Rabbit Litter Boxes

Rabbit Litter Boxes

Best Rabbit Litter Boxes: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Now that the little furry angel is home, you want to give it the best. Since your bun is too sensitive, the rabbit litter boxes in the house have to be perfect. It is related to your bunny’s health and hygiene. If your bunny spreads poop and pee all around the room, you may need to deal with a lot of mess and foul smell.

Thankfully, you can potty train your bun with little effort. Rabbits are too intelligent. They don’t take much time to get accustomed to doing their business in the litter box.

What is a litter box?

Just like humans, bunnies need a specific area where they can do their daily business with comfort and convenience.

The litter box is a kind of rabbit accessory you can place at a convenient place for your bun to do their poop and pee job throughout the day.

They are mainly made of plastic having a simple design, which eases the cleaning task.

Want to buy a rabbit litter box?

Your pet bunny should feel comfortable while using the litter box. If the box falls short of space or is too high to climb into, it may cause reluctance in the little cutie to go to the place every time.

Consider the bunny’s size, age, the availability of space in your room when choosing the right design and size of the rabbit litter box.

We have provided a list of bestseller rabbit litter boxes on this page. Read the product review of the concerned item before purchasing so that you know whether it is the right one for your pet. 

Best Rabbit Litter Box Products

Van Ness Small Litter Box For Rabbits

Rabbit Litter Box by Kit's Pet Pans

Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer

rabbit litterbox
Rabbit Litter Box- Plastic
Best Rabbit Litter Box

Kinds of Rabbit Litter Boxes

Not all litter boxes for bunnies are alike. They differ in shape, size, and design with varied features. Choosing from the lot depends on your bunny’s age and needs.

Litter Box with a Hay Rack

This is my most preferred litter box for pet bunnies. They need some hay in their daily business area. Keeping hay on the flat litter pan raises the consequences of contamination that I am sure no one intends. A raised hay rack attached to the litter box has twin benefits:

  • It attracts your bunny to enter the litter pan for business
  • It eliminates the problem of hay wastage

Litter Box with Wire Floor

This is also very convenient to use. Once your bunny excretes the matter, it slips down straight into the plastic tray at the base. Just pull out the tray when they are done to discard the waste matter.

Litter Box with Plastic Grate

Much like the models with the wired floor, the plastic grate keeps your bunny away from the urine and defecated waste. Everything falls into the underneath tray to ease the cleaning process. The grates are better than the wire floor keeping your rabbit comfortable.

Corner Litter Box

These rabbit litter boxes are designed for small spaces. Place them at any suitable corner of your rooms so that there is more space available for your bunny inside the hutch.

Litter Pan

The litter pans are larger than the regular corner litter boxes offering extra-wide space that an adult rabbit needs. Unlike other types of litter boxes, the pan has a low siding. There are multiple issues with the litter pan:

  • The matter may spread out when your bunny jumps out of it after doing the business.
  • There is no separate space to put the hay. The hay will absorb the urine instantly and become unsuitable for consumption. You will have to rush to clean up everything.

Cut-down Litter Box

If you have adopted a disabled or arthritic bunny, we salute you. They may not be able to jump into any regular rabbit litter pan. We recommend using this type of item with a flat-sided entry point for tripod, arthritic, disabled, and senior/elderly rabbits.

Do I need the litter box for bunnies?

Training your bunny to adopt the habit of using the rabbit litter pan every day, saves you from doing tiresome cleaning inside its enclosure, bedding, the living rooms, etc.

If your bunny is wandering in the entire house, it’s preferable to keep multiple litter boxes in various parts of the house. This allows your rabbit to do the job at a nearby place instead of returning to its cage.

How to prepare the rabbit litter box for my bun’s daily job?

Just fill the preferred litter material in the litter box to soak up all the liquid and unpleasant odor. You can use any type of unscented litter material for buns such as cat litter, old newspapers, paper-based bedding material, wood pellets or shavings, compressed sawdust, clay, aspen shavings, or even shredded paper. 

While these are some of the permissible litter materials, there are certain items you must avoid using for bunnies.

You can find everything about the good and bad litter components in our Rabbit Guide Section.

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