Living World Teach N Treat Toy For Rabbits

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Living World Teach N Treat Toy For Rabbits

Living World Teach N Treat Toy For Rabbits

Are you looking for fun and safe pet rabbit toys?

In the first instance, most bunny owners pick up hay balls, straw tunnels, and similar items. But buns are picky and intelligent too.

They also need playthings full of fun and engagement. This works wonders to keep them happy and free from boredom.

Training your indoor bunny to find objects can be a breeze with the right interactive rabbit toy. With the right item around, you will have a splendid experience with your small pet.

We had a great experience with the Living World Teach N Treat Toy. It eased our job to teach our rabbit to find the hidden treats.

Herein is an in-depth review of this educational toy based on our findings. Dive in to find if it is the best treat toy for rabbits to boost their foraging skills.

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  • Helps to stimulate learning in pets
  • Appealing design
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and easy to setup


  • A bit pricey compared to other toys

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About Living World Teach N Treat Toy For Rabbits

Living World is one of the highly recognized brands selling a line of high-quality pet supplies. With over 50 years of reputation in the business, the company has introduced several nutritious food products, supplements, treats, enclosures, playpens, bedding and litter products, and others for birds and small animals.

Teach N Treat Toy is an excellent educational toy for bunnies. It is helpful for the bunny owners to nurture the seeking skillsets in indoor small pets.

Key Features

Stimulating Education Toys for Small Pets

If you want to start educating your bunny, this is an entry-level interactive and education toy. There are three difficulty levels to stimulating the brain.

It motivates the bun to engage in some seeker activities and acquire skills. Over time, your rabbit will become intelligent, stay active, and healthy.

Develop Foraging Skills in Indoor Pets

This toy is excellent for bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and other small animals to learn how to find hidden treats. Since there are multiple ways to hide the treats, your bun will never get bored revelations.

3-Level Configurations

There are three different ways you can hide the treats on this small animal toy. You can put the plugs initially to ease the job for buns. But when they get used to this, you may use the blue disc in various ways to cover the round holes.

There are so many videos to get an idea of how to configure the difficulty levels. You may also refer to the user instructions on the box for the purpose.

Size Information

Square Board Dimensions: 10×10 inches

Depth: 2 inches

Size of the Treat Pockets: 1-inch diameter and ½-inch deep

The standard size toy is suitable for small pets of all ages, weights, and sizes.

How does It Work?

The green portion has small round pockets for placing the treats. Use the vibrant blue lightweight plastic plugs to cover the spaces where you have put the treats.

Once you have set the level and put the treats inside the plugs, leave the rest on your bunny. Our Lionhead rabbit was pretty quick at removing the plugs to discover hidden surprises.

Note: Some bunnies may have problems finding the treats initially. You may set different levels to see how it gets along with the toy.

Best for

This interactive pet toy is excellent for small pets, including rabbits, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs, mini/ skinny pigs, parrots, etc.

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Final Verdict,

If you want to find stimulating toys for small pets, we suggest trying Teach N Treat Toy with a combination of others. It will give them enough variations to engage for a long time.

We did not find any drawbacks in this interactive toy. The concept is unique and helpful to keep your bun away from boredom, teach skills and so much more.

It seemed a bit expensive, but it is worth every cent I spent on the item. All in all, this is a great rabbit toy for those who want to nurture skillsets, stimulate the learning process, and engage indoor bunnies.

Click here – Living World Teach N Treat Toy For Rabbits