Rabbit Treats and Snacks

Rabbit Treats and Snacks

Pamper Your Furry Adorable Bunny with Treats and Snacks

We all love mouth-watering treats. Bunnies are no exception. They too crave delicious treats when bored munching the grass and hay all day long. Pet rabbits love yummy sugary meals and love to eat sweet fruits in treats.

You can give some luscious fruit and veggie treats to your bunny every day. We have provided a list of fruits and veggies you may serve as treats in the FAQ articles on rabbit food.

Most rabbit owners serve a combination of natural and store-bought treats to their pets.   

Is commercially-sold bunny treats safe?

This is really tricky. You may feed rabbits commercial snacks and treats occasionally. But, choosing the right ones at a retail shop or online store can be a tough chore. There are so many treats for pets on sale.

If you take a tour of the product gallery on pet supplies online, you will find plenty of commercial rabbit treats.

Aah! Not all of them are made of permissible and safe ingredients. Some of them may be fatal for your indoor bunny’s gut. We suggest you check the ingredients carefully before purchasing anything from a store.

Buy commercial treat foods for bunnies online

If you want to feed bunnies ready-to-eat snacks, we have some of the best rabbit treats & snacks on our site. We have fed some of them to our bunnies too. These are top-rated products on all popular online pet stores.

Want to know more about these commercial rabbit treats and snacks?

Read our extensive reviews on bunny treats and snacks. We have provided full information on the ingredients, nutrient composition, and much more. Our recommendations are based on ingredients, safety concerns, age, and weight of your bunny.

Best Rabbit Treats and Snacks Products

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Carrot Treat for Rabbits

Rabbit Snacks
Rabbit Treats and Rabbit Snacks
Rabbit Treats

Natural Rabbit Treats and Snacks

Veterinarians always recommend a natural high-fiber vegetarian diet for rabbits.

Hence, fresh fruits and veggies are the best natural treats for bunnies. Be careful to de-seed fruits and vegetables before serving them.

See the complete list of the best fruits and vegetables in the recommended rabbit food article.

Is it good to give sweet treats and snacks to pet rabbits?

This is vital since it is related to your bunny’s health. They possess a delicate and sensitive digestive system. Sugary and fat-rich foods (mostly low in fiber) can slow down the digestion process. 

For this reason, you need to feed them unlimited hay throughout the day. 80% of their meal consists of fiber-loaded hay.

Want to know what type of hay is best for bunnies?

Visit the rabbit hay page for more details. For complete information on bunny’s food, see our rabbit diet chart and the FAQs articles.

What amount of treats can bunnies eat every day?

Treats and snacks are optional food. You can avoid them too. However, it’s good to cheer up your bunnies occasionally with some snacks and sweet treats.

You can still serve 2tsp of treats per day to bunnies weighing less than 2lbs. You may increase the portion of treats and snacks servings per day as they grow older and start gaining more weight. Do not exceed adding more than 1tsp of treats per 1lb body weight.

What about rabbit-safe ‘milk drops’ and ‘chocolate drops’?

It’s unfortunate to see these items marked ‘rabbit-safe’. You should never give milk or chocolate treats to your bunny. They are UTTERLY DANGEROUS for a rabbit’s health.

To make sure you don’t make a mistake, read our guide to foods you should never feed a rabbit.

Wanna make some savory bunny treats at home?

Read our rabbit treats and snacks recipes.

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