret place for my cutie to do its daily business while keeping the surrounding air fresh.

Another problem I had with the previous litter pan was the messy floors. Whenever the bunny jumped out, there were droppings around the tray.

Booda Dome eliminated this problem as well. The steps trap all the dirt on the animal’s legs so I don’t have to do extra cleaning every time.

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  • The charcoal filter traps litter odor
  • Bunnies love to do it all inside the dome
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy, long-lasting material


  • The lid may fall when a bunny jumps inside

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Introduction – Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Rabbit Litter Box

Ever since the idea of adopting a bunny happened, I have been doing a lot of research for the best rabbit litter box trainer. It has much to do with their health and safety.

One of my friends explained that litter boxes with grates can be painful for their legs. Hence my search was a pretty long one.

I found some covered litter boxes (my top preference) but the designs were too complicated.

My search ended when I found the Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Rabbit Litter Box. Anyone would agree it has a lovely design, 3 color options, and loads of interesting features.

But that’s not the reason to purchase. A litter box should have a clutter-free design. The item should be spacious, easy to clean and sanitize, comfortable for the bunny… and so on.

Choosing a litter pan for a bunny depends on all these aspects. However, it is also vital to focus on hygiene. This item offered everything.

I have herein provided an in-depth review of this hooded litter box for bunnies. Also read the pros, cons, and FAQs to determine if this is the best fit for your indoor pet.

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About Petmate Booda Dome – Rabbit Litter Box

Petmate has been offering revolutionary pet supplies for more than 60 years. The company sells its products under 21 different brand names.

Starting their journey with pet travel cases, the manufacturers have come a long way to offer items in different categories- litter boxes, toys, pet carriers, kennels, etc.

Booda Dome is one of the best rabbit litter boxes on the market for guys who love to do their job secretly. The item comes with several magnificent features making it the choicest item for every bunny parent.

The simple clutter-free design eases the cleaning tasks while the carbon filter keeps the foul smell at bay.

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Key Features

Spectacular Design

You may find an enclosed rabbit litter pan at a pet store easily. But rarely can you find a design that is so impressive. The dome cover is beautiful as is the shiny plastic body.

It’s mesmerizing to watch your pet climbing up the stairs and getting down. For small animals, this is also a wonderful play zone.

Odor Control System

The odor of poop or pee can be unpleasant for the inmates of the house. This covered litter box has preinstalled charcoal filter on the top of the dome. The filter absorbs the unhealthy gases and smells from the feces keeping the surroundings refreshing.

Hooded Litter Pan

Some pets love privacy while doing business. The dome litter box offers the perfect ambiance your rabbit needs every day to do it all comfortably.

Paw-Cleaning Steps

Spilling on the floor is a common problem if you are using an open litter tray. The paw cleaning mat on the steps of the Booda dome solves this problem.

When your bun steps down the litter box after excretion, the mat will allow easy stain removal from its paws.

Glossy Plastic Litter Pan

Using bag liners is a problem for many bunny parents. Liners can develop scratches easily from the bun’s paw. When you try to empty the rabbit litter tray, things can get messy.

The non-stick surface of this litter pan prevents waste material adherence. You can just throw away the stuff and wash it easily for sanitization.

Material Information

High-quality plastic

Product Dimensions

Weight of the Item – 3 pounds

Length: 22.5 inches

Width: 22.5 inches

Height: 19 inches

Size of the litter pan (excluding the stairs): 21 inches (L) x 12 inches (W)

Best For

Rabbits, cats, and other small pets

Safety Instructions

Clean the litter tray once a day for your pet’s hygiene.

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Product Benefits

Carbon Filter to Trap the Odor

The charcoal filter attached to the top part of the dome absorbs the odor from pee and feces. Whenever in need, this won’t contaminate the air in your living room.

Litter Mat on Stairs to Remove Stains

It puts the worries of cleaning the poopy paw marks from the rabbit base floors. The feces on the bun’s legs dislodge the litter mat as it walks down the stairs after doing business.

Non-Stick Plastic Pan

Even if you don’t like the idea of using bag liners, it’s a breeze to clean the rabbit litter pan under the Booda Dome. The waste matter does not stick to the pan surface. You can just dispose of the feces and liquids easily. This simplifies the entire process.

Product FAQ

Is it possible to use the litter box without bag liners?

It’s not compulsory to use bag liners. Bunnies can tear them. But it is recommended to place bag liners at the base area to prevent feces from sticking to the floor or sides of the box.
However, if you do not want to use bag liners, make sure to clean and sanitize the pan.

Can I get other color options?

Yes, this litter box model is available in three different hues- pearl white, brushed nickel, and titanium.

How do I keep the bag liner in place?

If you do not fix the bag to the rabbit litter tray, the stuff may fall into the base. You will have to do extra cleaning.
Some users have tried to support the edges of the bag with the dome. But this may not help.
I use some tape to keep the bag firmly in place. This may seem hectic, but it definitely keeps the pan clean for the next time used.

What type of liners should I use for covering the pan?

Petmate has mentioned a bag option. But it is too small to cover everything. Therefore, I use Johnny Cat Jumbo liners. They are big enough to cover the edges from all sides. You may use a garbage bag when lifting the liner.


A litter pan with a hood is always a preferred area for bunnies to do their business. There are a few covered litter pans on the store gallery. Even if I found some items, there were design glitches. Luckily I found Booda Dome that ended my long search for a bunny litter box.

The only issue with Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Rabbit Litter Box was the falling cover. Yes, it often falls when the little creature jumps up the steps to get outside.

Initially, I used tapes but, now I have tied harnesses to the dome. This is one area where the makers may improve the design.

But for me, it is still a preferred rabbit litter box offering multiple benefits.

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