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I rarely found a small animal feeder offering a comprehensive solution. It is tiresome to clean the watered floors frequently. My rabbit used to tip over the bowls, wasting the water.

Thankfully, the weight of the container keeps the feeding section from tipping over. It does not have any leaking or overflowing problems. Now it is easy for me to keep the floors clean.

The only point of consideration about this automatic pet feeder is the cleaning part. Pet owners must take intense care to disassemble the see-through PET jar from the base for cleaning. It is vital to clean the entire unit at least once a week. Else, it will develop molds.

The unit is too big, so you must clean it manually with your hands. But it is hassle-free to detach the parts and reassemble again.

Rest assured, this water dispenser for small pets has worked great for my bunny. Feeding water in a small bowl and refilling it every few hours was a stressful chore. Fortunately, the jar full of water keeps my rabbit hydrated for a few days.



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Are you tired of filling the pet feeder every day?

Your pet bunny needs unlimited hay and plenty of water throughout the day to stay healthy. Serving water in a small bowl will not suffice its requirement for the whole day.

Amid the daily hustles, it is often impossible to refill the water bowl several times a day. An automatic pet water dispenser is the solution to your problems.

The online pet supplies stores have so many feeders to leave the buyers in confusion. Moreover, there are several aspects to consider when choosing an item.

This is where you need to do some research to ensure finding the best automatic rabbit feeder.

To ease your search, we have compiled a series of rabbit product reviews on our website. These handpicked products have top ratings on Amazon.

In this review article, we have provided in-depth information about Amazon Basics Gravity Rabbit Water Dispensers. The brand name itself bestows a sense of reliability. But that may not be enough unless you know all about it.

Read our review of this automated pet feeder dispenser to find if it is the best water feeding unit for your rabbit.

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Amazon Basics Gravity Rabbit Water Dispensers - An Overview

Any regular buyer at Amazon is familiar with the Amazon Basics. The e-Commerce retail chain has introduced a range of merchandise under its brand name.

Undoubtedly, these products are available at reasonable price margins. Buying goods directly from this brand allows the buyers to skip the extra costs paid to the third-party vendors.

Gravity Rabbit Water Dispensers are designed to perfection for small pets. The system seamlessly releases water into the feeding section. It does not require any electricity or battery power.

Key Features

Automated Gravity Dispensing System

This automatic rabbit feeder operates on gravity to release the water into the bowl area. You don’t have to spend extra on battery or electricity for using the feeding unit.

Anti-Skid Base Stands

Once assembled, the water dispenser stands firm on the ground. The rubber feet at the bottom prevent the waterer from slipping or slanting.

Sizable Water Jar

You can fill the container with 1 gallon of water at a time. This is sufficient to keep your bun hydrated for several days. The furry angel needs to drink plenty of water several times a day to maintain gut health. Shun the task of refilling the water bowl again and again.

Cutting-Edge Design

I liked the simple yet appealing design of this no waste rabbit feeder. By now, you know that there is no overflowing, spilling, tipping, or leaking problems with the waterer.

It is also easy to handle because of the innovative design. The curved side-cuts at the bottom facilitate firm grip and ease of handling.

No-Spill Design

Are you tired of leaky and overflowing watering systems?

It’s frustrating to clean the wet floors frequently. All thanks to the advanced water releasing technique in Gravity Rabbit Water Dispensers. The nozzle releases only the amount of water to fill the bowl area. The water will not overflow out of the bowl.

Furthermore, the waterer weighs about a pound apart from the load when fully filled. So your bunny can never tip over the system as it usually does with plastic or other lightweight bowls.

Product Dimensions

  • Length – 12.6 inches
  • Width – 6.89 inches
  • Height – 12.1 inches

Material Information

  • Dispenser Body- Polypropylene

  • Transparent Food/Water Container- PET

  • Base Attachments- Anti-skid Rubber

Best For

Small pets, cats, dogs, etc.

Safety Instructions

Check the manual for the cleaning regimen. It is recommended to clean the entire system every 3-4 days. If the water stays inside the jar for a long time, it can develop molds.


To conclude, Amazon Basics Gravity Rabbit Water Dispenser is an ideal choice for small rabbits. It saves your time and energy too. 

As the system requires no electricity or batteries to run, you don’t have to spend extra bucks on them either.

The gravity-based feeder takes care of leaking problems as well. And the smart design makes the product easy to use and clean.

This automatic waterer is available on Amazon. It’s a great value for money.

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