Niteangel Rabbit Bed Product Review

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Niteangel Rabbit Bed Review

When the cute small furry pet is home, a cozy pet bed is the need of the hour.
Don’t buy just anything for your bun in a rush. The cuddly friend needs comfort and safety in the new house.

You may want to ensure that the bed is soft, clean, and sizeable enough to accommodate your rabbit.

If your pet bunny is still young, herein is our suggestion. Read our review on Niteangel rabbit bed to find out if this is the best suit for your bun.

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  • Multipurpose rabbit habitat
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Durable and scratch-proof


  • Hideout is too small for big rabbits

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About Niteangel Rabbit Bed

This is one of the top-rated rabbit beds from the makers of excellent pet supplies. Niteangel brand manufactures several small animal products including fun tunnels, harnesses, hammocks, hideouts, hay feeders, and so much more. These products are highly trusted by pet owners worldwide.

Niteangel rabbit bed is a uniquely crafted 2-in-1 habitat for young bunnies. Fold it into a cozy indoor rabbit bed or you may spread open it fully to create an amazing hideout. Whatever you do, the buns love all of it.

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Key Features

Cozy Cushiony Small Animal House

This is one of the best cozy hideouts for bunnies having a thick firm layer of foam inside the fabric layers. The oxford fabric is finely stitched to keep the foam layer intact. There is also a washable inner pad for extra softness.

So, your bunny is comfortable everywhere on the flat round bed as well as inside the hideout.

2-in-1 Design

We love the twin design system of this rabbit hideout cum bed. Just flatten the roof of the cavy hideout to form a rounded beautiful bed. I am sure, your bun is gonna jump in for a peaceful night’s sleep on it.

In the morning, you may again fluff up the bed to make a hideout. This acts as a boredom breaker as your bun curiously enters inside to find what’s in.

Robust Material Strength

This bunny bed is made of scratch-resistant oxford fabric. Even if your bun tries its sharp teeth on it, there won’t be any possible damage.

It is nicely sewn to keep the inner foam layer intact and well in place. Altogether a durable rabbit home you can rely on.

Lovely Patterns

It is not at all challenging to attract your rabbit to enter this pretty hideout. It has stunning prints to raise enough interest in your bun to go a bit closer and enter inside.

Material Information

The outer cover of this attractive bunny hideout cum bed is made of standard and highly durable oxford fabric. It has a medium layer of firm foam for cushiony upholstery below the fabric. It also has a nesting inner pad for your bun to rest in peace.

Washing Information​

The fabric material and cushion padding are safe for machine washing as well as manual hand washing. You can use any permissible detergent for washing purposes.

For best sanitization norms, please follow the rabbit bed and habitat cleaning guidelines.


Height of the Hideout: 10.2 inches
Diameter of the Base: 13.3 inches
Size of the Cutout for Entrance: 4.3 inches x 7 inches

Best for

1 adult dwarf rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, young rabbits, chinchillas, degus, rodents, hamsters, ferrets, kittens, and other small pets.

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Final Verdict,

This is an amazing small rabbit hidey house to keep your pets happy and playful. The soft cushioned surfaces on all sides keep your bunny comfortable. So it is resting peacefully both inside the hideout as well as when lying on the bed. It has a nice look to raise curiosity and attract cute little buns to get inside.

The entire piece is lightweight, skid-proof, and easy to wash. There is extra padding for comfort. However, you can do well to add a piece of blanket around the hideout for warmth during cold months.

The only issue is the size. It is a small structure. The folded bed as well as the cut-out for the entrance door of the cozy cave bed hideout may be too small for a larger rabbit.

Rest assured, this is one of the best high-quality rabbit habitats to buy for your bunny.

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