Best Rabbit Toys

In-depth Guide to Find the Best Rabbit Toys

Do you know that pet rabbits love playing?

Those who are well familiar with rabbit behavior must have noticed that they are very energetic explorers.

Bunnies never seem to get tired of chewing things around them.

To keep this small cute indoor family pet happy, you can place some rabbit toys in its surroundings.

If you watch your bunny closely, you will soon find that they always take great interest in new objects around. They will get closer to the new things around them, inspect them, and most likely try to gnaw at the items within their reach.

This is why chew toys are the best things to present to your pet bunny. Since your rabbit is likely to ingest anything around, you need to be very careful when choosing the toys.  

Want to find the best rabbit toys online?

We have a lot of suggestions on our product page for rabbit toys. Considering the risk factors, safety concerns, and bunny health issues, we have handpicked only the top-recommended chew toys for rabbits.

For more details on each of these rabbit chew toys, read the product reviews.

This ensures you know everything about the toy before buying it.

Why Is Play Important for Rabbits?

Mental stimulation

Your bunny can get quickly bored when home alone, leading to depression or anxiety, and possibly destroying their habitat. To avoid these problems, offer your bunny several toys to play with if they want to, so they can feel engaged and learn from the experience.

Physical exercise

Bunnies need a way to safely and healthily release all of their physical energy. Their minds and bodies will both improve as a result. If they don’t have an outlet for their energy, they can become overweight or depressed and might start destroying your furniture when they’re not in their habitat. To avoid this, give them toys to chew on, dig into, climb on, crawl under, and hop on.

Distraction from destruction

Toys also serve as a form of entertainment for your pets, so that they don’t focus their high energy levels on chewing something else – and end up destroying your house! In a way, toys help to bunny-proof your home.

What to Know Before Buying Rabbit Toys?

Best Rabbit Toys

Bunnies are curious yet sociable animals.

They love hiding, chewing, and digging. There are a lot of things you can do to entertain them throughout the day. It all begins with the right pet rabbit toys combined with the right living environment.

So don’t give anything to them straight away.

Allow them to explore their toys while they move around their enclosure or where they remain for the most part of the day.

Create some quirky tunnels and hiding areas where you can secretly keep the toys. Let them go seeking new playthings in their habitat. This is a nice trick to engage them in playful activities, and keep them healthy, and happy throughout the day.

Do you need some creative ideas to build habitats for your pet rabbit indoors?

We have incorporated several ideas to develop a playful environment with various toys for bunnies and some DIY methods. Please read our articles on rabbit care to know more.

Healthy, Safe, and Fun Toys for Bunnies

Undoubtedly, your bunny is going to nibble the toys more than play with them. This is why you need to choose rabbit toys with the following factors in mind:

Natural Materials

Rabbits tend to ingest whatever they find around themselves. The toys made of toxic materials, artificial colors, or other cheap elements can be harmful to the bunny’s health.

Prefer choosing toys made of grass, wood, raffia, and other permissible materials that are safe for rabbits. For instance, toys made of natural apple tree branches without any type of additives, fragrances, or colors are splendid choices for a playful bunny.

Types of Toys

There are so many variations of toys to mesmerize your bunny. You can buy a full hideout room made of all-natural and rabbit-safe materials.

Some hugely popular rabbit toys include:

  • Chew Tunnels
  • Straw Mats
  • Willow Sticks
  • Grassy Balls
  • Rings and Bells covered in a Mason Jar
  • Hanging Toys
  • Untreated Wood
  • Rolled Oats Boxes
Rabbit Toys - Tree

Shape and Size

Rabbit Toys - Chew Toys

The size of the toy should neither be too small nor too large. It should be something that can attract your bunny’s attention. Give it something to chase. Rabbits love moving objects and keep running after them for a long time.

Watch out for the shape of the toys. There should not be any sharp ends that may hurt your bunny. The size of tunnels or hideouts should be convenient enough so that your rabbit does not get trapped or injured while moving.

Note: You can also buy anything from a range of parrot toys. Most of the toys marked ‘safe for parrots’ are also safe for bunnies.

For safety tips for choosing the best rabbit toys, read our FAQs and rabbit care articles.

Best chew toys for rabbits

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best chew toy for your rabbit. The size of the toy is important, as you don’t want your rabbit to choke on it.

You also want to make sure the toy is made of safe materials that won’t harm your rabbit if they chew on it. Some good options for chew toys include wooden blocks, carrot sticks, or even puzzle toys that require your rabbit to figure out how to get the treat inside.

Whatever type of toy you choose, just make sure it’s safe for your rabbit and that they enjoy playing with it.


What toys do rabbits like the most?

Rabbits are very playful animals and they love to play with all kinds of toys. Some of their favorites include balls, tunnels, and anything that they can chew on. Rabbits also love to play with their food, so giving them a few pieces of their favorite vegetables or fruits as toys is a great way to keep them entertained.

What is good for a rabbit to chew on?

There are many things that are good for a rabbit to chew on. This includes hay, fresh vegetables, and even some fruit. Chewing is important for a rabbit’s health as it helps keep their teeth clean and healthy. It is also a good way for them to relieve boredom or stress. Some people even give their rabbits special toys or chews to help with this.

What toys are unsafe for rabbits?

When purchasing items for your rabbit, be sure to select items made of wood that are specifically labeled as being safe for rabbits. Avoid items made of wood furniture, wicker baskets, plywood, or fiberboard as these may contain toxins such as chemicals, varnish, glue, or dye.

Is it OK for a rabbit to eat cardboard?

It’s perfectly fine for your rabbit to nibble on cardboard from time to time. While you don’t want the cardboard to be a main source of food, ingesting small amounts of it won’t hurt your rabbit. In fact, chewing on the cardboard can actually help wear down your rabbit’s teeth.

How do I keep my rabbit entertained?

There are a few things you can do to keep your rabbit entertained. You can provide them with toys, such as balls or stuffed animals. You can also create a play area for them with tunnels or hiding places. Finally, you can spend time playing with your rabbit yourself. This will help keep them active and mentally stimulated.