Homemade Toys For Rabbits – Best Online Ideas

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    Introduction: Homemade Toys For Rabbits – Best Online Ideas

    A lot of people don’t realize that rabbits can be very active and playful pets. They actually require quite a bit of attention in order to thrive and be their happiest selves.

    The activities and toys that you choose for your rabbit will be based on their personality and what they like to do, but there are so many different toy options that you can select. In fact, some of the best stimulation comes from homemade toys for rabbits.

    The internet is a great resource that can help you come up with interactive toys for rabbits. They really don’t have to be elaborate. Rabbits like a simple item that they can chew and explore. It’s even better if they haven’t had something like that to play with before.

    Your goal as a rabbit owner is to ensure that your rabbit doesn’t get bored or inactive. If you neglect your rabbit and don’t provide them with the items, they need to stay busy, they can end up getting quite depressed or overweight.

    Homemade Toys for Rabbits that are Safe

    Toys for Rabbits DIY

    Safe toys for rabbits are a big concern when it comes to the toys that you are providing your rabbit with. Rabbits like to chew on their toys as part of their process of play.

    The material they’re chewing on should be safe. You want to avoid having your rabbit develop gastrointestinal issues or worse health problems.

    Plastics and other unnatural materials can contain some pretty dangerous chemicals that nobody should be consuming, including your rabbit.

    If your rabbit has been playing with plastic toys, now is the perfect time to switch them to good toys for rabbits. Wood, cardboard, wicker, straw, and pine toys are all great options.

    Toys for Rabbits DIY

    The internet is full of resources when it comes to toys that you can make and provide for your rabbit on your own. We all know that the rabbit aisle at your local pet store is packed with commercially made toys.

    However, putting a little extra TLC into the process of making your own natural toys for rabbits can be very rewarding. Let’s take a look at some of the best online ideas that are out there.

    Cardboard Tubes

    Toys for Rabbits DIY 4

    They seem simple and you’re probably wondering what else you need to provide, but cardboard tubes are an excellent toy option for your rabbit.

    Don’t recycle or toss those toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes. Keep them for a later time when your rabbit needs something new to play with.

    They will spend hours chewing at the tubes and poking around inside of them. You can even stuff the tubes with hay or other treats. This will motivate your rabbit to stay focused on its potential reward.

    You can cut cardboard tubes in different ways to make new toys. Use a pair of scissors to cut down about halfway at one end of a toilet paper tube. Your goal is to create a sort of fringe along one side. Slightly roll down the strips a bit to create something that will stimulate your rabbit.

    You can also use that fringe to create a base for the toy so it can be tipped over again and again.

    Paper Bags

    You can set out some paper bags of various sizes for your rabbit. Use an old shopping bag that you got from the grocery store or even one of those paper bags that you can buy for packing lunches.

    The bigger the better, as your rabbit will love hopping in and out of the bag. Smaller bags can also be stuffed with hay and treats.

    Cardboard Boxes

    After your next Amazon shipment arrives, use that cardboard box to fashion a playhouse for your rabbit. Seal up all the sides so it’s a completely closed box. Carefully cut some different holes in the box so your rabbit can easily go in and out.

    They’ll have a great time poking their head in and out as you pass by, they can arrange some hay or other toys in there and it may even become their favorite location for napping.

    Another way to make use of a cardboard box is by stuffing it full of paper that you’ve crumpled up. Make sure the paper is ink-free so your rabbit can safely chew on the paper if they desire. Stay away from newspaper or magazine pages.

    PVC Tunnels

    Head to your local hardware store and pick up some small sections of PVC pipe. The diameter of the pipe should be wide enough that your rabbit can get through them without getting stuck. You can arrange a few different sections so your rabbit can explore them. You can also stuff them with treats and hay.

    Just make sure that you keep an eye on your rabbit to ensure they don’t start to chew on the PVC. Because this plastic is so thick and durable, your rabbit will probably leave it alone in regard to chewing.

    Beaded Toys

    Wooden beads can be purchased from your local craft store, and you can tightly secure them to a rope that’s safe for your rabbit to chew on. Play around with making rows of these beads, and you can even tie them to other toys. Always inspect your rabbit’s toys to make sure nothing is coming loose or posing a safety threat.

    As for wooden toys, you could even purchase wooden baby rattles or teething rings to let your rabbit play with. They’re made with very safe materials since babies put them into their mouths, and you’ll feel comfortable giving them to your rabbit.

    Pine Cones

    If you have a tree in your yard that drops pine cones or you can source them from a park or yard nearby, collect them, and take them inside with you. You can dry the pine cones in your oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.

    Let them completely cool before giving them to your rabbit to play with. They are safe to chew, and your rabbit will love pushing them around.

    Store-Bought Toys Taken to the Next Level

    Toys for Rabbits DIY 2

    Don’t feel like you have to come up with rabbit toys entirely on your own if you’re not very crafty or creative.

    You can purchase some basic items from the pet store, adding some of your own features to entice your rabbit to play.

    Think about buying one of those wooden cylinder toys that have various holes in them. Stuff in small bits of vegetables mixed with hay. There are other stuff-able toys that you can use for the same purpose.

    If you don’t provide your rabbit with toys to play with, they’re more apt to turn to other items in the home that they can chew. Surely you don’t want to have your couch chewed up or put your rabbit into a dangerous situation where they are chewing on wires.

    Try a few different toys to figure out what your rabbit likes. If they aren’t interested in something that you provide them with, move on to the next item. Just do your best to try and keep things exciting and new for them.

    You can also find more information on DIY Rabbit Toys on Pdsa.org.uk