Van Ness Small Litter Box For Rabbits

Van Ness Small Litter Pan For Rabbits

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Van Ness Small Litter Pan is the perfect choice for my bunny. After using this tray for more than six months, I vote for this product. This durable and sturdy rabbit litter pan contains enough space for a bun and doesn’t occupy much area in your room.

Additionally, this rectangular-shaped litter pan is surrounded by high plastic walls that don’t allow litter to spill out. It is easy to use and clean without making your floor icky.

I just wish it had some space for the hay. Since it is an inexpensive piece, I don’t mind keeping a separate hay rack nearby for the purpose.



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How to choose the best litter pan for rabbits?

This question may arise while choosing an item for your bunnies that they can comfortably use for discharging feces.

Fortunately, buns are very clean and well-behaved creatures. If you provide them a separate space for doing their daily job, they will be trained within a few weeks.

However, before training them to use the litter pan, you need to choose the best fit for them. Otherwise, instead of using the tray, they will choose a private space in your house or backyard that makes them comfortable.

There are various litter trays available in different shapes and sizes. Some bunnies hate pan with grates. They don’t find it pleasant to stand or on the sharp edges of the grates.

Van Ness Small Litter Pan comes with a smooth finishing. It is quite spacious for bunnies as well as kittens too.

Here is a detailed review of the small litter pan from the renowned Van Ness brand. We have provided the details based on our findings. It will help you decide if it is the right option for your cutie pet.

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About Van Ness Small Litter Box For Rabbits

This rabbit litter tray is manufactured by Van Ness Plastic Molding Company. The family-run brand has emerged as one of the leading producers of pet care products. The business has achieved a decent repute in the industry pet merchandise niche for more than 70 years.

The producer is renowned for delivering functional pet-care supplies at affordable prices.

All the products of Van Ness are termed as “Pureness”. The expression implies purity of quality, material, style, and safety. In other words, Van Ness Pet supplies are completely safe for your loved pets.

Van Ness Small Litter Pan is specially designed to give your rabbit a satisfactory toilet area while reducing your hassles of setting up and cleaning.

Key Features

Minimalist Design

The plain design of this product makes it most attractive. There are no unnecessary grates, attachments, or curves in this tray. It is a simple bowl-like rectangular pan.

You just need to train your bunny so that he uses this particular item as the toilet. That’s it. Since there are no extra attachments to this litter tray, you don’t have to bother about setting it up before usage and detach the product while cleaning.

Hard Structure

Rabbits are lively critters. They loved to jump and play all the time. Considering the nature of pets, this litter tray is made with tough plastic.

A lightweight tray may get overturned if your bunny suddenly jumps on a wall. But thanks to the hard structure of this item, there is no risk of upending the pan or messing up your floor with disgusting litter material.

High Sides

The height of the litter pan should not be too low. Buns love to jump more than walk straight. If you choose the Van Ness Small Litter Pan, it won’t concern your rabbit to get into it.

Buns lift one leg while peeing. If you choose a litter pan with low sides, it may splash outside the pan. Four inches is the ideal height for adult rabbits, preventing mucking up the tray surroundings.

Sleek Finishing

This vibrant blue litter pan has highly polished surfaces. The glossy smooth finishing enables you to clean it very easily. Nothing sticks to the pan so, there is no chance of staining or persistent foul smell.

Inexpensive Item

The cost of this litter pan is quite reasonable as compared to other products on Amazon. This affordable pricing makes it a must-try item. Pet owners who don’t prefer to buy a pricey item for their pet’s toiletry purposes can surely pick this one tension-freely.

Material Information

This product is made of high-quality rigid plastic.

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 14.38 inches
  • Height: 4 inches
  • Width: 10.75 inches

Best For

This small litter pan is ideal for adult rabbits as well as kittens too.

Safety Instructions

  • Cover the base of the pan with a diaper. This will protect the item against scratches from the bunny’s nails.

  • Don’t use boiling water, bleach, or harsh detergent to clean the item.

Product Benefits

Seamless Cleaning

I appreciate the simple design of this item. There are no complex curves anywhere on the pan. Just empty the fecal matter and wash the rabbit litter tray. Nothing sticks to the pan surface so, it is the easiest cleaning job.

Keep the Bunny’s Habitat Clean

My cutie loves to do her business in this litter pan. The standard height has worked for me. Nothing comes out of the pan when the bun gets in or out. So the cage environs remain clean and odor-free.

Sturdy Material

I hate lightweight litter pans that trip frequently. Cleaning the messy floor is undesirable amid the other household chores. This product saves the pet owners from collecting the spills on the floor.

Product FAQ

I found the blue item on Amazon. You may get some color options at the retail stores.

No, all the sides of the pan are of equal height. The height is mere four inches. So it is not going to trouble your pet while entering into it. If you want to use it for a baby bunny, you can tilt the pan a little bit to help your pet get into it easily.

No, this is a small litter tray for one pet. There is a larger version for multiple rabbits or bigger pets.

The material is sturdy enough. If you want to use it for rabbits, it will seamlessly work for more than six months. However, if you want it for kittens, the lifespan may be shorter.

No, this product doesn’t come with any attachment. You can put the hay on a side rack and place it beside the litter pan.


Undoubtedly this rabbit litter tray comes with multiple benefits apart from the low price. Here are some quick tips that you may follow to make your furry friend comfortable while using the Van Ness small litter pan.

  • Rabbits need to keep eating while pooping. Place piles of hay in front of the litter tray so that your bunny gets access to the food easily.

  • Before using this item for your bunny, don’t forget to put litter in it. You may use shredded newspapers, paper-based litter, etc., preventing poops from sticking to the base or the corner of the item.

  • Always use chemical-free, fine dust litter. Coarse materials like wood pallets may make your pet feel difficult to stand or maintain balance on it.

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