Rabbit Tubes and Tunnels

Rabbit Tubes and Tunnels – Buyer’s Guide

Bunnies are burrowing animals who always love to go seeking things around. Since pet rabbits are not safe outdoors, we recommend building their home indoors.

You don’t need to revamp the entire living room into a forest theme. With simple accessories, you can give a makeover to your rabbit’s surroundings.

Pet rabbit tubes and tunnels are an integral part of ecological refinements you can set up in a small place anywhere in your house.

Bestowing the impression of life in natural surroundings such as hand-woven rabbit grass tunnel keeps them comfortable. Further, such elements eliminate the risk of developing physiological and behavioral complications in bunnies.

The indoor rabbit tubes and tunnels provide a playful environment for home buns as their buddies living in the jungle.

Bunnies have the urge to explore a world full of surprises. A pet fun tunnel around the habitat stimulates their curiosity and is vital for physical and mental stimulation. They relate to these playthings quickly.

Are You Looking to Buy Rabbit Tunnels, Tubes, or Bunny Warrens?

This is more complicated than you may think. There are different forms of rabbit tunnels online. If you have a new pet rabbit, there are a lot of things to know before buying tubes and tunnels for bunnies.

It is not as simple as buying a small animal play tunnel as you would do for cats, mice, or rodents.

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying these items for a bunny.

We suggest you read our complete guide on how to choose the rabbit tubes and tunnels.

In a hurry?

Look out for the recommended pet tunnels and tubes uniquely designed for rabbits on our website. Read the complete review carefully before choosing any playthings for your bun. It may put your bunny’s health at risk.

Best Rabbit Tubes and Tunnels Products

Hand Woven Willow Twig Tunnel and Hideout for Rabbits

Natures Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Small Rabbits

Natures Hideaway Grass Hut Toy

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

Rabbit Tubes and Tunnels
Rabbit Tubes and Tunnels - Willow Tube

What to know before buying play tube and tunnels for bunnies online?

You will find so many different types of bunny tubes and tunnels online. Not all of them are safe. Neither are all of such toys good for buns. But how to find the right tunnel or play tube for small pets?


You must ensure that your pet bunny can get inside and come out easily through these structures. The tubes are available in various sizes.

Some are too small for adult rabbits. These are mainly designed for rodents, mice, and dwarf buns.

It may be choking and frightening for your bunny if it gets trapped inside.


This is the basic consideration only next to the size of the fun tunnel or tube. Bunnies have the habit of gnawing things around. The tube material is not an exception.

Now you know very well what may happen if your bunny eats cheap toxic plastic tunnel flakes. It’s utterly poisonous leading to acute abdominal pain. Some buns even succumb to death after undergoing days of treatment at the vet hospital.

Therefore, we recommend buying tubes, bridges, and other playthings made of natural materials such as hay, grass, straw, apple sticks, etc.


Many pet owners overlook this. The shape of the grass tunnel toy or anything similar is as important as the other factors. Your bunny tries to get inside the tunnel through the holes. If it is not perfectly shaped or too small, the throat of your bun can get stuck inside.

Make sure the holes have proper shape without any sharp edges. It can cause cuts and scratches. In the absence of proper care, it may develop an infection.

For a complete guide on how to choose the best rabbit tubes and tunnels for bunnies and some DIY tips, read our Rabbit Guides.

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