Interactive Toys for Rabbits – Why Is This So Important?

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Quick Answer: Interactive Toys for Rabbits – Why Is This So Important?

Mental stimulation is important for both rabbits and humans, so using toys to keep boredom levels down can help prevent destruction. Foraging through hay or even being filled with it will make your bunny happier than ever!

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    Introduction – Interactive Toys for Rabbits and Why Is This So Important?

    Interactive toys for rabbits refer to any item that provides some sort of mental and physical stimulation to your pet. This type of toy is a step up from something simple like a small ball that they simply roll around.

    Interactive toys should be challenging, engaging, and encouraging. A lot of interactive rabbit toys will use treats and such to motivate your rabbit to use them.

    The Importance of Play and Interactive Toys for Rabbits

    A large part of your rabbit’s life should be focused on play and exploration. On average, a rabbit needs at least two to three hours of play each day.

    This provides them with an opportunity to learn, stimulate their brain and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Many people are surprised at how intelligent rabbits are and allowing them to play is an important part of rabbit ownership.

    Different types of interactive toys are available, each providing a different purpose. Your rabbit should have toys geared toward chewing, digging, shredding, hiding, etc.

    The Kind of Rabbit Toys You Choose

    The rabbit toys that you come up with don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. You can often make your own rabbit toys that will provide your pet with hours of fun. Think about items you can repurpose in your home, such as boxes, pinecones, cardboard rolls, phone books, etc.

    Rabbits won’t play with everything that you put in front of them, especially if you have a temperamental rabbit that has no problem letting you know when they’re unhappy with something.

    Don’t feel bad if they’re not enjoying something that you thought they were going to love. The goal of choosing the best toys for your rabbit should take into account what your rabbit likes to do.

    Some rabbits prefer running around, digging, and expelling energy. These are the rabbits that benefit from toys that roll around, react to movement, etc.

    If you have an older rabbit or a rabbit that likes to chill when they’re playing, opt for something like a stuffed cardboard roll that your rabbit can spend some time rooting through.

    The Best Toys for Rabbits

    Not only will rabbit toys stimulate your rabbit and keep them happy, but toys can also provide your rabbit with a way of maintaining good oral hygiene.

    Rabbits need to chew on items regularly in order to keep their teeth at a healthy length and to keep them clean.

    That’s why the best toys for rabbits are made from wood, wicker, hay, and cardboard. Chewing toys are just some of the options you can consider. Rabbits also enjoy:

    Foraging Toys

    This type of toy includes things that are like puzzles for your rabbit. Your rabbit will have to forage through the toy in order to find its treats or rewards.

    Habitat Toys

    Rabbits like to hide and pop out at you as a form of play. Your rabbit will get enjoyment out of an item they can hide inside. This includes tunnels, platforms, boxes, etc.

    Toys Rabbits Can Toss

    Rabbits like to grab items with their teeth and throw them around. You can pick up balls, small, beaded toys, and sticks made of wood or straw. Your rabbit will keep themselves busy tossing them around and chasing after them.

    You can also play with your rabbit, tugging gently on the item they have in its mouth or tossing the item nearby for your rabbit to hop over to. Think of this as a form of rabbit fetch.

    Digging Toys

    Provide your rabbit with items they can dig in without having to worry if they’re going to destroy something important in your home. An interactive digging box is a great item to make for your rabbit.

    An Interactive Rabbit Digging Box

    A digging box is a wonderful interactive rabbit toy. You simply fill up a box with things like paper, sand, or hay.

    Inside that box, also include toy items like tubes, fabric, and tunnels. You can hide other small items inside of the material on the bottom.

    This is hours of fun for your rabbit, and you can switch up the items inside each day. You can also hide new treats for them to find in different locations.

    An interactive digging box is a nice option if you want to stimulate your rabbit, but you don’t have a lot of time to spend with them on that given day.

    If you have taken some phone calls or got some work done around the house, place your rabbit in their digging box for a bit so they can occupy themselves.

    Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on them to prevent them from getting into too much trouble!

    How Often Should You Switch Out the Toys?

    Your rabbit will likely have some toys that are their favorites. You can keep them supplied with items that they like to always have but switch out the others every few weeks.

    Remove anything that is chewed up or dirty in the meantime.

    Replace those items with something completely different than your rabbit hasn’t seen before or hasn’t seen in a while. Rabbits have great personalities.

    You’ll love seeing how excited they get by a new item that they get to check out.

    What Toys Should Be Avoided?

    Not all rabbit toys are safe, even if they’re marketed toward rabbit owners. Some of the items below are things that you should stay away from to keep your rabbit safe.

    Glued Items

    Toys sometimes use excessive amounts of glue in order to hold things together. You don’t want your rabbit consuming that glue, so opt for something that is held together with natural and safe materials.

    Painted Items

    Unless a rabbit toy is painted with food-grade paint, stay away from things that could cause your rabbit to ingest chemicals.

    Toys with Treats

    Your rabbit likely has food or treats that they have been safely consuming for a while. There are rabbit toys that already contain treats in them, but you don’t always know what your rabbit will be consuming in this regard.

    For example, a lot of toys come with birdseed on them. This actually isn’t a safe option for your rabbit’s sensitive GI tract.

    Rubber Items

    Rubber can easily be chewed, and bits can break off. You don’t want your rabbit to consume this material.

    Plastic Bags

    Just as you wouldn’t give a child a plastic bag to play in, make sure plastic is not part of your rabbit’s playtime.

    Treated Wood

    All of the wooden toys that you provide your rabbit with should be natural and untreated. Also, stay away from cedar. It’s a very stinky wood that rabbits won’t prefer. It can also cause liver damage to your rabbit if they’re exposed to it frequently.


    Provide your rabbit with interactive toys that allow them to use its natural instincts. Rabbits love to forage, chew and dig. There are plenty of toys you can purchase and make that will require the use of these skills.

    Do some additional research online if you’re interested in making some DIY toys for your rabbit.

    You can also purchase items online, allowing you to try different toys that will potentially engage your rabbit.