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It was a pleasure to see my young bun rolling this dry food feeder all around the playpen. My toothy-friend is wise enough to pick up the nuggets dropped in the way. Herein lies the utility of this interactive treat ball. It makes your bun intelligent and playful.

I like the superb lightweight design with adjustable openings. Both blue and yellow are brilliant color options (though I ordered the yellow model).

It’s not a pricey item like I found some on the Amazon rabbit toys gallery. All in all, an excellent treat-dispensing rabbit toy to serve some snacks, fruits, and veggies for your bun.

Put the delicious dry food inside the ball and see your bunny running after it to find more. Noshing treats while playing keeps my small pet active. Smart enough!



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Do you want to buy the best treat toys for rabbits?

You are just about to explore a remarkable plastic toy to serve your bun’s favorite treats and snacks.

Your cutie is enthusiastic about new things around. Repetitive toys, food bowls, and other items in the habitat can cause boredom and stress in rabbits.

Don’t keep the your rabbit habitat stuffed with the same toys for a prolonged period. With little effort, you can keep your bunny healthy, cheerful, and active.

It’s good if you are looking for innovative ideas to give treats to your bun every day. Don’t miss out on the treat dispenser ball. It’s fun for you and your small pet.

There are so many reasons you would want to buy a treat ball. But before you do, it’s worth reading our review of the Trixie Plastic Snack Ball for Rabbits. From product features to pros and cons, we have provided all the information about this interactive toy for rabbits.

Read this entire post to find out, if this item is a must-buy option for your furry angel.

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Trixie Plastic Snack Ball - An Overview

Trixie is a famous Germany-based brand selling top-quality pet supplies in more than 88 countries worldwide. The company manufactures over 8,500 products for various pets including small animals.

This plastic treat dispensing toy for rabbits offers twin facilities. It is an amazing rolling toy with charismatic hues. It will be a great surprise for your bun to find its favorite treats falling from the ball.

Key Features

Reusable Plastic Ball

Unlike chewing balls made of all-natural materials, this plastic interactive toy ball is made for long-term use. It is easy to clean and load new pieces of snacks inside every day.

Adjustable Openings

The ball is easy to open. You can just twist the upper lid with the small opening for cleaning, loading fresh stuff, etc. Once you have filled the required quantity of pellets, fruits, or vegetables inside the small animal treat ball, just close the lid. The kibbles will keep falling as your bunny attempts to toss the ball.

Vibrant Colorful Design

Trixie Plastic Snack Ball is available in two attractive shades- blue and yellow. However, I have found the yellow ball with red-chilly designs all over has a pulsating appeal on my bun. Though I have never used the blue one. But it also looks great.

Product Dimensions

  • Package dimensions- 6×12 inches
  • Ball Weight- 0.13 pounds
  • Ball Size- 3.0 inches (7cm)

Material Information


Safety Instructions

Some bunnies try to chew the plastic material in an attempt to find the treats. For safety, you must watch your rabbit when he is trying to get the treats out of the ball.

Close the lid tightly to ensure it does not open suddenly. It may hurt your pets.

Best For

Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets

Benefits of the Trixie Plastic Snack Ball

The fun-filled ball is made for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets. It will help your pet stay healthy and fit for a longer period.

Make your rabbit smart

Apart from playing with this toy, it also provides mental stimulation to the animal by making him learn about food, exercise, and his surroundings.

Easy to clean

Just twist the top lid open to clean or load fresh stuff inside the ball.

Lasting Quality

The treat dispenser is made of a durable material like plastic which can easily be cleaned and loaded with new treats every day.

Product FAQ

The pet snack ball with adjustable opening is a great toy for rabbits. It can be used to feed your bunny rabbit pellets or any small animal kibble, diced carrots or dried vegetable flakes. You can also adjust the size of its openings over time as your pet figures out how it works!

Yes, it is the size of a tennis ball. The diameter is 2.75 inches (7 cm)

Yes, the ball can be used for many small animals like guinea pigs and hamsters

The ball weights about 59g

We can´t be 100% sure, but if you put treats in the ball that your rabbit loves, then we are pretty sure that they will figure it out VERY quickly


Bunnies are adorable and cuddly creatures that offer a lot of love to their owners.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your pet happy, healthy, and active then we have some ideas for games or treats they can enjoy with the Trixie Plastic Snack Ball toy.

The ball is lightweight and easy to clean as well as adjust opening sizes which makes it perfect for small animals like rabbits.

The twin colors available in blue and yellow makes this interactive treat-dispensing rabbit toy an exceptional value at around $10.

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