Natures Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits

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Natures Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits

Do you want to buy a pet fun tunnel for your bunny?

Living in the enclosure all day long can be boring and stressful for your bun. Bunnies are little playful explorers, curious about finding new things.

Keeping a tunnel or a hidey house in their playpen or enclosure is a great idea. It does the trick to evade all the boredom and loneliness from your bun’s life. It will have lots of fun running inside the tube and peeping outside, and the fun continues…

Choosing pet tunnels and tubes for cats is easy. But if it is a bunny, you must consider the materials used in the tunnel.

Belonging to the race of burrowing animals, they love to dig through objects around. Chewing and digging habits are prevalent in all bunnies.

Your bunny will tend to chew the walls of the tunnel. This is why choosing a grass tunnel toy for rabbits is a great decision.

Click here – Natures Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits


  • Attractive design
  • Value for money
  • Safe for rabbits
  • Buns enjoy the taste
  • Lasts for several months


  • Too small peepholes

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About Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits

Nature’s tubes, tunnels, and hideouts are handwoven chew-safe toys for bunnies. All products of this brand are manufactured and marketed by Prevue Pet Products, Inc. 150 years old Prevue brand excels in creating magnificent pet products.

They have a range of rabbit supplies including handwoven grass tunnels and hideaways. You can choose anything from their vast collection on Amazon.

Edible Rabbit Safe Materials

Tubes and tunnels are generally made of polyester fabric. When choosing indoor rabbit tunnels, be careful to opt for something made of natural ingredients.

Thankfully, Nature’s brand uses materials safe for bunnies. This model is made of couch grass and jute. Even if your bun eats up a chunk of the tunnel every day, it is fine.

Artistic Binding

The designers of this tube with 2 peepholes on the walls deserve enough brownie points. The couch grass is beautifully woven. There are no spiky ends anywhere around. The edges of the holes are beautifully covered with jute strings to prevent hurt.

Burrowing Activity Booster

The natural diggers want to chew everything around. Something really delicious but healthy substance in the habitat is a retreat in itself. The couch grass is very tasty compared to other items it may find all around.

You can engage a bun for hours around this rabbit grass tunnel. However, it will take some months for a little creature to eat up the entire tube.

Size Information

The play tunnel is 13 inches long, and the diameter of the hole is 6 inches.

Note: For safety concerns, consider your bunny’s height and weight to ensure this is the best fit for the cuddly pal.

Best for

The diameter of this grass tunnel toy is only 6 inches. It is not the ideal product for adult rabbits. It is the best plaything for ferrets, guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, etc.

Click here – Natures Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits

Final Verdict,

A beautiful tunnel made of twigs, grasses, or jute is safe for bunnies. Small pet owners who are conscious of their bun’s health must experiment with twin-hole grass tubes. Getting in and out through the holes is safe for small creatures. The doors are made of soft jute threads to prevent any sort of hurt.

For a young or dwarf rabbit, you can pick this play tube for small pets for sure. But remember, the sharp-toothed buddy is gonna eat it all up!

Click here – Natures Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits