Buyer's Guide to Rabbit Food and Water Feeder

Looking for the best food water bowl for your bunny?

That’s not as easy as it appears. The success in a rabbit depends a lot on how you present food to these little creatures.  

If you are yet to bring the cuddly bunny home, there is some time to discover what may happen if you don’t choose the pet bowls wisely.

Try to feed them in a regular food dish. You will soon find them tipping over the bowl while scattering everything on the floor. This is one of the basic consequences but there are lots of other aspects too.

Buying a rabbit food bowl at popular online stores can be a hard chore. There are so many bowls featured in the product gallery.

To save your time, we have selected only the best food water bowls. For complete information, we have also provided in-depth reviews of these products. This ensures you get to know everything up front before placing an order.

With over a decade of living with rabbits at home, we can tell you about the aspects to take note of when buying dishes or a water bowl for bunny.

Best Rabbit Food and Water Feeder Products

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Rabbit food and water feeder
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Types of Rabbit Feeders

There are so many different accessories you may use to serve food to your indoor pet friend. We have found thousands of them. Unfortunately, not all of them are good enough to serve your purpose. Following are some items we found highly impressive.

No-spill Rabbit Water Bowl

There are different types of rabbit food and water bowls. However, we prefer choosing items they cannot tip over or spill the food all around.

Ceramic Bowls

The ceramic water bowls are a considerable option if you can place them inside the cage. The benefits of choosing a ceramic bowl:

  • Chew-proof
  • Too heavy to tip over
  • Inexpensive

However, they are breakable. So you need to take extra care when handling such items.

Metal Bowls

Choose models that you can attach to the cage or walls to make them spill-proof. There are so many advantages of choose stainless steel bunny bowls.

  • Hygienic
  • Expensive compared to ceramic/ plastic bowls
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Unbreakable/ easy to handle

Food-Safe Paper Bags and Hay Feeder

Bunnies are natural forager animals. Your rabbit must keep munching at the hay at frequent intervals throughout the day. You can serve hay in food-safe paper bags instead of a bunny bowl. Even if they eat these hay wraps, it won’t harm the digestive system.

Feeding hay in paper bags can be more hygienic compared to serving them in the litter box. You may end up wasting a lot of hay if it mixes with the pee and poop.

Is Scatter Feeding Good for Indoor Bunnies?

Some rabbit owners do not use bowls to feed pellets or veggies. Instead, they scatter food around the bunny’s living area. It allows rabbits to go food hunting as they do when dwelling in the natural surroundings.

But you may have several issues while scatter feeding indoor rabbits.

Bunnies tend to nibble everything around them. The only solution is to get a chew-proof bowl. Some stainless steel bowls can be attached to the walls of your rabbit pen. You will never have to worry about food spills around the room.

Leaving small portions of food here and there on the floor raises the chances of contamination. This is not safe for your bunny’s health. Not all rabbit cages will support scatter feeding. Your bunny may end up nibbling the bedding material or wooden floor inside the pen.

Want to know more about rabbit food dish or bowl?

We have compiled an in-depth guide for beginners. Read our FAQ articles to know how to deal with bunnies who have food-related aggression, rabbit feeding best practices, care measures for serving food, and much more.

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