7 Best Toys That Your Bunnies Would Love To Play With

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Most bunnies don’t usually just sit in a corner and munch on hay all day long. They like to play, so bring out all the toys and play with your bunny.

However, if you don’t have any fun rabbit toys, you’ve clicked the right article! Your bunny needs a lot of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Furthermore, playing with your bunny can strengthen the bond between you and extend their lifespan.

What do bunnies like to play with? Well, stick around and learn how to keep your bunny active, healthy, and happy with different toys and activities. You will find some of the best rabbit toys for your sweetheart.

How Do You Entertain A Rabbit?

Best Toys That Your Bunnies Would Love To Play With

First of all, keep in mind that rabbits aren’t the same as cats and dogs. They’re prey animals so they have different behaviors, but they’re still very social.

Meaning, they enjoy playing with their human buddies. But you need to be patient, flexible, and creative in the ways you interact. For starters, make sure you respect their personal boundaries.

It’s also important to note that not all bunnies will like the same way of playing or the same toys, so you will have to experiment with different activities and toys until you find the ones that your rabbit prefers the most. Most bunnies like to rearrange, push, and toss toys. They’re curious creatures!

However, they also like different games which I will list at the end of this article, so make sure to stick to the very end. In the following section, I will share some of the best rabbit toys out there.

I will also share DIY toys that you can easily make with simple materials in no time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best rabbit toys.

What Do Bunnies Like To Play With?

Bunnies have a strongly developed sense of smell, so you can hide their treats during your playtime and have fun together!

Just put a treat in one of your fists and offer them to your bunny. If they tap on your fist with their nose, open your hand, and if they guessed the right one, give it to them.

However, avoid this game if your bunny has a tendency to bite a hand that has food in it. Instead, utilize cups that will cover the treats. Hide a treat in a single cup while leaving the rest empty and wait for your curious bunny to flip them over and find the one with the treat in it.

You can also pick one of the following toys and keep your bunny busy and active at all times, even when you don’t have time to play.

Cardboard boxes

You can provide your bunny with some cardboard boxes for crawling in and out, hopping upon, chewing, and whatnot. Moreover, add some dried leaves or shredded newspapers so your bunny can jump in and dig! It’s a very simple but fun DIY toy!

Rabbit balls

Rabbit Balls - Best Toys for Rabbits

Bunnies enjoy activity balls. In fact, they want to roll the balls around their playground before they chew them up.

And since your bunny will try to consume the balls, you need to make sure they’re not created of something toxic.

If you’re making the rabbit balls yourself, you will air for a ball that’s about 3 inches in diameter. I highly suggest that rabbit owners provide their bunnies with balls because they can increase their movements as they chase after them.

Grass bed

By providing your bunny with a grass bed for playing and snacking on, you’re also offering a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Make sure the bed is made of timothy hay or other grass that’s safe and suitable for bunnies to consume.

This “toy” won’t provide much activity for your bunny, nor will it last long. However, it’s quite cheap, so why not make your bunny happy with a grass bed occasionally? The best part? You can also create your own grass bed at home.

Hanging chew toy

Another multifunctional toy you can either create at home or buy for your bunny is a hanging chew toy. Keep in mind that unlike grass beds or activity balls, your bunny will need a little more convincing to give this toy a try.

However, once they try it, they will absolutely adore it! The best part? Besides entertaining your bunny, this toy will also make a great decoration for their habitat. It’s not very expensive but it’s not difficult to create either.

Rabbit tunnels

Bunnies enjoy tunneling. However, that’s something they don’t get as much in captivity as they do out in the wild. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to provide your bunny with some homemade tunnels.

Your bunny will get excited when they travel through these tunnels and it may become their favorite toy very quickly. The best part? These tunnels also last longer than the other toys listed in this article.

Blanket escape

Bunnies enjoy playing with blankets too! However, they also enjoy hiding underneath them and playing. Thus, take a big towel or lightweight blanket and throw it over your rabbit. They will have a blast trying to make their way out!

Usually, as soon as bunnies find their way out, they will turn around and try to get back under the towel or blanket. Just lift one edge of the blanket, let your bunny back in, and then drop it. Play the game until your bunny feels bored.

Wooden chew toys

Wooden chew toys - Best Rabbit Toys

Last but certainly not least, I want to suggest wooden chew toys. They’re perfect for wearing down the constantly growing teeth of your bunny.

However, note that these toys can be noisier than the rest of the rabbit toys above because your bunny will throw them around their enclosure. The bright side? Although they’re noisier, they also tend to last longer than the rest of the toys on this list.

If you decide to make these toys, make sure that the branches and twigs aren’t sprayed with pesticides. Also, they should be aged at least 3 months.

Furthermore, keep in mind that apricot, plum, redwood, peach, and cherries aren’t suitable for chewing because they’re all poisonous to rabbits.

What Activities Do Bunnies Like To Do?

First and foremost, pick a floor area with a lot of room for playing with your bunny.  Then, choose some of the following activities and spend some quality time with your bunny.

The nibble and sprint

Grab a small amount of fresh and scented greens like parsley. Then, sit next to your beloved bunny, let it come over to explore, and reward them with a tiny nibble.

Then, change your spot and call your bunny’s name. And once they follow, provide another tasty nibble. Every time you move places and your bunny follows, reward it.

This is a perfect exercise that will keep your bunny active, happy, and healthy. It can last between 5 and 10 rounds or until your pet has had enough of the exercise.

Magic cups

Just take 2-3 plastic cups, your bunny’s favorite snack, and sit down on the floor. I highly suggest utilizing a tasty herb for this game. Place the herb or any other treat inside the cups and place them upside down on the floor. Finally, encourage your bunny to come over and explore the cups.

Once they discover the cup with the treats underneath, give them lots of praise. Then, add more treats and repeat. It’s the perfect mental stimulation for your pet that will keep it happy and active. However, never leave your bunny unattended with the cups. Otherwise, they will chew on them.

The hopping challenge

The hopping challenge includes a low wall made of cardboard boxes. Encourage your bunny to hop over the wall by repeating the word “hop” and holding snacks in front of them. When they hop over the wall, reward them with a treat or snack along with a lot of praise.

Bunny bowling

Bunnies love knocking things over! Therefore, just arrange some toy bowling pins and let your bunny have some fun. This game will keep your bunny active and very joyful.

Throw it around

Some bunnies like picking up different things with their teeth and throwing them around with a flick of their head.

You can also utilize bird toys because your bunny can easily grip them. Or paper towels. Or cardboard tubes. Stuff them with hay to make things more exciting!

Roll the ball

Roll the ball - Great activity toy for rabbits

Grab a small rabbit ball that your bunny can pick up with its teeth. Then, roll it toward your pet. After your bunny has explored the ball, repeat the roll.

After some time, your bunny may begin to roll the ball around with its nose and pick it up with its teeth. It is also a big help that you can put treats in the ball. Rabbits LOVE TREATS!!


Despite popular belief, bunnies aren’t boring creatures that just like to sit in a corner and chew on food. They’re actually very social animals that love to play with their owners!

Therefore, if you own a bunny, buy or make some of the toys mentioned in this article. Also, try some of the activities I’ve listed. Both things will keep your bunny healthy and happy.

How do you play with your bunny? Do you have toy ideas that you would like to share? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Drop a comment and let’s keep chatting below!