Oxbow Rabbit Toys: List Of The Best Picks

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Despite popular belief, bunnies aren’t boring animals who just sit in one place and nibble on hay. On the contrary, they’re social and playful creatures.

Therefore, they need different toys to keep their bodies and minds stimulated and entertained. You can either purchase rabbit toys or make your own at home.

Common toys include things that your bunny can dig, chew, shred, and burrow. However, every bunny is different. So, you have to find the right toys for your pet.

Today, I will review Oxbow rabbit toys. Oxbow, one of the most popular brands, provides a wide array of toys and foods for exotic and small animals like bunnies.

I will also provide a buying guide on how to choose the right toys for your bunny, so without further ado, let’s review interesting toys for your fur baby.

Oxbow Rabbit Toys Reviews

Just like people, bunnies and other small pets can benefit from brain teasers in various forms! They also like games, puzzles, and different toys.

Bunnies, in particular, enjoy exploring that also prevents obesity, playing with their owners and creating a strong bond, chewing different things and maintaining their dental health, and hiding because of their prey instincts, so they can feel safe at home.

Below, I will review some of Oxbow’s best rabbit toys that will keep your bunny happy, entertained, and healthy at all times, so let’s take a look.

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Wall

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Wall - Oxbow rabbit toys

As I already established, bunnies love chewing. They can chew your table legs, baseboards, or whatever else they find. Therefore, the play wall by Oxbow makes a great toy for any bunny.

It’s super affordable and safe to chew. The best part? You can replace the danglies. If you’re looking for a toy that will support the natural behaviors of your pet such as hiding, playing, exploring, and chewing, look no further than this play wall made from 100% bunny-safe and natural materials.

The play wall encourages physical and mental enrichment, meets the instinctual needs of small pets like rabbits, and provides stimulating play. However, it’s edible so it won’t last very long.

Oxbow Animal Health Timothy Hay Mat

Oxbow Animal Health Timothy Hay Mat -Oxbow rabbit toys

Humans don’t like looking for food every time they’re hungry. However, bunnies love the challenge! And this ‘hide and seek’ mat by Oxbow makes a great hiding spot for their food and treats.

It will encourage your rabbit to both explore and dig. But here’s the real kicker. It’s made of Timothy hay so it’s also edible. And don’t worry about strings, wires, or treads because this mat doesn’t contain any of that. It’s a hand-woven and chemical-free mat that’s 100% safe and reasonably priced.

If you’re searching for a rabbit toy that will add visual and tactile enrichment to your pet’s daily routine, then this mat will meet your requirements. It’s also suitable for other smaller animals.

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Table

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Table - Oxbow rabbit toys

Another toy by Oxbow that prevents boredom in bunnies is their play table that’s 100% edible! Made of safe chewing materials, this toy not only provides entertainment but also promotes dental wear.

It adds both tactile and visual enrichment and promotes natural behaviors such as hiding, exploring, and chewing. It’s the perfect toy that will keep your pet’s mind and body active in a fun and safe way.

Oxbow Enriched Life Crazy Hay Ball

Oxbow Enriched Life Crazy Hay Ball - Oxbow rabbit toys

As I already stated, bunnies love balls! They like to chew on balls, roll them around, and toss them. So, if you’re looking for something that your pet can play with while also snacking on it, look no further than this crazy hay ball by Oxbow. It’s made with 100% natural and edible materials.

The best part? This ball also encourages physical and mental enrichment. This means, by playing with balls like these, your bunny will stay active. This ball will prevent obesity in your bunny while stimulating its brain. It’s one of the best rabbit toys created with natural behaviors in mind.

Oxbow Enriched Life Wobble Teaser

Oxbow Enriched Life Wobble Teaser - Oxbow rabbit toys

Looking for a fun way to feed your bunny? If so, this wobble teaser by Oxbow makes a perfect choice for you. It has a clear design so you can keep track of the food levels inside.

There’s also a customizable opening, so you can easily control the flow of food. If you want to make your bunny’s life better and more entertaining, then buy this wobble teaser today!

Made of 100% bunny-safe materials, this toy will add both mental and physical stimulation to your pet’s mealtime. It’s great for nurturing your bunny’s mind and body in fun ways.

Oxbow Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew

Oxbow Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew - Oxbow rabbit toys

If you thought that mulberries only make great decorations, you’ve thought wrong!

This hanging mulberry chew by Oxbow will help your pet explore its rabbit area and boost both physical and mental enrichment at all times. It’s a lovely hanging toy made of 100% bunny-safe materials.

Just like the previous toys, this one promotes natural behaviors such as playing, exploring, chewing, and hiding. It will also nurture your bunny’s body and mind in different safe and exciting manners.

The best part? It attaches to the habitat and can help you strengthen your relationship with your bunny. Your bunny will enjoy chewing on this edible and fun bunny toy as well as playing all day long.

Lastly, it’s affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to make your bunny happy!

Oxbow Enriched Life Hay Corral

Oxbow Enriched Life Hay Corral - Oxbow rabbit toys

With this toy by Oxbow, you can keep your pet’s hay in order in a fun and exciting way.

It’s the perfect toy that will not only support your bunny’s exploring and chewing behaviors but also add a lovely touch to their habitat. The moment you introduce this toy to your pet, they will love it!

It will become their favorite spot! This toy will also support your bunny’s natural behaviors like chewing, playing, and hiding. It’s made of 100% bunny-safe material and doesn’t take too long to assemble.

