Small Pet Playpen, 13 Inch, Multicolored

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Small Pet Playpen, 13 Inch, Multicolored

Small Pet Playpen

Do you want to build a customized bunny playpen?

When you want to bring home a pet rabbit, setting up a small pet pen is one of the basic tasks to do.

Your bun needs a lot of free space where it can indulge in interactive playful activities with members of the house.

The playpens are designed for simplicity. They usually have thick wires panels that are safe for bunnies. With barriers on all sides, your rabbit can’t go outside the boundary to create a mess.
A customizable playpen allows you to provide as much room for the bunny as you want.

Your rabbit needs some exercise every day. Allow it to engage in such activities in the x-pen.
The choice of design, size, availability of free space in the living room, and the material of the panels are some of the prime considerations to focus on.

In case you are not passionate about the DIY rabbit habitat project, it is wise to find a ready-to-build playpen.

Click here – Small Pet Playpen, 13 Inch, Multicolored


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful multicolor panels
  • Customizable
  • Easy to clean
  • Washable
  • Simple design
  • Safe for rabbits


  • A big rabbit can easily jump outside
  • The floor cover is not included in the package

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About Small Pet Playpen

This is an awesome rabbit playpen with a floor cover (sold separately). 

One unit has 8 panels of 13”x9”. When joined together, the diameter of the play area is 36”.

The powder-coated panels are safe and chew-resistant.


Customizable Playpen

You can join the panels to create as big or as small a play area as you need. Join the playpen parts to get almost any shape-square, circular, etc.

Robust Panels

The panels are made of high-quality acrylic plastic material. They are sturdy and durable for long-lasting use. My bun finds it too hard to chew. They are easy to clean with detergent and a piece of cloth.

Awesome Hues

As the product package already shows, the panels are available in multiple colors to attract the bunny. The powder-coated colors do not fade away even after several washes. The panels retain the tints and sheen even after years of use.

Protective Floor Cover

We always recommend using the rabbit playpen with a cover. It protects your floors from pee or poop. 

Once you move the bun to its cage, it becomes easy to clean the floor cover. You can remove the stuff and clean it with ease.

What’s in the package?

A set of 8 panels in different colors

Best for

Rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, mice, and other small pets

Click here – Small Pet Playpen, 13 Inch, Multicolored

Final Verdict,

Children in the house want to play with the bunnies all the time. This can be challenging when the bunny is inside the enclosure. 

The indoor pet playpen with colorful panels is refreshing to the eyes and attracts the kids. You can purchase 2 or more sets as you need to create a larger roomy play zone.

The acrylic plastic fences are safe for buns. The floor cover is sold separately but convenient to get the best fit. We recommend using it to protect your flooring material from dirt. All in all, this product boasts a great playpen design.

The only issue with these panels is the lower height. Your bunny can easily grip the panel wires to climb out of the playpen.

Rest assured, this is one of the most affordable and fully customizable playpen sets.
Are you looking to set up a rabbit playpen?

Click here – Small Pet Playpen, 13 Inch, Multicolored