Best Rabbit Accessories

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    Comprehensive Guide to Rabbit Accessories

    So you want to bring home a cuddly pet rabbit.

    Living with a cute bunny is a rewarding experience. But it needs proper care to thrive well. It all starts with a set of rabbit accessories.

    It is often a daunting task to find the right suit of pet supplies specifically designed for bunnies. You may find the pet supplies jumbled up on the product page of popular online stores.

    This is why we have curated a range of the best rabbit accessories on our website on a separate category page. We have only included top-rated products made for bunny care.  

    Most of the time, the product pages lack sufficient information. For your help, we have also provided expert reviews on each product.

    Read our exclusive reviews of the best rabbit accessories that you need before your bunny is home.

    This ensures you end up buying only quality bunny care and grooming accessories.

    Don’t know how to take care of your pet bunny?

    After 15 years of delightful life experiences with bunnies indoors, we are excited to help new pet rabbit owners with their grooming and care.

    With this in mind, we have created several Rabbit Guides. You will know how to take care of a bunny from day 1.

    Best Rabbit Accessories Checklist

    Rabbit Accessories - Water Feeder

    To take care of your bunny and fulfill its daily needs, you will need some essential items apart from its enclosurefoodlitter boxes, and toys.

    We have categorized all of these items on our rabbit accessories page so that you don’t miss out on anything.

    Just follow this checklist to get everything for your indoor bunny at the same place.

    Rabbit Grooming Essentials

    Grooming is crucial for a bunny’s health. By grooming, we mean rabbit care, cleaning, and hygiene.  

    You don’t have to do much as you will soon find that they tend to keep themselves clean. There is no need to give them a bath as this can be harmful to your rabbit. With a simple grooming range, you can keep them clean and healthy.

    Grooming Brush

    Best Rabbit Care Products

    Because a bath can be harmful to your rabbit it is good with a mild brushing at regular intervals. It ensures you get rid of the unwanted hairs off their body.

    It keeps the furry animal clean and prevents germs or infections on the skin or hair. This is really important during the molting period when they shed a lot of hair.

    Flea Comb

    You never know when your bunny’s skin will get infected with fleas. This is why using a flea comb frequently can keep skin problems and these insects away.

    Nail Clippers

    To be more precise, look out for rabbit clips when you need nail clippers. This will help to narrow down your search for a specific set of items online.

    Styptic Powder

    This is a kind of antiseptic powder for cuts and wounds. Cuts and vein injuries are common when you try to clip the nails. If you are unfortunate, apply a bit of styptic powder on the cut immediately to stop bleeding and loss of blood almost instantly.

    Read our comprehensive guide on rabbit grooming to get tips on how to take care of your indoor bunny’s health.

    Bunny Feeders

    Rabbit Accessories - Pellet Feeder

    You need pet-safe containers, trays, and bowls to serve food every day for your bunny.

    We have a range of feeders of various types and sizes to suit your needs. You may need:

    Cleaning Supplies

    Regular sanitization is an absolute necessity for indoor rabbits. This also ensures there is no foul smell in your rooms. Clean the enclosure, rabbit pen accessories, artificial tunnels, and other places where your bunny may have done a pee or poop.

    We recommend using chlorine-based bleach and white vinegar for this purpose.

    Read our extensive guide to rabbit care and grooming essentials in the Rabbit Guides.

    Other Accessories

    Apart from the indoor rabbit accessories, you may need to use a leash or pet carrier to take your bunny outdoors.

    Is it right to leash a pet bunny?

    Imagine what can happen if your rabbit runs or plays hide and seek when you take it outdoors. If it runs into the bushes, you may have a tough time struggling to get a trace of it. Since they are prey animals, your bunny’s life can be at risk.

    Rabbit Carriers

    In this case, a rabbit leash can help. The leash is attached to a soft harness, to keep your bunny tied and safe as you carry it outdoors for some fresh breath.

    Don’t panic. No need to worry about your bunny. It will be happy and comfortable. You can always have a safe outing with your rabbit in the garden.

    We have a fine selection of carrier reviews for bunnies in our rabbit accessories section.