Large Hard Cover Pet Travel Kennel for Rabbits

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Large Hard Cover Pet Travel Kennel for Rabbits

Our Verdict

One of the prime issues I had when buying a travel kennel for rabbits was the lack of sufficient space. I wanted a roomy carrier to allow enough free space for my cutie to stay in peace.

This pet carrier was listed for cats and small puppies. But I chose it over others due to the enormous space and exquisite design.

However, if you want an airplane-friendly pet carrier, consider choosing a different item. This is a big one good enough to accommodate pets up to 23lbs.

After 2 visits to the vet’s clinic, this item has worked for me. But for some users, there was an issue with the assembling part. If you have a very intelligent rabbit, it may try to open the carrier from the inside.

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  • Spacious
  • Simple attachment
  • Detachable
  • Ventilation holes on 3 sides
  • Waterproof material


  • Little Expensive
  • Pets may unzip the carrier

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During a visit to a vet clinic or on an outing with a bunny, its safety is the top priority for all pet owners.

Those who are planning to bring a new baby bun into the family must get a rabbit carrier too.

Initially, it may seem the easiest task. Visit an online store, browse through the products, and add the best item to the cart. That’s it!

In fact, this can be a daunting task. Upon reaching the product gallery, you will get items in various price ranges, sizes, and other specifications…complicated enough to take hours of product research.

It’s not easy to find a sturdy and protective bunny travel carrier.

You must also drop the idea of carrying it in your lap tied to a harness. This can put the little creature’s life at risk. A car collision or jumping out of the hands is a common instance with rabbits. Some die, some get painful injuries, and others survive by luck.

Before choosing a rabbit transport carrier, read our review of FRiEQ 23-Inch Large Hard Cover Pet Travel Kennel. We have mentioned all the features, pros, and cons of this product.

Just dive in to read everything carefully. This will help you decide if the item can be a worthy addition to your list of bunny essentials.

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About Large Hard Cover Pet Travel Kennel for Rabbits

Unlike other pet supplies manufacturers, FRiEQ is a famous brand selling computer and gadget accessories. They are widely recognized for introducing innovative items featuring modern-age technology. Today the company is a trusted name with a massive customer base.

The brand ventured into the world of pet merchandise a few years back. They launched the revolutionary indoor animal carrier- 23-Inch Large Hard Cover Pet Travel Kennel.

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Key Features

Advanced Ventilation System

Pet owners with 2 or more bunnies may consider choosing this item. The model is large enough to accommodate at least 2 small pets.

Thankfully, it has 1×1.5 inches ventilation holes on all three sides alongside a mesh window at one side. The slots are designed for uninterrupted airflow to keep your cutie cool and comfortable inside.

Cushion-Soft Padding

Your pet will not feel any sort of discomfort lying down, standing, or sleeping inside the travel carrier. The thick padded bedding at the base ensures your bunny can sit or lie down in peace during the journey.

Detachable Parts

Cleaning and sanitization are necessary for all rabbit items. The travel carrier is not an exception.

You can unzip the parts and wash the carrier with a mild detergent. This will also wash away the soil and furs accumulated in the carrier during use.

Once detached, you can store it under the bedding.

See-Through Mesh Window

Bunnies may be frightened when you confine them inside a travel carrier. A see-through window keeps the guesswork at bay.

Product Dimensions

  • This travel carrier is 23 inches (L) x 15 inches (W) x 16 inches (H).
  • The net weight of the item is 4.45 pounds (approx).

Material Information

The carrier is made of plastic. Padded bedding at the base is made of soft, durable fabric.

Best For

Rabbits, cats, puppies, and other pets of weight up to 26lbs.

Safety Instructions

  • The rubber-like walls and the soft pad traps animal hairs. It can be troublesome to remove hairs with a vacuum cleaner. For safety and hygiene, wash the carrier after every travel. Use any mild detergent to get rid of the stuff.
  • Do not put it in a dishwasher. Manual washing is recommended.
  • Use the ziplock to prevent detachment during use. 

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Product Benefits

Requires Less Storage Space

Once you detach the parts of the bunny carrier after use, just fold it to store it under the bedding or anywhere else. It takes little room for storage.

Shockproof Padding

Collisions are part of car travel for bunnies. Fortunately, this travel cage is equipped with cushiony-soft padding. The cozy bedding absorbs such shocks to keep your bun stress-free during these incidents.

30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee

The buyers of this product get a separate return facility from Freiq. The brand owners have assured that pet owners can available their customer support service in case of any issue.

If you have a complaint within 30 days from the date of purchasing the item, please feel free to reach out.

Product FAQ

Can rabbits chew the mesh cover?

The see-through mesh cover is sturdy. There is no way for the rabbits to nibble the material. But if you want to carry cats or dogs, be careful. Their nails can get stuck into the pores.

Is this pet carrier airplane travel approved?

This rabbit transport cage is 16 inches tall. The size is too big to fit under the aircraft seat. Hence, it is not an airplane-compatible pet carrier.

Will this carrier accommodate multiple pets?

Freiq carrier is 23 inches long and 15 inches wide. The average weight of an adult rabbit is 6lbs. This cage is sufficient for animals up to 23lbs. Based on that, you may carry up to 2 adult buns or 3 dwarf rabbits in this carrier.

Is there any other color option for this carrier model?

No, this model is available in black color only. The manufacturers have confirmed that they are not making this item in other shades.


FRiEQ’s 23-inch large rabbit carrier wins a vote since it’s a roomy one. I found it convenient for carrying my Holland Lop and

But some of my friends had an issue with the design. One of them got it for a puppy, and the other guy purchased this for his cat. Both these animals were intelligent enough to unlock the zippers.

This can be an issue with rabbits too. If they try to jump inside, the lower part may get detached. However, with careful zip locking, you can avert such mishaps.

You can also avoid the problem of carrying this item in your lap. The idea may seem inconvenient for some pet owners.

I would still recommend the carrier for its advanced ventilation system, sturdy material, clear window, and ease of use.

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