Rabbit Carriers

Rabbit Carriers – Everything You Should Know Before Buying

Traveling with a pet bunny?

There are so many reasons you would need the best rabbit carrier before you move outdoors with your small pet.  

Even if you’re not going on a tour with your bunny, you still need to take it to a vet for a routine checkup.

Conveyance is an unknown environment alongside veterinarian treatment procedures. Such incidents can be severely traumatic for these adorable creatures.

While this is unavoidable, you can still do a lot to keep your rabbit comfortable inside the carrier. Hence, you need to consider a lot of aspects before choosing a bunny carrier.

Not too sure about choosing a travel case for pet rabbits?

It’s quite natural. A vast product gallery full of items can create confusion. To reduce the search process and provide accurate information, we have created a list of recommended items on our website.

We have also provided product reviews based on the personal experience of the users. Read our expert reviews for an informed purchase decision.    

We have used several types of rabbit travel carriers for our pets. Based on our experience and opinion of pet owners, our team has selected some of the best rabbit carriers to keep your bunny safe during a journey. 

Best Rabbit Carrier Products

Large Hard Cover Pet Travel Kennel For Rabbits

ibiyaya Premium Carrier for Rabbits

Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Rabbit Carrier

Rabbit Carriers
Rabbit Carriers

Why You Need a Rabbit Transport Cage?

If you are a new pet owner, it is obvious you may not know about the potential risks involved when traveling with bunnies.

Some people get tempted to carry their bunny in their arms or keep them harness-free inside the car. Such attempts can be utterly fatal for rabbits.

Even a small jerk or collision when traveling in a vehicle can cause terrible injuries or even kill your bunny. A sudden noise or insecurity while walking on the road may provoke your rabbit to jump out of your lap.

What Type of Rabbit Carrier Should You Use?

There are various kinds of small pet carriers sold at retail and online stores. It can be quite confusing when it comes to choosing one. Bunnies are chewing animals so they will try to nibble anything around.

The travel carrier should be rabbit-safe and chew-proof above anything else. From design to material, everything must be adequate to ensure your bunny is safe inside.

Essential Features to Look for in Rabbit Carrier


Your bunny is going to stay inside the rabbit travel cage for quite some time. It should be spacious enough for the small creature to sit or lay down in comfort.

Material Quality

An important aspect to consider, the material should be sturdy enough to bear extreme conditions- rough weather, collision, etc.

Choose a small animal carrier made of toxin-free material safe for your pet’s health. It should be chew-proof so that your bunny does not ingest anything.


Your pet bunny needs plenty of fresh air so that it can breathe and stay cool. Improper ventilation inside the transport cage may cause overheating or suffocation for your pet.


If your bunny stays inside the case for quite some time, it is likely to release some pee and poop in the meantime.

Before you use it next time, you need to clean it properly. If you have traveled to a vet for treating a sick rabbit, you may need to do some extra sanitization.

A bunny carrier that can be opened into two parts is much easy to clean.

While the above are some basic viewpoints to keep in mind when buying a rabbit transport carrier, there are many other things you need to know.

With this in mind, we have created the Rabbit Guide section on this website. You will find in-depth information and insights from experienced pet owners in these articles.  

Read our comprehensive guide on rabbit carriers to learn about the dos and don’ts when choosing a travel case.

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