What to Do if a House Rabbit Has Fleas?

What to Do if a House Rabbit Has Fleas? There is a myth that big animals like cats, dogs, and other wild creatures get flea diseases. But unfortunately, pet rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, and humans too can be infected by this parasite. This blog post offers extensive information on flea infestation in indoor rabbits. After […]

Why is my rabbit losing so much fur?

Shedding or Molting in Rabbits: Tips to Deal with Fur Loss Bunnies are lagomorphs having a thick, soft coat. Some specific breeds such as Angoras, Lionheads, and American Fuzzy Lops have very dense, colorful, and glossy fur. The naturally gorgeous coat is a sure sign of good skin and hair health. However, these furry creatures […]

Interactive Toys for Rabbits – Why Is This So Important?

Introduction – Interactive Toys for Rabbits and Why Is This So Important? Interactive toys for rabbits refer to any item that provides some sort of mental and physical stimulation to your pet. This type of toy is a step up from something simple like a small ball that they simply roll around. Interactive toys should […]

Why Do Bunnies Eat Their Poop? Should You Be Worried?

Rabbits usually pretend they’re healthy even when they’re not. Fortunately, there’s one sign that they can’t hide – their poop! Learning all about your bunny’s poop can help keep them happy and healthy. For starters, bunnies eat their poop. However, there’s nothing to be worried about. Consuming poop is a normal behavior in these animals. […]

Oxbow Rabbit Toys: List Of The Best Picks

Despite popular belief, bunnies aren’t boring animals who just sit in one place and nibble on hay. On the contrary, they’re social and playful creatures. Therefore, they need different toys to keep their bodies and minds stimulated and entertained. You can either purchase rabbit toys or make your own at home. Common toys include things […]

Best Food And Water Bowls For Your Rabbits

If you’re a new bunny owner or just want to buy some new rabbit food and water bowls, you’ve clicked the right article! In this article, I will review some of the best food and water bowls. They’re both essential accessories in a bunny cage. Therefore, choosing the right ones is very important. However, you […]

7 Best Toys That Your Bunnies Would Love To Play With

Most bunnies don’t usually just sit in a corner and munch on hay all day long. They like to play, so bring out all the toys and play with your bunny. However, if you don’t have any fun rabbit toys, you’ve clicked the right article! Your bunny needs a lot of mental stimulation to stay […]

Guide On How To Clean Rabbit Enclosure – Tips and Tricks

In order to keep your rabbit happy and healthy, it’s important that you take the time to clean their enclosure periodically. This should become a routine that you do on an ongoing basis, including a deep clean each week or two.  How frequently you need to clean the enclosure will be based off how many […]

Where do bunnies like to be pet

Bunnies often get a bad rap when it comes to how personable and loving they may or may not be. Bunnies actually really enjoy love and affection from their owners and other pets that they are bonded with.  While they may sometimes show shyness around people that they don’t know or act aggressively in certain […]

Can Rabbits Get Along With Other Pets

If you already have a pet rabbit and are thinking of introducing another pet into the family, you should take appropriate steps to make sure that your rabbit is going to welcome a new family member happily and safely. If you have another pet in the home and want to adopt a rabbit, there is […]