Rabbit Bed Tent Large Sleeping House

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Rabbit Bed Tent Large Sleeping House

Our Verdict

I bought this large sleeping house (rabbit bed) for my cutie to provide her utmost comfort during the cold winters.

Rabbit owners often avoid soft, comfy materials. Bunnies generally chew and rip up fleece and cotton products quickly.

Providing your rabbit with some rabbit toys and chew toys can most likely solve this problem.

However, my experience with this sleeping house for rabbits is completely different. It seems she is very happy with her new house. Thus, I would say it is one of my best purchases to date for my bunny.

It gives perfect insulation even if it is very cold in the room. I also love the shape of this hut. The best part- it is a foldable rabbit house. You may use it as a warm cave or a cozy pet sofa.

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  • Lightweight and handy
  • Huge space for adult rabbits
  • Shrink-resistant
  • Easy to detach and clean
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Keeps small pets warm in winter
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive product
  • Lack of durability

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Introduction to Rabbit Bed Tent Large Sleeping House

Small animals like rabbits can’t tolerate the snowy condition. Indoor pets can’t hibernate in the cold season. You need to provide the tiny bunny adequate warmth, so they can survive during the freezing months.

You may find several materials at home to prepare an insulated heated bunny house for your cutie. DIY makers generally use things like, newspaper, hay, and straws for this purpose. It can resolve the problem temporarily without spending an extra cent, but there are some glitches in this regard.

Of course, you know your home and floor get dammed at the snow time. Materials like newspapers and hay can withstand the cold, but these soak the moisture quickly. Leaving your delicate friend on these substances during the frosty season can cause severe health problems.

Again, your naughty may mess up those elements, making you arrange it frequently.

This foldable cozy cave can bestow you with an out-and-out solution to this problem. It is a compact item, giving them a place to relax, hide, play, and sleep comfortably. Moreover, it comes with detachable bedding. You can take the pillow out of it for washing and drying.

Read our Rabbit Bed Tent Large Sleeping House review and the FAQs before choosing a good warm bed for your four-legged friend. I am sure you will know everything to get the best one.

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About Rabbit Bed Tent Large Sleeping House

This rabbit bed tent large sleeping house is sold by Kathson. It is a Chinese company selling toys and wellness items for small animals and birds. The company also sells beautiful aquarium ornaments. At present, there are more than 50 Kathson’s products on Amazon.

This cozy house bedding from Kathson provides your bunny with a warm and pleasant place to stay away from the spiking cold. The materials used in this product are absolutely chemical-free, giving no harm to your tiny family member.

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Key Features

2-in-1 House cum Sofa

Arranging this tent house is a breeze. You can just unpack and zip the tent in a few seconds. Place the cozy pillow inside. The rabbit sleeping house is ready to welcome the new inmate.

During the daytime, you can open the zip and flatten the hood into a comfy sofa seat. My furry angel loves to relax on it for hours.

Exquisite Design

The overall look and feel of this tent house win all hearts. The combination of oxford fabric and coral fleece makes a unique contrast design.

If you are looking for cave beds for bunnies, this hidey house can be the best Christmas gift for small creatures.

Windproof Protective Pet House

All sides of the house are made of triple-layer materials. The outer layer is made of fleece or fabric, the middle layer contains a thin foam sheet, and the inner walls are made of black, soft plush fabric.

Multiple layers of fabric, a soft plush liner, and fleece create superb insulation to protect the animals against the cold breeze. Even if the external temperature is chilling, your pet will be safe inside.

External Zipper for Easy Cleaning

The tent house may look like a complicated one. But the design is simple. Once you open the zip, it is similar to a thick flat sheet.

When you open the zip, it is easy to check if there are feces or otherwise on the bed. You can put the flattened house into the washing machine for cleaning.

Lifting Handle on the Top

Shifting the hooded house from one place to another is easy. Even if your bunny is sleeping inside, you can grip the fleece handle to place it elsewhere.

Shrink Resistant Material

This cuddling cave bed is made of fleece, so there is no risk of shrinking even after several washes. The hut will remain pretty as it is forever.

Material Information

This bunny bed-cum-house is made of coral fleece, non-woven oxford fabric, polypropylene cotton, rebound foam (pillow), and a soft plush liner.

Product Dimensions

The item has a rectangular base measuring 11.0 inches (W) x 13.8 (L) inches. The height of the hood is 11.44 (H) inches.

Best For

This large insulated pet house is roomy enough for animals up to 8lbs. An adult bunny can sleep peacefully inside the tent. It is also suitable for other indoor pets like chinchillas, rodents, hamsters, kittens, etc.

Safety Instructions

Rabbits may occasionally do their business inside the tent house. Shedding is yet another thing to mess up the interiors of the hut. For hygiene and safety, clean the bunny sleeping house once every fortnight.

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Product Benefits

One Item Multiple Benefits

Bunnies need warmth in their shelter in freezing weather. The insulated cave house made of fleece retains heat and provides a cozy ambiance.

It is a foldable item that you can convert into a sofa bed for your cutie. Buns love to relax on a couch. The open bed of this type is great for summers.

Rabbits need a hiding place in their habitat. It is their natural behavior to hide inside a tunnel, cave, or a covered place whenever in fear. The tent house serves this purpose as well.

Plush Comfy Rabbit House

Your furry angel will thank you for the soft bed and beautiful home. The foam pillow offers the supreme comfort for peace and rests the small pets need.

Easy to Clean, No Maintenance Required

You can simply flatten the fabric tent and put it into the washing machine for cleaning. There is no need to do any extra work.

Product FAQ

Can I get this in other colors?

I did not find this item in any other shade on Amazon. You may contact the seller or visit a local pet store to find this sleeping house in different hues.

Does the bed tent have space for two or more bunnies?

No, this tent has room for animals up to 8lbs. An adult rabbit weighs about 6-8lbs. So if you have 2 or more buns, it is better to get separate tents or look for an extra-large sleeping place.

Are the materials safe for bunnies?

Absolutely. The bed is made of PP cotton and fleece non-woven fabric. These materials are hypoallergenic and toxin-free. Most rabbits will skip chewing this bed.
Avoid serving food, pellets, or chewing toys inside or around the tent. This may prompt them to nibble the walls and floors of the tent house.

Can rabbits sleep in this pet bed throughout the year?

The coral fleece pillow and the soft plush walls provide extra warmth for protecting small pets they are cold.
This is a foldable house, so you can just unzip the thing to make a sofa bed for summer days. The sofa bed looks as stunning as the tent house.


The first impression looking at the Kathson Rabbit Bed Tent Large Sleeping House was just wow. But choosing something just by seeing the photos is not the best way to shop online.

I have seen this bed at my friend’s house before buying it on Amazon. Anyone would agree it is one of the most beautiful tent beds for rabbits and other small pets.

Some clients were unlucky since their bun tore the house into pieces after a few days. But my cutie loves to get inside. It’s her ultimate hiding place as well. I have noticed her getting inside the tent several times a day.

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