Oxbow Animal Health Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food

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Oxbow Animal Health Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food

Our Verdict

I was really impressed to see Oxbow focusing on the particular rabbit diet. Perform an online search for rabbit pellet food online, and you will find a majority of products for small pets.

It was great to find a pack of Oxbow pellets specially formulated with nutritious ingredients for bunnies. But I never purchase anything by name alone.

Based on the nutritional requirements of rabbits, I found this product beneficial for my cutie.

I am feeding my Lionhead bun Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food since she was 12 months old. She craves her cup of bounty pellets.

After serving the recommended dose for more than 8 months, it seems that it is an ideal food for adult bunnies.

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  • Specially made for adult rabbits
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No synthetic colors or additives
  • High-fiber and nutritious
  • Great for picky bunnies


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Introduction – Oxbow Animal Health Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food

Oxbow Animal Health Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food

Are you looking for the best rabbit pellets?

You have just found a top-quality item.

From the very first day, I knew pellets are optional. However, my veterinarian friend explained a few things about this bunny food.

Buns need a combination of essential micronutrients alongside fiber, protein, and fat. Pellets are formula foods prepared with keen attention to these requirements.

Ready-to-eat high-fiber rabbit food pellets reduce the burden of preparing a wholesome meal every day.

Buying pellets for bunnies can be troublesome. Some brands make rabbit foods with low-quality ingredients, refined sugar, and additives. Feeding such foods can affect the little creature’s health and well-being.

It is mandatory to check all the ingredients in the bunny food items before purchasing. Purchase foods made of all-natural components only. Most importantly, the constituents should be safe for rabbits.

In this extensive review of Oxbow Animal Health Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food, we have provided everything- ingredient information, product pros and cons, and so much more. Read the FAQs to get the answers to the queries you may have about the item.

So, just dive in to see if this is a suitable rabbit food for your long-eared friend.

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About Oxbow

About Oxbow

Oxbow is a trusted brand for rabbit parents worldwide. The family has been working in partnership with eminent veterinarians for more than 30 years.

Together, the team has leveraged high efforts to develop formulated foods to meet various diet requirements in small pets.

The wide selection of small pet foods is dedicated to addressing specific dietary requirements. Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food is exclusively made for adult rabbits only.

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Key Features

70% Organic Meadow Hay

Bunnies need plenty of crude fiber to stay healthy and active. This is a 100% plant-based vegan diet for adult rabbits. The adult pellet rabbit food contains 70% organic meadow hay (non-GMO). 

Chewing these pellets promotes teeth wearing, keeps the gut healthy, and regulates digestion.

No Added Sugar

Bunnies love sugary foods. But food high in sugar is not hazardous to the digestive system in rabbits. Oxbow Organic Bounty bunny food pellets do not contain refined sugar or any other forms of sweeteners.

No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

There are no flavor enhancers, synthetic coloring agents, or preservatives in these pellets. The natural hues and flavors are 100% natural and derived from soy, hay, and other ingredients.

Formulated as per Veterinarian Guidelines

Only veterinarians and rabbit diet experts can recommend the daily dose of essential nutrients. Oxbow works in a collaborative effort with veterinarians to ensure they produce only top-quality foods for small pets.

All essential micronutrients (see the ingredient information) are added in proper quantities to ensure healthy growth in adult buns.


The prime constituent in this rabbit pellet is organic grass hay. To enhance the food value of the item, the makers have added a few other vet-recommended ingredients such as:

  • Canola meal

  • Flaxseeds

  • Wheat straw

  • Barley flour

  • Yucca schidigera
  • Dandelion leaves

While these are the basic components, the pellets also contain essential Vitamin A, B12, C, D3, and E supplements. With added sunflower meal, the food is also a good source of Omega 3&6 fatty acids.

These pellets also fulfill the daily requirement of calcium and phosphorus in bunnies.

Package Content

The net weight of the packet is 3lbs

Best For

Adult rabbits only

Safety Instructions

  • Never feed these pellets to baby, young, nursing, or pregnant rabbits

  • Only serve these pellets in small quantities (as mentioned on the label or veterinarian)

  • Pellets must be provided with unlimited hay to suffice the daily nutrition requirements

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Product Benefits

100% GMO-free Natural Ingredients

This is a USDA Organic-certified pet food product. So you are sure there are no traces of genetically modified plant extracts in the pellets. Natural hay is grown without any form of chemical fertilizer treatment.

Oxbow grows all the farm produces over the family-owned land. The USDA certification ensures the brand owners comply with the soil and water quality standards. Hence all plants are cultivated in the best growing environment.

High in Crude Fiber

Experts opine that bunny foods must contain at least 18%-20% fiber. The organic bounty pellets contain 23%-25% crude fiber. The proportion is excellent for the teeth and gut health of adult rabbits.

Packed with Essential Micronutrients

Organic bounty is a good source of calcium (0.60%) and phosphorus (0.30%). This is good to keep the bones and teeth strong for lifelong. Besides these, pellets contain vitamins including A, D, and E, which prevent illness in rabbits.

The Omega 3&6 fatty acids in the pellets will give your bun a glossy coat. If your cutie is shedding too much, these pellets may reduce the severity over time.

Product FAQ

Sodium Bentonite is a prime ingredient in this rabbit food. Is it good for the bunny’s health?

Some buyers had confusion with this compound. Many of them claimed it as a clay sealant.
But sodium bentonite has several health benefits for rabbits. It aids in removing toxins from the bun’s system. This natural compound also promotes gut health in small pets.

These pellets do not contain timothy hay. Should I feed these to my rabbits every day?

The makers claim that these pellets consist of 70% grass hay. The pellets are very high in crude fiber (23%), which is excellent for rabbit gut health.
Some picky buns do not like Timothy hay. If your small pet is one of them, these nutritious pellets can give them some treat every day. It’s healthy and safe for adult bunnies.

How long does the 3lb bag last?

As per the instructions on the packet, you can feed ¼ cup of Organic Bounty pellets to rabbits weighing 1-4lbs.
If you serve this quantity of pellets to a bunny every day, the 3lbs bag should last about 1½ months.

The label says this item is for adult rabbits. When should I start feeding these pellets to my bunny?

A rabbit becomes fully adult in 12 months. If your bun is 1 year old or more, you can serve these pellets depending on the body weight. Always follow the recommended quantity to feed a balanced diet.


Often bunny parents prefer to keep their small pet on a hay diet. This works if you can provide fruits and veggies to suffice their daily nutrient requirements.

Like humans, rabbits must consume the required vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and active. Fortified bunny pellets can suffice these requirements while keeping your cutie happy.

Feeding pellets is fine as long as you know it comes from a trusted brand like Oxbow. Organic Bounty is definitely the perfect pellet for adult rabbits. Apart from the great taste, it is made from 100% organic ingredients without refined sugar or additives.

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