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ibiyaya Premium Carrier for Rabbits

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To say it in a word, the ibiyaya premium rabbit carrier bag is all about elegance and smart design. The bag is made of artificial leather but has a natural sheen to impress the eyes.

The compact design helps you lodge the bag under the airplane or car seat. The holes on both sides and the top mesh cover allow enough room for air circulation. It keeps the little angel comfortable inside.

Two-way entry (front and top) eases housing your pet comfortably inside.

With the sideways opening, it is easy to clean the bag after the outing. I use a muslin cloth with disinfectant cleaners to wipe in the interiors after every use.

This makes the interiors clean, odor-free, and hygienic travel carrier for my cutie.


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Taking your bunny for a vet clinic visit or a holiday trip is a matter of concern. These creatures can’t sit on the car seat. A sudden collision can cause fatal injuries.

Pet owners avoid carrying a bun in the lap to avoid life-threatening road accidents.

What can you do to ensure travel safety for a small pet?

Veterinarians recommend carrying a bunny in a protective rabbit transport carrier for overall safety. Throughout the outdoor journey, your bun will stay safe and peaceful inside a properly designed pet carrier.

But when you browse through the pet carriers on Amazon, there is an endless array of options.

This is confusing and overwhelming too. On our site, we recommend rabbit supplies that we truly believe will be the best suit for your furry friend.

In case you are in hurry, herein is our review on one of the best small pet carriers- ibiyaya Premium Carrier for Rabbits.

Please read our FAQs for any possible query you may have in mind.

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About ibiyaya Premium Carrier for Rabbits

As the name reveals, it is truly one of its kind product you can buy for your bun. When it comes to choosing pet products, I trust only specialists. Ibiyaya is one of them- the company selling top-notch pet travel accessories since 2002.

The family-run brand recognizes how difficult it is to leave your pet back home when you move outdoors. Whether you are going for a stroll in the morning or on a family holiday trip, parting with your bunny is distressful.

Unlike other pet product manufacturers, ibiyaya makes only travel carriers for pets. They are highly recognized for creating carrier designs that ensure comprehensive pet safety during transportation.

Key Features

Hard Shell Tote Design

At the very sight of this rabbit carrier, you can identify the voguish tote design. When you want to flaunt stylish attire, the bag complements the look in every way.

Travel with your pet smartly without compromising the fashion quotient.

Heavy-Duty Materials

The synthetic leather and plastic casing are sewn tightly to create a strong binding that is impossible to chew or bite.

From material choice to designing, the makers have prioritized strength and durability over anything else.

Dual Transparent Walls

Avoid putting your small pet inside a dark travel carrier. The new destination can be frightening for the four-legged creature.

Large transparent walls allow plenty of light inside, keeping your rabbit in good mood.

Give him the best vision of the surrounding whenever you go outdoors.

Perforated Mesh Top Cover

The thin perforated mesh cover for the top opening is light and breathable material. It allows your rabbit to breathe comfortably for long hours.

Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps

You can adjust the length of the shoulder straps as per your needs. An extra padded layer on the straps offers a soft feel for the user carrying the pet travel bag.

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 15.7 inches

  • Width: 11 inches

  • Height: 11 inches

Material Information

  • Bag- Faux Leather

  • See-through Cover- Plastic

Best For

Rabbits, cats, small dog breeds, etc.

Safety Instructions

Do not use strong chemicals for cleaning this bag to avoid discoloring. Close the zip locks on either side properly before moving out. Pets may try to escape the enclosed area from the opening.

Product Benefits

Very Comfortable Carry Bag for Your Bun

This tote small animal carrier has the perfect environs to keep your bunny happy throughout the journey. Your cutie will have a great time relaxing on the removable cozy padding. The carrier has sufficient space for adult bunnies to stay peaceful.

Breathable Surroundings

The enclosed carrier can become too hot soon after you place a small pet inside. Ibiyaya’s tote bag has holes on both sides and a porous mesh top cover to allow fresh air inside. Your bun will stay cool and relaxed inside for hours.

Easy to Clean and Store

The removable padding cover is safe and compatible with machine wash. You can open the zippers on both sides to clean the interiors with a mild cleaning agent. That’s all you need to do for sanitizing the bag for reuse.

The foldable design takes little space in your wardrobe for storage.

Product FAQ

The hard material is too rigid for chewing. However, the plastic walls may develop minor scratches from rabbit nails. In any case, it should be convenient enough for lifetime use.

Nope. This bag is designed for small animals, kittens, small dog breeds, etc.

No, there are no extra compartments or pockets for storage on this rabbit carrier.

The material and design of this carrier bag are suitable enough to accommodate pets up to 10lbs. However, a 10lb animal may not get enough room for comfort inside. Adult rabbits weighing up to 7lbs can stay in comfort inside this bag.


This is a must-buy item to go on the cart if you are planning to bring a rabbit home. The tote rabbit transport bag is elegant enough to match your style statement. The ventilation holes on the 3 sides, allow room for fresh air to keep your bun breathing comfortably.

The clear plastic windows eliminate the guesswork for the little creature. My rabbit has a lot of fun looking outside when traveling to the vet clinic.

There is no concern about this wonderful bunny carrier except the size. It should be sufficient for an adult rabbit. But if you have multiple pets in the house, then you must put in a second thought before buying. It is not spacious enough for large dog breeds.

Please read our in-depth rabbit carrier buying guide before choosing a rabbit travel carrier.

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