Kathson Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer - Product Review 2021

Now that the little furry angel is home, you want to give it the best. Since your bun is too sensitive, the rabbit litter boxes in the house have to be perfect. It is related to your bunny’s health and hygiene. 

Training your bunny to adopt the habit of using the rabbit litter pan every day saves you from doing tiresome cleaning inside its enclosure, bedding, the living rooms, etc.

Not all litter boxes for bunnies are alike. They differ in shape, size, and design with varied features. Choosing from the lot depends on your bunny’s age and needs.

If you are looking to buy a rabbit litter box, we have a list of top products in this category on our site to meet your needs.

Herein we have provided an extensive review of Kathson Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer- one of the most trusted litter pan purchased and quite appreciated by numerous pet owners. Read the full review to find if this is the best one for your bun’s pee and poop business.

This Product Has More then


About Kathson Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer

The litter box should not be annoying. Our team of experts agrees that rabbits deserve a space where they can sit and do their business without all the work it usually takes to clean up after your bun. The Kathson Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer has been designed to address our frustrations with standard litter boxes.

Now your rabbit can enjoy a spacious, comfortable potty area! The Rabbit Litter Box has a one-of-a-kind shape that’s made of durable, odor-resistant plastic. The bottom is reinforced to withstand small animals 3-8 kg.

It comes with a removable drawer that collects all the matter. Taking out the drawer and disposing of all the stuff is a breeze.

Product Images Of Kathson Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer

Key Features

Sturdy Reinforced Plastic Material

The plastic material with the grid base is super strong. It can endure pets weighing 6-17 pounds (3-8 kg).

Advanced Design

The design of this litter pan is the prime reason to place it much ahead of other models. It has a drawer to collect the wastes at the bottom. 

You can pull it out easily without unlocking the entire litter box. Whenever you need to clean the pan, take out the drawer, remove the trash, wash, and put it back.
Read our cleaning instructions below.

Fastener Nut

Bunnies can be notorious for pulling their litter pans. The fastener screw with a wide rotator on the side allows you to fix the litter box to the rabbit enclosure. It keeps the pan in the right position without the risk of being dragged away.

Screwed Bottom

The sides of the drawer are sealed with four screws at the base. So when you pull out the drawer, the upper part won’t collapse.

Color Options

This model is available in 3 shades- blue, brown, and pink.

Size Information

Length – 16 inches
Width – 11.8 inches
Height – 6.6 inches
Grid Size – 2.3×1.2 cm (big enough for the poop to fall into the drawer)

Best For

This litter box is suitable for adult animals such as rabbits, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, chinchillas, galesaur, ferrets, etc.

Cleaning Instructions

Most bunny owners have expressed satisfaction with this product for the ease of cleaning.
Pull the lower drawer slowly and discard everything. You may use detergent or soap to clean it.
The upper part is also easy to clean using a wet paper towel. For safety and hygiene, you may also soak the paper towel in vinegar. You may also use soap to clean this part as well.
Regular cleaning helps to prevent germ build-up and keeps your bun healthy.

Best Rabbit Products


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to enter and exit
  • Useful for elderly/disabled pets
  • Spacious for adult rabbits
  • Sturdy and durable plastic
  • Odor-free and stain resistant


  • A bit expensive
  • The drawer could have been deeper
sad rabbit

Final Verdict,

Kathson’s Large Rabbit Litter Box Trainer is undoubtedly the best choice for pet buns. Though a bit expensive, it is a one-time investment for your bunny’s business for the entire life. The big size ensures everything remains within the litter box. There won’t be scattered stuff all around.

It is super hard that your rabbit won’t be able to chew the plastic. The high-end odor-free and stain-resistant quality of the material ease your cleaning job. The drawer holds everything, so you don’t have to worry about removing everything manually.

Just pull the drawer and dispose of the wastes. It’s super easy. Altogether, this is a top-rated rabbit litter box with a collection chamber at the base. It is one of the models you can purchase with complete peace of mind.

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September 30, 2021 3:43 pm

Keeps hutch clean and the living area healthy and clean for the bunny friends. Both use it and no need to be stepping on waste.


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