Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Rabbit Carrier

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Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Rabbit Carrier – Product Review

Want to take your bun outdoors?
You need a safe rabbit carrier above anything else.
There are so many things to consider when you need to take your bunny out to a vet visit or simply for an outing.

The travel cage for your furry friend should be comfortable, has proper ventilation, be spacious, and be sturdy. You need to choose a model with a smart design that incorporates all the above qualities.

Note: There are different types of pet carriers you can buy online. Not all of them are suitable for accommodating your bunny when moving outdoors. The safety of your cuddly angel is the prime concern.

Read the in-depth guide and FAQs to know everything about rabbit carriers, permissible materials, and much more on our site.
If you are looking for all the above qualities, herein is an extensive review of the Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Rabbit Carrier. Read this entire post to find out whether this is a good fit for your needs.

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  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Roomy and breathable
  • See-through design
  • Compact and collapsible
  • Takes less storage space


  • The zips may separate when carrying the bunny
  • It may be tough to get your pet inside

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About Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Rabbit Carrier

Unlike many others on the market, this rabbit carrier cage has a unique design. It is covered on all sides with high-quality hard, water-resistant material. 

The modern ventilation system with plenty of space on all sides keeps your adorable pet happy inside.


Smart Design

The most outstanding feature of this bunny travel cage is its design. It is fully detachable into various parts and very easy to assemble in a few minutes. When disassembled, it is easy to clean and store.
The front mesh door is made of sturdy plastic, allowing a small opening for the bun in and out of the cage.
The top part of the carrier is also detachable, so if it refuses to come out at the vet clinic, you can open the zip to take it out.

Sturdy and Durable

Pet Magasin Hard Cover is made of high-quality polymer material. It is long-lasting and strong enough to bear the weight of your bun.

Air Vents and Breathable Mesh

Travel carriers mostly have little space for the animal. Hence there is hardly any air inside the bunny carrier. If the walls on all sides are closed, it can be choking for the little creature. 

This cage has vents on walls from both sides alongside the breathable plastic mesh door. Together they provide enough passage for airflow, allowing your rabbit to breathe freely.

Safety Zip Locking System

There are three zips to keep the carrier closed from all sides- top, bottom, and the front mesh door. To open the cage, you may unzip the outlets for cleaning, keep the bun inside, take it outside, etc.

Soft Bed Padding

Soft cozy padding material is also provided with the package. Just lay the padded mat on the floor.

The bedding keeps your bun comfortable and rests in peace during the journey.

Collapsible and Storage-Friendly

The parts of the Pet Magasin rabbit travel cage are detachable. After every use, you may separate the parts, clean them and store them in a convenient place. The set takes up little space in your cupboard.

Size Information

Length – 17 inches
Width – 14 inches
Height – 13 inches


Military Gray

Best For

This small pet carrier is spacious enough for cats, rabbits, puppies, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc.

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Final Verdict,

One of the major issues for many pet owners with this rabbit transport cage is the zippers. They can unzip easily when the animal is inside. This is due to their body weight.
An easy way to avoid this is to carry the cage in both hands instead of holding the handle on the top cover. This works fine but may not be convenient for everyone.

However, if you are looking for a rabbit carrier with good ventilation and plenty of space, this is a considerable option. The product has received several positive reviews from pet parents.
All in all, this is a wonderful collapsible carrier for buns you can buy on a budget.

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