Plastic Keys Toy For Rabbits

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Plastic Keys Toy For Rabbits – Product Review

Are you looking for safe rabbit toys?

You are all set to know everything about one of them.

Plastic keys are one of the best items people buy for growing children. But it is also a teething toy for small pets.

Everyone knows plastic is not the choicest item for bunnies to play with. However, some toy elves are doing an excellent job in creating superbly sturdy playthings with the material.

Whether you should choose plastic toys for rabbits or not depends on the sturdiness, material safety, and design aspects. With your help, we have leveraged strenuous efforts to come up with a collection of the best bunny toys.

Herein you may read the full review of My First Keys Toy. It provides all the information about the product, material, size, and features. See if this pet rabbit toy makes a worthy gift for your toothy pal.


  • Rigid and durable
  • Safe plastic material
  • Vibrant hues
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe for cleaning in a dishwasher


  • Makes loud sound

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About Green Toys My First Keys Toy For Rabbits

Founded in 2007, Green Toys is an award-winning toy brand in the USA. Over the years, the company has earned fame for manufacturing toys from safe recycled plastic. The company sells its range of collections in over 90 countries worldwide.

My First Keys Toy is a masterpiece teething toy for babies as well as small pets. It is sturdy enough for the bunnies to chew. This featured-packed toy is an excellent addition to your bun’s playpen.

Key Features

Standard Toy Size

It is natural to be skeptical about the size of the keys. These are artificial toys looking like keys. The big size ensures that kids or small animals can never swallow them.

Whether you decide to open the ring or give the entire bunch, there is nothing to worry about nibbling issues.

Eco-Friendly Material

Health should be the prime concern when choosing a bunny toy. These plastic keys are made of 100% recycled milk jugs (#2 coded HDPE resin). The product does not contain any traces of harmful elements such as:

  • BPA

  • PVC

  • Phthalates

  • Toxic external coatings

Attractive Shades

My cutie did not take much time to notice the bunch of multi-colored keys. It loves the colors and tries to open the ring. The engagement has worked for me to distract it from my household belongings.

Sturdy Material Quality

The toothy animal will never find it easy to bite the keys into pieces. It will never ingest the plastic item or get issues like GI-stasis.

You can place the keys in the rabbit habitat with complete peace of mind.

Well-Crafted Design

The makers have created different shapes for each of the keys. I prefer opening the ring and placing them separately in the bunny’s cage.

Each of them has a unique shape the bun will surely admire.

Size Information

These keys are big enough so there is no risk your child or a small indoor pet may swallow the item.

Ring Diameter: 3.25 inches

Key Size: 3-3.75 inches

Overall Product Dimension: 3.5x2x4.3 inches (when tied together in a ring)

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Final Verdict,

I never trust anything other than bunny playthings made of natural components. But these plastic keys are amazing and safe for my Holland Lop. They are too hard to chew. I saw the cutie trying hard to gnaw the keys for the first few days. Soon he realized this was a too tough chore.

However, it never seemed to leave the toys. It likes the sound when we jiggle it around its cage. The best part, he can never chew it up like other items in his habitat.

As far as safety is concerned, I am impressed with these little things. There are no sharp edges on the keys. The material is completely safe for pets as well as infants in the house.

On the whole, these colorful plastic keys are the best toys for bunnies. They are made from eco-friendly materials, affordable, easy to clean, and lovely items for my furry friend.

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