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    Best Rabbit Care Products

    Do you love your pet rabbit? Have you been caring for it like a pro, but still feeling like something is missing in the relationship? 

    We’ve got just what you need! Check out our list of the best products to take care of your furry friend. Read on to find out more about their amazing benefits and how they can help with all those pesky bunny problems.

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    It’s time to start bonding with your fuzzy friend in a whole new way!

    Are Rabbits Easy To Take Care Of?

    It’s a common question that many rabbit owners are faced with, “are rabbits easy to take care of?”- the answer is yes! 

    Rabbits are low maintenance and can be litter trained in a matter of weeks. They’re happy living in an apartment as long as there is room enough for daily exercise. We have many different rabbit pieces of advice on how you can make your bunny friend feel at home in no time!

    Get to know your rabbit

    Spending time with pet rabbits can be very rewarding and enjoyable. You will learn a lot about their personalities when you spend the first five minutes to an hour just exploring them in every way they allow, but also taking notes on what is normal for that particular rabbit. 

    Understanding how your pet feels through its actions or reactions helps tremendously when it comes to knowing if something may not be right from minute one of noticing unusual behavior patterns!

    Make their day more fun!

    It’s important to keep your pet rabbits active! You might be thinking, “my rabbit has a big enough home for them to run around in,” but that doesn’t mean they don’t want new places to explore.

    Set up an area with lots of different obstacles and watch as you see their excitement grow the more space it is available for exploration. 

    Rabbits need exercise every day so make sure you spend time playing with them either morning or evening when possible – this will not only tire out your bunny afterward but it’ll help create a bond between human and animal!

    Important Care Advice for your Pet Rabbit

    Setting Up Safe Indoor Habitat

    Rabbit Maze Heaven

    Rabbits are cute, cuddly companions that deserve the best care possible. There are a few options to house your rabbits inside; either they can live free-reign in a bunny-proofed room or be contained within a puppy pen or rabbit condo if you choose not to let them roam freely around your home. 

    Their space should always be big enough for hopping and their primary location should never feel isolated from humans because it’s important for bunnies as social creatures!

    Make Your House Bunny Proof

    Rabbits need space to run around and explore. In order to create a safe environment for your bunny, you will need to find ways of making the area rabbit-proof. 

    For example, if there are wires present in an indoor or outdoor living room set that is not yet fully bunnified (or even one with some wire still left uncovered), cover those areas up by covering them with plastic sleeves or flex tubing so they can no longer be reached by your furry friend!

    If you don’t want your baseboards gnawed, keep them covered with plastic guards or 2x4s and the undersides of items off-limits. Your rabbit will try to chew everything in reach so be sure that these areas are blocked off!

    Fresh Hay

    Oxbow Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay For Rabbits 1

    Rabbits should be fed hay to make up the majority of their diet, around 80%.

    They need fresh hay at all times and can have other types depending on age, such as alfalfa for babies or timothy hay for adults. 

    It is important that rabbits always have a place where they can get clean dry food easily available to them so it’s best if you use something like a large feeder which lets any type of rabbit eat from anywhere in their habitat with ease.

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    Fresh Greens, Fiber-rich Pellets, and Fresh Water

    The most important and healthy thing you can do for your pet rabbit is to make sure they stay well-fed. 

    Supplementing their diet with fresh vegetables, fiber pellets in limited quantities (for adult rabbits), and freshwater daily will keep them on the path to good health!

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    Set Up a Litter Box For Your Bunny

    Rabbit Litter Box- Plastic

    Rabbits are creatures of habit, so you can keep your home clean by knowing their habits. For instance, rabbits tend to poop and pee in the same area.

    Set up a medium-sized cat litter box or shallow storage bin near food/water bowls and hay feeder for easy cleanup later on!

    Put a thin layer of rabbit-safe, recycled newspaper pellet litter at the bottom of the litter box. Do not use clay/clumping cat litter or wood shavings, as they are not safe for rabbits. Then put hay on top of this to help your furry friend learn how to do their business properly! Rabbits like eating hay and pooping at the same time so you can encourage good habits by doing it just right from day one – with plenty of space in between piles for them to hop around without stepping into poop.

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    Groom Your Pet Rabbit

    Best Rabbit Care Products

    Rabbits are naturally clean animals and wash frequently. But you still need to groom your rabbit on a regular basis! Rabbits go through shedding cycles, which means they swiftly lose their fur due to molting.

    And if left unchecked, this excess hair can lead up to some serious digestive issues for these furry little creatures. 

    Brush them regularly with the help of an animal-safe brush or comb so they don’t ingest too much and get sick in the process! You will soon be able to read reviews of brushes and combs on our site. Only the best rabbit care products are good enough!

    Provide Enrichment For Your Rabbit

    Indoor Habitat

    Rabbits need room to run, but they also need mental stimulation. Cardboard castles provide a great way for rabbits to explore by chewing new windows and doorways. They’re an excellent hiding spot when necessary too!

    You can also keep toys in the rabbit’s habitat or inside cardboard castles so that he/she has plenty of things to play with each day.

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