Buyer's Guide to Find the Best Rabbit Beds

Does an Indoor Pet Rabbit Need a Bed?

We all know that wild rabbits live mostly in burrows or dens. They sleep on the ground when staying in a natural environment. But, this is not the case with cute indoor bunnies.

Veterinarians and pet bunny owners mostly recommend setting up a rabbit bed in the litter box. You can even keep its bed near its enclosure too. We do not suggest setting up a bed inside the cage or big enclosures.

There are a variety of rabbit bedding materials you can purchase online. However, choosing the right one depends on several aspects. It will largely depend on the type of bunny your little one is- chewer or non-chewer.

Chewers tend to ingest everything around, and the bedding material is not an exception. It is comparatively easy to choose a bunny bed for non-chewers.

This is why we have suggested only the best rabbit beds and hideaways on our product page on rabbit bedding. We have also included an expert review on each of these items so that you know everything before purchasing.

All these handpicked rabbit bedding items have received very high ratings from customers for quite some time. It only assures safety and comfort for your little bunny.

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Where do Bunnies Sleep?

To set up a cozy rabbit bed, bestow a familiar place they can associate with. This is where you need to pay some attention to get things done perfectly.

If your rabbit does not like its current bedding arrangement, there are ways to raise its interest and curiosity in several ways. You may change the location or the bed material to monitor the change.

Don’t worry, we will help you choose the ideal adorable pet rabbit bedding for your indoor pet friend.

Types of Rabbit Beds

Most of the time, bunnies love to sleep in cushion soft rabbit bed cum hideouts, but there are tons of other options too.

Velvety Soft Fabric Rabbit Beds

Available in various sizes and shapes, these beds are very attractive. These beds are quite comfortable for bunnies. The flat ones are lightweight, easy to wash and dry, and long-lasting too.

Fleece Blankets Rabbit Beds

If you are looking for rabbit bedding within a budget, towels, rugs, and anti-pill fleece blankets are good alternatives. Choose only 100% cotton towels only for safety and health. They are easy to arrange, wash, and replace at a low cost.

Wooden Doll Beds

If you already have a doll bed in the house, put it to use without spending more. You can implement DIY carpentry to make one or even purchase online.

Whatever be your choice, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Spread some soft fabric on the wooden surface for extra comfort and warmth.

Wicker Basket Rabbit Beds

If your bunny is a non-chewy animal and does not pee on the bed, the wicker basket is the prettiest bedding solution in the living room. Apart from a plush look, this bed is made of all-natural materials. Don’t forget to place a soft towel on the basket floor to make a comfy bed.


Looking to make a DIY rabbit bed? Tie a hammock by sewing a piece of cloth into a hammock. You can fix it under a wooden table. If you are looking for a similar item online, there are innumerable models made of colorful soft fabrics with attachments.

Pee Pads

For rabbits that love to sleep on the floor and hate jumping on a bed, simply place some pee pads on the carpet. These cheap materials protect your carpet and upholstery from foul odor urine absorption.

Grass/Straw Mats Rabbit Beds

For constantly chewing pets, there is no other material as safe as the hay straw mat. They are softly woven and edible too. No need to keep watching your pet bunny all the time. Even if it nibbles the mat, it’s safe for the tummy’s health.

There are several factors to consider when choosing rabbit bedding. We have an in-depth guide on what you need to know before buying a rabbit bed or hideaways in our FAQs articles.

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