Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding Review

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Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding Review

Do you want to buy safe and natural rabbit bedding?
The choice of bedding material should be one of the prime concerns in the mind when you bring a rabbit home. Bunnies spend a lot of time on the bedding material during the entire day.

They tend to nibble a bit of the material, sit on them, and so on.

Cheap and low-quality bedding material can be hazardous to the bun’s health. Some bedding elements may cause hypersensitivity, itchiness, and irritation for bunnies.
At, we recommend some of the best rabbit bedding for allergies, odor control, and safe hygiene in the pet habitat.

Herein we have provided a detailed review of Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding. You may check the product features and benefits to determine if this is the preferred bedding product for your indoor rabbit.

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  • All-natural material
  • Affordable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Prevents foul smell
  • Safe for rabbits


  • Contains a bit of dust and wood chunks

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About Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

Founded in 2012, Small Pet Select is a renowned brand selling high-quality pet supplies for small animals. Their aspen bedding is one of the best products for allergic bunnies.

This is a veterinarian-recommended bedding material for rabbits and other small indoor pets. These shavings are soft, suitable for composting, and recyclable.


Natural Wood Shavings

This pet bedding is made of non-hazardous log-wood shavings. It does not contain any additives or artificial ingredients.
Your bun may tend to nibble the shavings. A bit of chewing is permissible and safe for the bunny’s health.


This bedding material is safe for the environment. You may dispose of the used shavings or recycle the material, it’s up to you. It is compostable material that you may use in the garden.

Safe Sludge Fiber

The aspen bunny bedding material from the Small Pet Select brand contains only sludge fiber extracted from logs. The fiber is hypoallergenic, soft, and safe for rabbits.

Kiln Dry Processing

The handpicked wood shavings are dried in a kiln before packaging. It removes the germs (if any) on the logs of wood. The dried shavings are safely packed in moisture-proof bags for greater safety. You can store them for months and use them when required.

How to Use

Place a layer of 1-2 inches of aspen shavings on the litter box and the floor of your rabbit habitat. For best hygiene practices, change the bedding material every 10-15 days.
Note: If your bun urinates frequently or there is an odor issue, replace the shavings with a handful of fresh ones.

Best for

Rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.

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Final Verdict,

Small Pet Select aspen bedding is made of 100% natural wooden shavings. Aspen is safe for bunnies. Even if your rabbit tends to chew some aspen shavings, it is not harmful to health*.

Without a doubt, this is the best rabbit bedding for odor control. It can absorb the urine and foul smell in the rabbit habitat for up to 15 days or even more. It is also affordable compared to other bedding products on the market.

*Aspen is a bedding material and not a recommended rabbit food. Make sure your bun does not eat up too many shavings.

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