Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

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Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy Review

Do you want to buy a bunny-chewing toy?
All bunny parents know that they tend to nibble on items around them.

Buns have a lot of fun playing with the chewing toys.

With this in mind, we only suggest our readers buy only natural rabbit toys. These playthings are mainly made of permissible, safe, and edible ingredients such as rabbit-safe hay, wood, straw, cardboard, paper, etc.
To be precise, the rabbit edible chew toy is something your bunny can eat.

When you do an online search for a rabbit chew toy, there are so many options. Don’t be confused. Be sure about choosing toys that are safe for their sensitive digestive system.

In this article, we have provided the Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy Review. This extensive review will help you decide whether this rolling toy is worth buying for your furry small pet.

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  • 100% chew-safe for bunnies
  • All-natural toy
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for rabbit’s health


  • Some packets had dust and mold on the wood

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What is Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy?

This is a rolling bunny chew toy made of soft Yucca wood. Crafted to expertise, the log of wood has several small holes. The makers take care to choose only high-quality yucca wood blocks to prepare these toys.

There is no artificial flavor, preservative, or color traces on the wood pieces.

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Naturally Processed Wood

Bunny Blast brand owners handpick the pieces of wood after thorough monitoring. Only healthy logs are chosen for making bunny toys. The raw wood is cut finely to prepare the small and uniform holes.

Later these toys are heated in a kiln at 60 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes to kill germs and pests on the log.

Finally, the logs are packed safely to eliminate contamination.


This rabbit toss toy is nothing but a piece of wood. There are no synthetic chemicals in this toy.

You can use this as compost in the kitchen nursery or dump it into the soil.


Even if you throw it out, there is no risk of toxins, contamination, or emissions from this item.

Multipurpose Rabbit Toy

When it comes to choosing toys for the little bun, there are so many aspects to consider. You need boredom breakers, some rolling toys, a couple of toss toys, and so on.

However, among all others, the rabbit chew toy for teeth is often a priority for small pet owners.

This yucca wood chew toy serves all of the above purposes. Just place it in the rabbit habitat with some treats in the holes. You are now ready to watch your bunny’s reaction upon seeing this.

Delicious Chewy Wood

The yucca wood inside the holes is extremely soft, healthy, and tasty.

Buns enjoy the luscious bites of the wood when bored with the daily dose of unlimited hay.

Note: There may be scars on some yucca wood toys. This is due to the presence of microflora on organic substances.

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Final Verdict, Are Yucca Chew Toys Safe for Rabbits?

Yes, yucca is absolutely safe wood for rabbits to chew. This softwood is easy to bite into small pieces and great for their dental health.
As regards Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy, it is a 100% natural yucca wood toy. You can make it interesting for your bun by putting some treats and snacks in the holes.
As they jump on this toy, it will keep rolling away. Hence, it is also a splendid item to engage your small pets for long hours.
Before you keep this rabbit wooden chew toy in your bun’s habitat, check if there is any dust or mold formation on the surfaces.

Rest assured, it is an affordable, safe, and adorable plaything for your bunny.

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