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Should you bathe your rabbit?

It is generally not recommended to bathe your rabbit, as it can be a health risk and may put them into shock. Rabbits are clean animals and groom themselves as cats do, and bathing is unnecessary and potentially very harmful.

If your vet does recommend it for health reasons, you should get someone to help you, use warm water and a non-slip rubber mat or towel, and make sure no water or shampoo gets in their eyes or ears. After bathing, you should towel dry and use a warm, gentle-setting hair dryer to thoroughly dry their fur.

Baby Bunnies - Facts and FAQ

Baby Bunnies – Facts and FAQ

   Facebook   Twitter   Linkedin   Pinterest   Reddit   WeChat Table of Contents Introduction – Baby Bunnies – Facts and FAQ The baby bunnies have arrived! As a rabbit owner, you might be…

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