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Rural365 Rabbit Hay Feeder

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Rural365 wood hay rack serves multiple purposes for my cutie- she can climb to the top of the hay feeder, chew the wood, and eat hay at the base.

This is one of the best hay feeder designs I have seen. It is one of its kind feeder toy for my bunny.

The most impressive is material safety. Untreated wood without any chemical polishes or colors makes it a chew-safe item for small animals.

I have noticed some parts coming off when my rabbit chews the wood. But it is still her favorite activity toy that also promotes dental health.

All in all, it was a worthy purchase I have made for my furry angel.


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Hay is the main food item for small animals to stay fit and healthy. Bunnies of all breeds must eat unlimited hay throughout life for continuous teeth wearing and regular bowel movement.

Serving hay can be a cause of concern for many pet owners. Spread them on the litter pan and you may see them pooping therein. Hay wastage is a regular issue with small pets.

What can you do to prevent hay wastage?

If all these aspects are bothering you, choosing a no-mess hay dispenser for rabbits can resolve the problem. Having such a hay feeder in your bunny habitat can save hours of cleaning tasks every day.

If metal or plastic feeding items have not worked for your needs, consider choosing a wooden model. Chewable wooden hay racks are also beneficial for the dental health of small animals.

Even better if it is a feeder toy. Such hay feeders promote physical activity in your pets, keeping them fit and healthy lifelong.

Read the Rural365 Rabbit Hay Feeder review to decide if this is the best feeder unit for your small pet.

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About Rural365 Rabbit Hay Feeder

Rural365 is now an in-demand brand selling curated pet food storage items, poultry feeding equipment, small pet feeders, bird nests, etc. This family-run business was launched in 2018. The makers thrive hard with the mission to produce high-quality animal farm products and pet merchandise.

Within 3 years, the company has emerged as a trusted provider of farm and indoor pet supplies. The brand owners have designed this wooden rabbit hay feeder with a keen eye on the overall well-being of small animals.

The feature-packed item is an activity plaything, feeder, and chew toy for your bunny. It is a manual hay rack but functions much like an automated feeder that you can use when away from home.

Key Features

Equal Four-Sided Hay Distribution

All four sides of this hay rack are open, giving access to food to multiple pets at once. So if you have many pets at home, consider feeding hay in this feeder.

It is one of the best rabbit hay feeder rack designs to ease reaching food from all sides.

Mess-Free Food Dispenser

Hay wastage is a common problem with most feeding racks on the market. All thanks to the spruce design, this item prevents wastage.

Bunnies tend to pull the grass strands from the feeder bags, racks, etc. Later they eat less and drop the rest on the ground. It triggers food contaminated and unhealthy for eating.

Even if your bunnies pull hay out of the tower area, it will fall on the wooden base. They can eat the stuff as and when they are nearby.

Safe Material for Chewing Pets

Rabbits tend to nibble almost anything in its surrounding. This is why pet parents should avoid using plastic feeders for bunnies. Birchwood is safe for buns and other small animals.

When bored with the hay, your bunny can chew the parts of this small animal’s grass hay feeder. It improves their dental health and promotes natural teeth wearing.

Feeder cum Activity Toy Design

By now, you know that your bunny can eat hay alongside the wooden parts of this hay rack. 

You will soon notice your bun climbing on the feeder lid. This is an added privilege to boost physical activity in rabbits.

Safe Natural Ingredients

The entire structure of this rabbit chew toy is made of natural materials- kiln-dried birch wood, apple sticks, sisal thread, etc.

The colorful dangles are dyed with food-grade edible vegetable inks. So the entire piece is safe for rabbits and other small pets.

Product Dimensions

  • Hay Feeding Area at the Base – 9.6 inches (all four sides), 1.25 inches (height)
  • Hay/Activity Tower – 4×4 inches (square feeder area), 13 inches (height)

Material Information

All parts of this bunny feeder are made of untreated birchwood.

Best For

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets

Safety Instructions

Check the feeder regularly. Small pets often pee or do their business inside the hay rack.

Remove the hay and clean the feeder immediately. Always serve hay in small quantities to avoid wastage.

Product Benefits

Prevent Hay Wastage

You can open the top cover to put the hay. As your pets start eating the stuff at the bottom, the stocks from the upper part will come down.

Sometimes rabbits tend to do their business on the hay feeder. But due to the compact design, this hay rack doesn’t offer sufficient space for the pee or poop job.

Excellent Design for Feeding Multiple Pets

This free-standing hay rack offers access to grass from all four sides. Even if you have 4 adult bunnies, they can all enjoy munching the food together.

Product FAQ

This feeder is made for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small animals. Makers have chosen birchwood, which is safe and edible for these animals.

No. This feeder cum activity stand is made of natural, untreated wood. Bunnies tend to chew the feeder parts. Manufacturers have used kiln-dried wood to remove traces of pathogens. No color or chemical additives have been applied to any of the feeder parts.

If the bunny eats up a lot of wood, it may be impossible to fix the feeder. But you can still keep the broken feeder in their habitat. My bun loves to chew the wood and play with it. It can serve as a plaything for small pets.

No, it is not safe to use any form of glue/adhesive to put the feeder together. This feeder is made of rabbit-safe edible wood. Glue may contain toxic chemicals. Such substances can be choking for your bunny.


Hay feeder is the first thing you need before adopting a pet bunny. Rural365 Rabbit Hay Feeder is made of safe, natural material. It is the choicest item if you have 2 or more pets. Your pets can get access to hay from all four sides so, they don’t have to struggle to reach the food.

My Holland Lop loves to climb to the top of the hay rack so it is her favorite activity zone as well. It weighs 2.5 pounds so you don’t have to worry about falling issues.

Almost after a month of using this free-standing pet self-feeding hay manager, I can recommend this item to any small pet owner.

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