Small Pet Select – Hair Buster Comb

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Hair Buster Comb – Product Review

Small Pet Select - Hair Buster Comb

Our Verdict

Choosing the comb for rabbits at an online store is a tough chore. So many options leave you overwhelmed.

My Lionhead bun was miserable to deal with during the shedding season. This is when a friend recommended this comb.

Absolutely loved this comb since its very first use. It brushes my furry friend’s coat finely and catches the furs too.

The removable violet strap makes cleaning the tool a breeze. I like the easy-grip handle design too.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant due to the high price margin. But after using this de-shedding comb for rabbits, I realized that it was a worthy purchase.

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  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rounded tip for safe combing
  • Removable strap to catch fur


  • Little Expensive
  • Not suitable for fine brushing fleas

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Grooming is an integral part of bunny care. Brushing their coat is vital throughout the year to keep the body clean. But this can be a challenging task during the coat blowing season.

Bunnies have delicate skin prone to injuries when brushed too hard with sharp objects. You need the right brushing accessory to remove the loose furs.

Therefore, it makes sense to check the combing equipment when buying a grooming tool kit for small animals.

When I was looking for a comb for my bunny, there were innumerable items on the product gallery. From metal hairbrushes to rubber brushing gloves, you can find several grooming products in varying price ranges.

How to choose the best grooming comb for rabbits?

Small Pet Select - Hair Buster Comb

It depends on the type of bunny you have, the depth of furs, etc.

If you are tired of reading the lengthy product descriptions at your favorite online store, here is some stuff.

Read our in-depth review of Small Pet Select- Hair Buster Comb for Rabbits. From product features to FAQs, we have got everything covered.

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About Small Pet Select – Hair Buster Comb

Small Pet Select brand needs no introduction. Almost every other pet parent worldwide is familiar with this brand name. From farm-grown foods for small animals to pet merchandise, the family-run business has come up with a value for money.

The hair buster comb is a revolutionary item for pet owners. This shedding comb for rabbits is also useful for grooming other pets at home- cats, dogs, etc.

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Key Features

Chrome-Plated Finishes

The alloy metallic bristles are made of brass, nickel, and steel. The thick chrome coating prevents rusting and keeps the bristles in good shape for years.

Smooth Rounded Tip

Sharp combs can cause skin injuries in pets. The smooth round finishes ensuring optimum safety.

You can use this comb every day to groom your bunny’s coat. It also promotes blood circulation naturally.

Removable Fur Catching Sleeve

The purple fur trapping strap is easy to remove and refit. This rubber sleeve does an excellent job. When you move the comb gently on the animal’s coat, the loose furs will automatically stick to the purple sleeve.

After the session, you can remove the fur from the sleeve and sanitize the comb.

Strong Ergonomic Handle

Sliding the shedding brush through various angles on the rabbit coat is an arduous chore.

The long ergonomic handle bestows a firm grip throughout the brushing task. It keeps you and your bun comfortable.

Product Dimensions

  • Comb Teeth – 2”x 10”

  • Handle – 3”

Material Information

Bristles – Chrome-plated carbon brass, nickel, and steel

Handle – Plastic

Purple Sleeve – Rubber

Best For

Rabbits, cats, and other small pets

Safety Instructions

  • Don’t press the comb too hard on the rabbit’s coat. You may hurt the small pet.

  • Remove the furs from the comb after each grooming session to avoid germ build-up.

  • Always use mild detergents to clean the comb.

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Product Benefits

Long-lasting Item

This is a pricy item but sturdy and unbreakable. So you can use a single piece for multiple pets for years. My purchase offered the best ROI.

No-Mess Shedding Comb

Cleaning the furs after brushing is a tedious job. But with this de-matting brush comb, you can save time after the combing part. The purple sleeve traps the fur and prevents scattering. So you don’t have to spend time cleaning the floor after brushing your bun.

Pets Love the Soft Touch

The bristles have rounded tips offering a comfy touch when moving through the coat. Apart from promoting blood circulation on the derma layers, the comb feels gentle on the skin. Bunnies love to be groomed with this de-shedding tool.

Product FAQ

Can I use this comb to remove fleas?

No. This is a hair buster comb suitable for brushing extreme shedder pet breeds. Flea combs have closer bristles to remove even the smallest creatures.

Does this comb pull out the hairs?

No. It only catches the loose furs. Use this to brush your bunny’s coat regularly to avoid removing the loose hairs, or your pet will keep shedding them naturally everywhere.

How often should I comb my rabbit?

This is an obvious question. Some breeds like Angora Mix have very dense fur. They will shed a large volume of hair if not brushed regularly. I recommend using a de-matting comb for rabbits daily or at least on alternate days.

Is it necessary to attach the purple band while combing my rabbit?

The purple strap is actually a uniquely designed hair-trapping band. Always use the comb with this band.
The loose furs will stick to the band easing your job after the combing session. Else you will find loose hairs scattered everywhere, including your clothes.


There are various types of de-shedding brushes and combs for rabbits. Some of them have sharp ends that can hurt the delicate bunny skin. Fragile plastic brushing gloves and grooming kits are not helpful. These fragile items do not last long.

I found this hair buster comb for rabbits worthy enough. It does the task perfectly and strong enough.

The ergonomic gripping handle eases your work throughout the grooming session.

Even if you have multiple pets, I suggest using this item for cats and small dog breeds. This comb for bunnies proved a wise purchase for me.

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