Rabbit Boredom Breakers

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    Rabbit Boredom Breakers- Ideal Gift of Fun and Playfulness

    Rabbit Boredom Breakers

    Pet bunnies are quirky, energetic, playful, and most importantly intrusive. They need some activity and a bit of adventure in life. It works great to keep their mind busy and engaged throughout the day.

    In the absence of playful objects or lack of activity, they can get stressed out and bored. Over time, this can even result in health and behavioral complications.

    This is why we highly recommend filling your bunny’s enclosure and play area with mental stimulation accessories. They are nothing but uniquely crafted toys and objects. The main motive is to put your bunny to daily challenges for healthy brain exercise. 

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    At Best Rabbit Products, we have a vast selection of rabbit boredom breakers to play and have fun with. They are all crafted to be intelligent to put your small animal pet into various challenges. It helps to nurture the explorer’s skills in your bunny.

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    Toys vs. Boredom Breakers

    There is a bit of difference between the regular rabbit toys/ gnaw toys and boredom breakers.

    Rabbit toys, mostly chew toys or hanging objects that attract the bunny’s attention, are easy to move or bounce on the ground. They keep your rabbit engaged for hours. On our site, you will also find reviews and articles about some of the best rabbit toys you can find and buy online.

    If you give them toys only, it is quite obvious that they will lose interest in these objects very soon. Herein comes the rabbit boredom breakers.

    Place some cardboard boxes with holes around your bunny’s enclosure. Your small cute pet will soon get inside to find what’s in. This is just one of the simple ideas to keep your rabbit entertained.

    Types of Pet Rabbit Boredom Busters

    Hay Tunnels

    Rabbit Tunnel

    Bunnies love to explore hidden objects. This is why they tend to dig around or get into small holes around. Rather than rubber or plastic tubes, the untreated and all-natural timothy hay tunnel is safe for them.

    They can keep chewing and even get in due to immense curiosity to find what’s inside.

    Activity Climbers

    Wooden climbing towers and houses are the best structures your rabbit will love to play with. You will see your bunny climbing up and down the steps, moving through the holes, and so much more. There is a vast range of such wooden bunny climbers on our product page.

    Cardboard Tubes and Boxes

    Rabbit Maze Heaven

    Cardboard is one of the safest materials for the rabbit’s abdomen. You can line up a few cardboard boxes and even make holes in various directions.

    Your bunny will get inside and out from multiple openings.

    Hanging Garlands

    The hanging toys and garlands made of natural willow or apple tree look beautiful. Your rabbit would make efforts to reach the hanging toy over and again. They are available in various designs, so you may keep altering them in a few days.

    Wicker Balls

    They are comparatively of greater interest to the bunnies than the hay balls. After nibbling for some time, the hay ball may loosen up and spread on the floor. A wicker item is a hard object that does not open up on chewing even for a long time. Wicker balls will bounce far when your bunny jumps on them- good for chasing.

    Note: When buying rabbit boredom busters, always read the material information. Ingesting toxic colors and plastic materials can be harmful to rabbit health. We suggest items made of hay and untreated wood so that your bunny is safe even if it tends to nibble the structures.

    Want to keep your bunny playing and entertained? Please read our FAQ articles for tips on how to keep your rabbit busy and engaged.