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Rabbit Litter Box by Kits Pet Pans

Our Verdict

I was motivated to purchase this rabbit litter pan only after reading the reviews on Amazon. I am happy about choosing this one over any other on the recommended list. My cutie loves to do business on it.

Initially, I had speculations that the stuff would spill on the floor as the bun jumps out. Using highly absorbent bedding material proved a savior.

Many pet owners found this item over-priced, but for me, it was worth every cent. It gives my bun the perfect settings and extra space for a comfortable daily job. 

You may even put hay on one side and litter material on the remaining part.

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  • Lowered front gate for easy entry
  • Spacious for adult bunnies
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Pricey item
  • No grates

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Rabbit Litter Box by Kits Pet Pans

Are you looking to buy the best rabbit litter box?

We understand that your bunny needs a private area to do everyday business.

But a litter box is not always the ideal setup for buns. Some pets dislike the confined area for peeing and pooping.

Many pet owners prefer to use a pan with grates. Unfortunately, many rabbits hate to stand on the wire-like grates. It may hurt their feet.

If your cutie refuses to get on the rabbit litter box trainer, you may need to seek suitable alternatives.

A rabbit litter pan may provide the solution to your problems. The plastic tray has smooth finishes, no sharp edges, or a complicated design.

As litter tray is easy to clean, lightweight, and portable. Above all, it is your bun’s favorite place to do daily business.

If you are looking for similar items, Bunny Go Here Rabbit Litter Box by Kit’s Pet Pans is a considerable option.

Don’t hurry to add this litter pan to the cart unless you have read our in-depth review.

We have provided the product information along with the pros and cons herein to ease your decision-making.

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About Bunny Go Here Rabbit Litter Box

This high-quality plastic rabbit litter tray is manufactured and sold by NE14Pets. 

Unlike other pet supplies brands, this company specializes in making litter boxes, litter pans, and similar items for cats, rabbits, and other small pets.

Bunny Go Here Rabbit Litter Box by Kit’s Pet Pans is one of the best items to create a spacious toilet area for your bun. You can either keep a hay rack in the adjacent place or spread some on the tray. 

With some soft bedding material, you can prepare a comfortable potty zone for your bunny on this pan.

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Key Features

Front Cut-Out Design

I really like the lowered front entrance of this litter pan. It is just 3 inches high. So if your bunny has problems taking giant leaps, this is a suitable litter tray allowing easy mobility.

Simple Basic Pan

The pan hardly has any curved areas or grates. Some rabbit litter boxes have complex structures, curvatures, and thin netted compartments.

Such items are strenuous to clean and sanitize. The plain surfaces ease the cleaning task.

Wide Open Space

This is a large litter pan for adult bunnies. Even if your bun is young, consider your purchase as a one-time investment for lifetime use.

You can even use the extra space for spreading hay.

Low Sides

The height of the pan is a maximum of 5 inches on all sides. This height is easy for baby as well as adult buns to jump over.

Sturdy Molded Construction

The rigid plastic is durable enough to provide long-lasting performance. The material thickness eliminates the risk of breaking, bending, and other damages.

Product Dimensions

  • Length- 24 inches
  • Width- 20 inches
  • Height- 5 inches (all three sides), 3 inches (front opening)

Best For

Rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, etc.

Cleaning Instructions

Just empty the contents in the dumping area and clean this litter pan with mild detergent. Change the litter material frequently to avoid foul odor and dampness.

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Product Benefits

Keeps Your Rabbit Comfortable

This rabbit litter tray has plenty of space. Litter boxes with short spaces do not provide enough room for the bun to stand comfortably. Wider the space, relaxing is the surrounding for the bunny to do the job.

Durable Material

The condition of the thick sturdy plastic tray is superb even after 2 years of constant use. So instead of changing litter boxes as your bunny grows older, consider this single piece for lifelong use.

Easy to Get In and Out

Hopping to a greater height can be problematic for some rabbits. Bunnies with arthritis pain or other health complications find it easy to jump into litter boxes with the low opening.

Product FAQ

Are there any color options?

We found this product in 3 color options on Amazon- Gray, Lavender, and Storybook Lavender. Please specify the color preference at the time of placing your order.

Can I Use these Litter Pans for Cats?

My friend got this for an elderly cat. I have seen him walking into the tray and coming out without any hesitation. If your cat hates doing business inside a confined box, this item can provide some comfort.

Is this product useful for a disabled rabbit?

It entirely depends on whether your bunny can hop up to 3 inches in height or not. If it can’t, we recommend choosing a rabbit litter pan with a flat opening (just above the ground level).

How often should I clean the litter pan?

This is an obvious question since the opening is only 3 inches high. If you do not clean the pan for too long, the pee and poop can mess up the floors when your bun jumps out.

Bunnies like clean places to do their business. Dirty, smelly litter pans may provoke them to choose any other place for the job. Veterinarians recommend cleaning the rabbit litter boxes every alternate day.


It is vital to maintain hygiene in the rabbit habitat to keep your furry angel safe and healthy.

Litter boxes with grates are often uncomfortable for buns. A roomy litter tray with a front cut-out may ease the daily business for your cutie.

‘Bunny Go Here’ litter boxes are available in 3 attractive shades. Just spread some fresh hay and litter material on the pan. Once you do, it offers the ultimate stress-free environment for your rabbit to do business.

The simple design allows you to handle the item easily. Just clean the pan every other day for sanitization and health.

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