Wonderland Play Table From Small Pet Select

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Wonderland Play Table From Small Pet Select

Are you looking for the best rabbit toys?

Bunnies are playful creatures who need to engage in some fun physical exercises. Such activities keep them busy and away from dull everyday living.

It all starts with choosing thoughtful bunny playthings. The indoor rabbit activity table can be an interesting addition to their playpen or habitat.

Buns are adorable gnawing pets. They will chew everything around, so toys are not an exception. This is why veterinarians recommend using toys made of rabbit-safe edible components only.

Often new bunny owners are spoilt for choices when buying bunny chew toys online. For your help, we recommend only top-rated handpicked best rabbit supplies on our website.

If you are looking for some activity toys for rabbits, read our review of the Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table below. From material information to product features, we have provided an overview of all the aspects to help with an informed purchase decision.

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  • Safe for bunnies
  • Made of 100% natural materials
  • Replacement parts available
  • Great for picky small pets
  • Engaging toy design


  • Too small for bigger rabbits

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About Wonderland Play Table From Small Pet Select

Small Pet Select is a family-owned and regulated brand launched by Laurie Gordon in 2012. Ever since its inauguration, the company has won the hearts of millions of small pet owners for high-end product quality. Apart from pet foods, they also sell toys made of safe and natural ingredients.

Their Wonderland Play Table is a superbly designed activity sisal chew play center. It is an all-in-one activity table made of wood, tassels, and other components safe for rabbits. Your bun will spend hours of fun physical exercises with this toy.

Key Features

Rabbit Safe Materials

The first thing to look for in a bunny activity table is the material used in the toy. All thanks to the makers, this is a well-thought plaything for small pets. The best thing we liked about this toy is the combination of natural materials:

  • The top and bottom of the table are made of untreated soft pine wood.
  • The four pillars or legs of the table are composed of natural birch wood.
  • The attractive ropes tied on the base are sisal tassels
  • The replaceable braid mobiles on either side contain timothy hay, alfalfa hay, Akebia, apple twigs, and cattail. These items may also contain stems of Blackberry, sunflower, sunroot, and lambs quarter. Makers have also used traces of grass blends like maize, oats, and rye grasses.

For safety concerns of your pet’s health, the brand owners have used only kiln-dried wood. Hence it is free of any pests or germ build-up.

Innovative Play Table Design

Next to the choice of ingredients is the appealing design we loved the most about this rabbit play table. The rope-tiled floor and the mobile braids on both sides are too enticing for buns.

Replacement Parts Available

Did your bunny eat up the mobile braids or the ropes on the floor?

Don’t worry at all. You can purchase these again at an affordable price at Small Pet Select’s official website.

Engaging Activity Area

We found this activity table more appealing to our Holland Lop than any others. It attracts them over and again, preventing the toothy guy from biting the furniture in the room.

Size Information

Weight- 15lbs

Dimensions- 10x12x13 inches

Best for

Wonderland Play Table from Small Pet Select brand is one of the best toys for small pet animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, etc.

Note: This activity table is made of birch and pine wood, so it is not safe for chinchillas.

Click here – Wonderland Play Table From Small Pet Select

Final Verdict,

If your bunny is getting bored with its old rabbit chew toys, the rolling ball, and play tunnels, Wonderland Play Table from Small Pet Select is a brilliant gift for the cutie. It will provide a refreshing yet natural environment your bun will find easy to relate with.

Your furry friend will enjoy hopping on the table and chewing every bit of the materials. They are safe for bun’s tummy health too.

Our dwarf bunny found the rope-tied floor design too alluring. It was encouraging and got too loved within a short span. We were lucky to get the replacement, and my rabbit is still chewing it all up in fun.

My only wish was if it could have been a bit bigger. Apart from the size, this is the ideal gift for a young or dwarf rabbit.

Click here – Wonderland Play Table From Small Pet Select