Fuzzy Deluxe Rabbit Beds, Super Plush

Fuzzy Deluxe Rabbit Beds Super Plush

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To be very honest, I liked the Fuzzy Deluxe bed at first look. But did some research about it before getting one for my Holland Lop. I appreciate the lovely hues by Wonder Miracle (brand).

I only wish the mat was a bit thicker. But it is still a protective cozy rabbit bed so no problem with the thin layer.

My bun likes the lavender shade so much. It didn’t take much time for me to do crate training for my cutie. All thanks to the exquisite look and feel of this bunny bed mat.

It has worked for me so I would recommend this sizeable item to any pet owner.



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Like human beings, pets also love to have a comfy, soft resting place for peaceful sleep. If you are already planning to bring a cuddly bun home, it’s worth some effort to shop for the best pet bedding to provide warmth and comfort.

It should not be a tough job to do the kennel training for the little cuddly friend. Set up your pet’s habitat with some alluring rabbit beds and cage accessories. The rest of the job can be fun with the baby bun.

Your bunny may not like to sleep on the bed throughout the day. A warm soft spread on the floor offers comfortable environs to lie down in a peaceful mood. 

If you are looking for a spacious bedding accessory, consider using an overly rabbit bed mat.

Choosing the best bedding for rabbits online can be a daunting task. I still remember how horrible it was to search for the rabbit supplies on Amazon.

To save your time, herein is a quick overview of Fuzzy Deluxe Rabbit Beds. Read this review and the FAQs to find out if this is the top choice for your bunny.

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About Fuzzy Deluxe Rabbit Beds

This top-rated product is manufactured and marketed by the renowned pet products brand Wonder Miracle Cutiemate. They have collaborated with veterinarians like Dr. D.K. Evans for creating a range of high-quality pet merchandise. The makers are doing a superb job prioritizing the health and wellbeing of indoor pets.

Fuzzy Deluxe beds have an appealing design to attract the rabbits to their resting place. The rabbit bedding material is finely woven for long-lasting use. You may choose any from a wide range of color options.

Key Features

Polypropylene Cotton Padding

Regular cotton padding is not suitable for washing and reusing the item. But you can wash this fleece bedding as and when needed.

3D Polypropylene cotton is soft and lightweight so you can move and wash it easily.

Soft, Fluffy, and Comfortable

While the outer fabric offers feathery touch, the inner layers of thick polypropylene cotton offer soft padding. Despite the thin layer, it is comfortable for pets.


There are two types of polyester fabric used on Fuzzy Deluxe beds. While the top layer has a finely woven cover, the bottom boasts a printed fabric covering. You can reverse the mat to get a variation at times.

Machine Wash Compatible (Washer & Dryer)

If hand washing feels overwhelming, you can wash this bed mat in the washing machine. It is safe for washing in the washer and the dryer unit.

Plenty of Colors Options

I must say, the makers have a splendid choice in terms of shades. All of them are exciting. 26 subtle yet captivating hues may leave you spoilt for choices.

Large Size

At times, your bun feels like stretching a bit. This is where I felt the small round beds are not enough. Small beds do not provide sufficient space to lie down in comfort.

The hefty size was the first thing I liked about this bunny bedding item. It is big enough for dogs so if you have 2-3 bunnies, the space should be sufficient for them.

Product Dimensions

There are two size options for Fuzzy Deluxe pet pad mat buyers.

  • 15×23 inch

  • 23×35 inch

These mats are also comfortable bedding material for cats and dogs so, a bigger version is readily available on Amazon.

Material Information

  • Super plush polyester fabric

  • Cotton

Best For

Rabbits, cats, dogs, and other pets

Safety Instructions

Shedding is a natural thing for bunnies. Clean the rabbit bedding set including this bed mat occasionally to maintain good health and hygiene.

Product Benefits

Offers Superb Comfort

My bunny likes to lie down on this bed. Ever since the first wash, it offers good padding even if it is spread on the floor.

High-Quality Material

The material is very sturdy to wash in the machine. It has been 2 washes, the fabric has not released any color.

Easy to Use and Clean

This is one of the few products that keep pets as well as their owners happy. Pets will stay healthy and have good rest on this bed. The bunny parents consider this comfy rabbit bed convenient to handle.

Product FAQ

No, it is only in the image. You can order only the rectangle bed.

The polyester fabric and the artificial cotton make this item suitable for machine wash. However, I recommend cleaning it frequently with quick wash settings. Soak washing a soiled bed mat can be complicated. The fabric may fade or lose the glossy texture.

Of course, you can. These bed mats are also useful for dogs. My friend got it for a 10-pound dog. An adult rabbit is 6-8 pounds so, it can sit or lie down easily on this spacious bed.

The sellers flatten the bed before sending it. Once you wash it, the item will bulge after washing.


Fuzzy Deluxe rabbit beds are big enough for adult bunnies. If you have two or more buns who love to stay and play together, they will enjoy a good time resting on this fleece bed mat for long hours.

Amazon has superb delivery services so, I got my lavender bed mat in a few days. This bed mat has cotton fillers inside polyester fabric. While the fabric on either side is good, it was a bit disappointing to receive a thin bed mat.

Rather a thick layer of foam would have provided better comfort to my cutie. Rest assured, this is one of the best rabbit bedding options. Hence this is a must-buy item for your cuddly friend at a reasonable price.

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