It’s easy to put together and you can place it wherever your bunny likes to consume its hay. The best part? It’s great for forging and consists of untreated wood, so it’s perfectly safe for your bunny.

And just like the previous bunny toys I’ve already mentioned above, it’s budget-friendly!

Oxbow Enriched Life Celebration Cake

Oxbow Enriched Life Celebration Cake - Oxbow rabbit toys

If your bunny’s birthday is coming up, then this is the ideal present for their special day. It’s a very cute and affordable cake made from 100% bunny-safe materials.

You can also combine this cake with Oxbow’s Celebration Pop Pom and Crunchy Carrot and make a feast for your bunny’s b-day or just treat your pet with some new toys occasionally.

The reason why I like this toy is that it encourages mental and physical enrichment. Furthermore, it can help you develop and establish a stronger and better connection with your pet.

This toy will support your bunny’s instinctual playing and chewing behaviors. And it’s affordable, so you can surprise your bunny with a celebration cake occasionally.

Oxbow Enriched Life Hideaway Dream Castle

Oxbow Enriched Life Hideaway Dream Castle - Oxbow rabbit toys

If you want to treat your bunny like royalty, then buy them this hideaway dream castle. It’s loaded with built-in hay feeders, so your bunny can also munch on their favorite food while hiding.

And if you want to step up your decoration game and make your rabbit even happier, you can buy a few and build a fortress. Your bunnies will love their new hiding spot. It’s the ideal toy that not only provides a hiding spot but also supports your pet’s natural behaviors such as chewing, playing, and exploring.

It’s also easy to put together, so you don’t have to be a DIY expert to assemble this dream castle. What I like most about this castle are the hay feeder towers that will make any bunny feel special.

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Garden

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Garden - Oxbow rabbit toys

If you want to spend some quality time with your bunny, then buy this play garden today!

It’s a play garden with detachable pieces that your bunny can spin or throw around. I love it because it’s colorful and adorable. It’s also a great toy that will add many hours of playtime to your rabbit’s day.

Made from safe and natural materials, this garden-themed will support your bunny’s playing, exploring, and chewing behaviors. It’s made with untreated wood and food-safe colors, so it’s a 100% safe toy.

If you love these toys but also want to learn about other homemade toys, keep on reading.

How To Choose The Best Rabbit Toys?

As I already established, bunnies aren’t boring and lazy creatures. They’re very social and playful, so they need many toys. Some of those toys include chewing toys that will help them wear down their teeth.

Rabbits will chew anything they come across, however, some items make better chew toys for your bunny than others. You can offer your bunny different wooden chew toys, compressed chew cubes, and willow balls. You can also purchase some cat and dog toys that meet your bunny’s needs and nature.

Cat, dog, and bird toys for bunnies

Some toys don’t have to be labeled as “bunny toys” to be suitable for bunnies. So, you can add some cat and dog toys to your bunny’s playground as long as they’re not made of strong materials.

Also, make sure that the toys you pick aren’t made of toxic materials or have pieces that can be chewed off and swallowed. Check your rabbit’s toys regularly and toss pieces that can become a choking hazard. Most bunnies love to play with different cat jingle balls, crinkly dog toys, and hanging bird bells.

You can also get your bunny a squeaky dog toy. However, keep in mind that not every bunny is the same and if your bunny gets easily scared, avoid squeaky dog/cat toys and stick to regular toys.

Baby toys for bunnies

You can also offer your bunny some baby toys such as colorful linked plastic toys, rattles, stacking cups, baby keys, and so on. Anything made for babies that can fit into your bunny’s cage, buy it!

Wooden toys for babies make great toys for rabbits as well. They’re made of hardwood that’s untreated or treated with non-harmful sealants. You can also place various additions in your bunny’s cage that will make their habitat more stimulating such as different hiding spots, tunnels, and chewing toys.

Just make sure you’re not giving your bunny something covered in indigestible material such as glue or rubber. Some great toys include cotton towels, cardboard egg cartons, phone books, etc.

Small pieces of wood for bunnies

Bunnies love to chew on wood. Therefore, cut small pieces of aspen, willow, or applewood and provide them to your bunny. Keep in mind that some types of wood aren’t safe for bunnies.

Toxic types of wood for bunnies include peach, apricot, plum, or cherry tree. Don’t provide any toys with small or loose parts as well. And make sure they’re not made of indigestible materials like plastic.

Otherwise, they will chew the plastic toys, ingest them, and they will get stuck in their digestive system. Furthermore, don’t offer toys that include pieces that could easily break off and find their way into your bunny’s digestive system. If you’re not sure if a toy is safe for your bunny, ask your vet.

Encourage forging

I recommend hiding different treats and food in your bunny’s toys to encourage forging.

Bunnies forage for their food out in nature and you can easily replicate this natural behavior by hiding their food in their homemade or store-bought toys like cardboard boxes or cardboard rolls stacked with hay.

Lastly, change your bunny’s toys often because they can get bored with their toys easily.


Oxbow rabbit toys can keep your bunny happy and active. However, you can also make different toys for your bunny at home. Hopefully, today’s article can help you find the right toys for your fur baby.

What toy does your bunny like to play with the most? Do you have a favorite Oxbow rabbit toy already? Drop a comment and let’s exchange bunny tips and tricks, suggestions, and experiences below!