Stack Up Cup Toys

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Best Rabbit Toss Toy – Stack Up Cup Toys Review

Are you looking to buy cheap toys for rabbits?
The moment you think about the stack-up toys, it reminds you of the kids at home.

They develop motor skills, learn to count, understand the colors, and so much more while playing with these cute cups during the first year.

By now, you may be thinking if these are the ideal pet rabbit toy or not.
Yes, these are the best toys for your bunny too. These little goodies look simple, but in reality, the entire set forms an amazing rabbit toss toy to engage your bun for long hours.
Read our Stack Up Cup Toys review (exclusively for rabbits) entirely to find out everything for an informed purchase decision.

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  • Super attractive for rabbits
  • Bright hues
  • Safe for rabbit health (lead, BPA, and phthalate-free)
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Useful for serving bunny treats


  • They are not 100% chew-safe

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This Product Has More then

What are Stack Up Cup Toys

We all know that stacking toys are wonderful playthings for kids. They also aid in brain development as they learn to arrange the stacking items in the right order.
Since these are cup-shaped stacking toys, the pack is one of the best bunny toss toys. The solid colors attract the bun’s attention very quickly.
They are small and lightweight. Your rabbit can throw the cups apart and run up to them. My kids get quirky and hide the rabbit treats in these cups. Try this and your bun is gonna love the idea of exploring delicious snacks every day.
Playing while enjoying the delectable treats helps to keep them cheerful. Keep the cups at distances to engage your bunny. This works well to keep them away from boredom and stress.

Click here – Stack Up Cup Toys

Key Features

Colorful Cups

The first thing to attract the bun’s attention is the beautiful colors of the cup. When piled up together, the set appears as multicolor rings. There are 8 cups that you can stack up in the right order to form a small adorable tower. Watching your rabbit jump over the stack is joyful.

No Harmful Chemicals

These plastic cups are free of toxic elements- BPA, phthalate, and lead. There is no harm if your child or the bun ingests the cups by chance. Made of high-quality material, these cups are absolutely safe for serving rabbit food.

Designed for Water Play

There are holes at the bottom of all the cups. Fill the water in the cups. Watch the surprised children and pets staring at the liquid seeping out of the base!

Small and Lightweight

Well-crafted to fit in a child’s hands, these tiny cups are light enough for the bunny to toss in the air. As your rabbit jumps on the cup, it will fly up to a distance compelling him to run after it. This is a good running exercise for obese bunnies.

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Final Thoughts…

Should you buy Stack Up Cup Toys for rabbits?
Notably, this is one of the best bunny toys you can purchase without spending a fortune. Apart from the affordability, these vibrant-hued cups serve double purposes-
an excellent and engaging gaming accessory
hide snacks and treats.

Licking these BPA-free cups is Ok. But the only concern is that your bun may also chew them. It is recommended to keep an eye on them when they are playing with the cups. You may also serve the treats in the cups so, that they don’t try to chew the plastic.
Rest assured, this is a highly recommended rabbit toss toy. It’s fun for your bun to jump on them, toss them, and run after them throughout the room.

Click here – Stack Up Cup Toys