Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post

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Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post

Our Verdict

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post is one of the best toys for rabbits I have purchased from Amazon.

This colorful object catches the pet’s attention quickly. There is enough stuff to engage them for a long time.

What’s more, it comes with a complete set. Just assemble the parts of the item properly and enjoy seeing your cutie playing with it.

Initially, I thought it would be an expensive toy. But after realizing the multiple benefits of this plaything, I can say it is worth it for every pet owner.

I highly recommend this pet rabbit toy from Oxbow Animal Health as my bunny loved it a lot. Moreover, it is made with all-natural components to bestow your pet’s healthy well-being.

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  • Made of chew-safe material
  • Innovative design
  • Heavy and hard base prevents falling
  • Ensures physical and mental enrichment
  • Good for rabbit’s dental health


  • Temporary toy as your bunny will consume it quickly

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Want to buy the best chew toys for rabbits?

You are in the right place.

We understand that it is very hurtful for a pet owner to see their littlest furry family member sitting de-energized. You, of course, provide nutritious food to keep them healthy. But without proper engagement, they feel bored and behave uninterestingly.

Curiousness is a natural behavior in rabbits. If you provide them with something new, they get engaged with that for a prolonged time. But playing with the same toy relentlessly may make your bun apathetic.

Pet parents often prefer a sturdy and durable toys for their bunnies. However, it is not enough to keep your little friend cheerful.

Bunnies love chewing things around…toys are no exception. Chew toys are the savior to distract their attention from your expensive upholstery and other household things.

If you are looking for natural rabbit chew toys, read our in-depth review of Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post with its all features and benefits. It will help you decide if this is the best buy for your bun.

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About Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post

This enrichment toy for bunnies is manufactured and supplied by Oxbow Animal Health. The company is dedicated to inventing healthy and innovative products for small pets. They are specialists in manufacturing pet food and other well-being products for several decades.

Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post is the ideal toy for bunnies. It is specifically designed, to think about the nature of wild rabbits. This plaything will allow them to forage, hide, climb, nibble, and jump. By buying this, you can bestow your pet an out-and-out toy, enhancing their mental and physical health.

The Oxbow bunny toys are made of safe, natural things. Your bun can easily digest its components. Since it includes hay, apple stick, paper, sisal thread, and other organic ingredients, your pet is going to love the taste.

Furthermore, you can separately purchase the replacement dangles. Thus if your bunny consumes all the strings, you can get new visually appealing dangles to tie to the post.

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Key Features

Innovative Design

Oxbow designed this enrichment toy for bunnies considering their natural instincts. A 7.99 inches tall stand is set up in the middle of a wooden plank.

You need to tie the dangles to the post. Thus your pet can easily climb on the stand gripping the dangles.

Colorful Dangles

The toy comes with multiple colorful dangles. All these strings are identical, having several blocks of different shapes and sizes.

Besides attracting your pets towards it, the toy will engage them for at least a couple of weeks.

Heavy and Wide Base

The base of the toy is constructed with 6.1 inches of heavy wooden board. Since the tall stand is attached in the middle of the wooden beam, there is no risk of overturning the item.

Replacement Dangles are Available Separately

You can purchase the replacement dangles separately. Thus you can get as many colorful strings to attach to the toy as you want.

Numerous colorful strings will make the item more interesting.

Safe Natural Ingredients

The entire structure of this rabbit chew toy is made of natural materials- kiln-dried birch wood, apple sticks, sisal thread, etc.

The colorful dangles are dyed with food-grade edible vegetable inks. So the entire piece is safe for rabbits and other small pets.

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 2.17 inches

  • Width: 6.1 inches

  • Height: 7.99 inches

Material Information

The components used in this product are:

  • Hay

  • Apple stick

  • Sisal

  • Chemical-free woods

  • Paper

  • Vegetable inks

Best For

This play post is best for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, and other small pets.

Safety Instructions

  • Keep the product away from fire otherwise, it may catch the fire.

  • Don’t use water to clean it to prevent decaying, fungus growth.

  • Don’t keep it with toxic products as your bunny will chew it.

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Product Benefits

Foster Mental and Physical Enrichment

Rabbits love to climb, jump, and explore things. Enrichment toys for bunnies encourage their curiosity. With this item, they will find several properties to discover.

Again, your bun can climb, run, jump, and hide with this toy. Rotate it as necessary for physical exercise, preventing buns from gaining fat and becoming overweight.

Keeps Rabbit Teeth in Good Shape

Rabbit parents know how difficult it is to maintain their pet teeth’ shape. Since their incisors grow continuously, it is vital to give them something to gnaw on. Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post contains plenty of soft and hard chew-safe substances to keep their teeth in good condition.

Product FAQ

How to assemble the toy?

There are 4 main parts of this toy. One baseboard, one tall stand, a wooden dowel, and dangles. You need to use the dowel to attach the stand with the base plank. Once you attach the stand, you may tie the strings in the holes of the post.

Do I need adhesive to attach the toy?

No, you need nothing. It comes with all parts. Just follow the instructions on the packaging to do the assembling part.

Are colored toys harmful to rabbits?

Some dyed items can be toxic and hazardous to the bunny’s health. Oxbow uses only edible vegetable inks for coloring toys. They are safe for chewing and consumption.

My bun tore the dangles and do not play with the post. What can I do?

Your pet is not interested in the toy because it may have eaten the colorful hangings. It now looks empty and pale. You can buy various types of dangles separately on Amazon. Tie a combination of different items to offer plenty of varieties.


Nothing can beat the goodness of organic chew toys for keeping bunnies fit and healthy. Oxbow rabbit toys are crafted to excellence to boost physical activity, motivate chewing, and mental stimulation.

I would recommend Oxbow Enriched Life Play Post to all small pet owners. The danglers encourage my cutie to climb up and down several times a day. There are a lot of varieties- apple sticks, birch wood, and other edibles to entice the taste buds.

The new attachment danglers are affordable so, I don’t mind buying a few in 2-3 months. Even if the set seems expensive, it is an investment to keep your bunny fit.

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