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Do Female Rabbits hump?

Yes, female rabbits do humping. It’s a way for them to establish social dominance over each other!

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When To Take Your Pet Rabbit to the Vet

When To Take Your Pet Rabbit To The Vet Rabbits are very lovable and make great pets. They have been domesticated for over 1,000 years, so they are not shy...

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Why is my rabbit losing so much fur

Shedding or Molting in Rabbits: Tips to Deal with Fur Loss Bunnies are lagomorphs having a thick, soft coat. Some specific breeds such as Angoras, Lionheads, and American Fuzzy Lops...

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Avoid Giving These Foods To Your Rabbits!

If you’re a bunny owner, you probably know that these pets eat up to 30 times a day! Thus, they need a consistent supply of food but they don’t have...

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What kind of Litter to use for your rabbit

What kind of Litter to use for your rabbit Rabbits are such wonderful pets, and they are actually quite clean pets if you have the right setup. You can train...

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